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– [Bryan] Draco’s like hiding
in plain view, you guys. Look at this. – He’s totally camouflaged. Whoa, there we goes. – [Bryan] Hey. – Where the heck did he go? I can’t see him anywhere. – [Bryan] Oh Draco? Yeah, he was right there. – Did he get down on the floor? – [Bryan] He was just right here. Ollie, did you see him? – No. – [Bryan] Well he’s not
on the counter anymore. I don’t know. – [Ollie] Is he inside the safe? – [Bryan] What? ♪ It’s our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning Draco. – [Bryan] Good morning. – [All] Good morning. – Good morning guys,
welcome back to Daily Bumps. Subscribe to join our family. We are just checking on
Ollie’s bearded dragon today. Is he doing okay in there? – Okay, guys, I’m gonna tell
you all about bearded dragons. – [Bryan] Okay. – So first things first,
is there’s his tail. Is you can’t hold him by his tail. – [Bryan] Oh really, why? – The tail won’t grow back. – [Bryan] Oh, if it breaks off? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Good to know. – Most lizards, if the tail
comes off, it’ll grow back. – Yeah. – But for bearded dragons, they won’t. – That is amazing, I’ve
never heard that before. If you guys have never heard that before, smash that thumbs up button. And if you guys have
not seen when Ollie got his bearded dragon, it
was like the most magical, amazing day, I’ll have
it linked in the I-card. We’ve had him just for a couple of days but he’s been doing so good. – So let’s go ahead and show
them what you have to do first in the morning to
clean out his cage, okay. – So first things first,
you have to take him out and then you clean his cage out. – Oh, okay, but right now
you’re just gonna clean out his little food dish, right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah, so tell me about his food. What is he eating, Ollie? – So he eats crickets and
this is what the crickets– – [Bryan] That’s like
a little cricket farm. – And then he eats salad. – [Bryan] Salad. And what’s all over the salad? There’s like white dust all over it. – It’s like their vitamins, right? – Yeah, those are his vitamins. – [Bryan] He’s just like hanging
out there, that’s so cute. – [Missy] So go ahead and grab his dish. – [Bryan] Grab his salad so
we can clean it out, okay. – Take it out. We’re not gonna take the water out, right? – [Missy] Not yet, we’ll
leave the water in. – So guys, this is what it looks like. – This is kind of an old
salad so he needs new greens every day because
otherwise this is kind of dried up and gross, huh. – It’s so cute seeing
it, he’s so excited to do all the little things he has
to do for his bearded dragon. And what’s cool about the bearded
dragon is it’s very simple to take care of so a lot of the
things that need to be done, Ollie’s actually capable of doing now. Alright Ollie, what are these? – So this is salad that you put in here. – So we’ve got a little bit
of romaine and bok choy, is that what it’s called? – [Bryan] Ollie, can
you say that, bok choy? – No, I can not say that. – [Bryan] No you can’t even try? Can you say romaine? – I can’t say it. – [Bryan] Yeah. Alright, we’re gonna get him
some more salad this morning. Oh, by the way, you’re
sitting on our safe. So yeah, today we are
going to see if we can get into this bad boy, we’re
going to go through some of the comments on our
last safe video and see if we can see what’s inside. (lighthearted music) You gotta tear it up for Draco, right? – Yeah. – Here, I’ll put it down, you can. – [Bryan] Okay, Ollie, do
you think Draco is a boy bearded dragon or a girl bearded dragon? – I think it’s a boy because
it looks like a boy to me. – No, I don’t think we can tell yet. I think pretty soon we can. – Is it like a cat? You don’t know if it’s
a boy or girl ’til like, it’s a little older? – A little bit older and
then you can flip them over and there’s something you can tell. – Oh, that’s interesting. Why don’t you guys vote
in the I-card poll above. Do you guys think Ollie’s
bearded dragon Draco is a boy or a girl? Ollie, what are we going to
do if it’s actually a girl? We’re gonna have to rename him. – I want it to be a boy. – [Bryan] You really want him to be a boy? But if it’s a girl, we
can just rename her Draca. – Just call her Draca. – [Bryan] No? We can still call him Draco. – You know, I had a cat once
