M1 Finance Review 💵 Best Investing App


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    2:46 What is M1 Finance
    3:22 Different Investment Options
    4:15 Cost To Invest With M1 Finance
    5:04 Fractional Shares
    7:18 Dividend Reinvesting
    7:37 Custom Pie Investing
    8:59 Dynamic Rebalancing
    10:42 Expert Pies
    11:18 M1 Finance Pros
    13:55 M1 Finance Cons
    16:14 Minimum investment Amounts
    16:44 Final Thoughts on M1 Finance

  • I am hating M1 Finance’s customer service. I have been trying to set up an account since last Tuesday. I have a freeze on my credit therefore they needed a copy of my license and utility bill. I sent this information on Tuesday and was told it would take 24-48 hours. Still waiting. Longest 24-48 hours ever. If it doesn’t happen soon I am just going to cancel it. Not impressed so far. I have also sent an email on Friday and Tuesday asking if there is a problem and they have not responded.

  • Excellent video Jarrad!!!! Except you’re making me want pizza 🤣 Come on man, I’m trying to cut my carbs!🤣😂

  • Hi Jarrad, This is great content. Everything was broken down and easy to understand. Your channel is awesome 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Beware: M1 Financing is Shit! Yes, it’s pretty and gift wrapped; but they don’t execute bids when the market opens. They hang your azz out to dry until the market rebounds and then execute and you end up with stocks you could have got for half the price you end up paying.

  • Might have to check out this platform. I'm looking at SOFI right now on top of my Roth IRA through my employer. Gotta make sure that retirement is golden!

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