that I was sure was a girl, we named her Claire, he
ended up being a boy. His name was Claire forever. – [Bryan] Yep, he was forever
a boy cat named Claire. Look at all that salad
dude, that’s awesome. Draco’s going to be so excited. – Are you hungry, Draco? – Alright, so this is his
calcium and his vitamin D3, right, and we just gotta
sprinkle a little bit on it. – I really like Draco, guys, do you? What kind of lizards do you guys? Comment down below what
kind of lizards do you like? – [Bryan] Yes, comment down
below, what kind of lizards do you guys like? Ollie like his bearded
dragon and geckos, right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] So we got his salad in there. Hey Draco. – I bet if we took this right here and we put it in front of
his face, he would eat it. Ready? – [Bryan] Think he’ll eat it? Is he hungry? Oh, he’s hungry. He is so cute. He’s like this is a big salad, guys. – [Missy] Maybe he’s not hungry. – [Bryan] Maybe he’s not hungry. – [Missy] He’s like that one was so big. – [Bryan] Yeah, that one
he just ate was pretty big. – So your other job is
to give him lots of love and care for him. – [Bryan] Aww, give him a hug. – Keep him socialized. – [Bryan] Oh hi Finn,
how are you doing buddy? Your scooter. – Yeah. – [Bryan] Hey Finn, say
good morning to Draco. – Good morning Draco. – [Bryan] Hey Finn, do you want to try and see what’s in our safe today? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Does that sound cool? – Yeah. – Right that Draco wants
to see what’s in the safe. – [Bryan] He does? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Alright, let’s
go check out that safe and we got your buddy with us, huh? – [Ollie] He’s pretty cute, huh? – When you got that
lizard, what did you think? – I loved it. – [Bryan] It’s like the
craziest day ever, huh? – If I could turn this
one into a real one, I could be– – Yeah, if you guys don’t
know what he’s talking about, I would definitely click the
I-card and watch the video where he got his bearded dragon
because it was very magical. Can you guys see him? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Draco’s like hiding
in plain view, you guys. – He’s totally camouflaged. Oh, there he goes. – [Bryan] Hey. – He’s going to say hi. He does, like the pattern,
if you look really close on his back and everything. – It’s a leatherback. – It really matches the countertop. – Alright you guys, Ollie
and I really, really want to get into this safe today, huh? And we have all our friends here to help so I think today would
be an amazing day to try and open this safe, what do you think? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah, I think so, too. – Speaking of camouflage,
where the heck did he go? I can’t see him anywhere. – [Bryan] Oh, Draco? Oh yeah, he was right there. – He blends in so well. – [Bryan] Is he under the towel? No, wait. – Did he get down on the floor? – [Bryan] He was just right here. Ollie, did you see him? – No. – Draco was up on the counter. Well he’s not on the counter anymore. I don’t know. – [Ollie] Maybe he’s inside the safe. – [Bryan] What? – Is he inside the safe? – Wait, wait, Kyle, where
was the time you saw him? – Well, I saw him up here on the safe and he crawled over here and
there’s a hole right here. I think he’s in the safe. – [Bryan] You put him on top of the safe? – He couldn’t have fit. – [Bryan] You think he went in there? – [Missy] No. – Kyle, show me where you put him. – Exactly? – Yeah, show me where you put him. – Right here. – And then did you look away or something? – Yeah, I looked away. I just looked away. – And then you didn’t see him after that. Ollie, did you see him after that? Did you see Draco after that? – Is this the right thing for him? – [Bryan] Oh, that’s that wifi camera. Oh, yeah, we should try
and see if he’s in there. – Right, I think we can
put this down inside and see if he’s in there. – [Missy] Should we see if he’s in there? – Yeah, I got the camera from the garage, this little spy camera
that goes down in there so maybe we can put this down and see. Maybe he got in there, I don’t know. – [Bryan] Missy’s putting the
camera in the safe right now. – Whoa, what’s that? – What’s in the corner? Wait, I don’t see him. – [Bryan] He’s not in there. – Wait, wait, wait. Hang on. – That’s him right there. That’s him right there. – Wait, wait, wait, I can’t get a good, maybe I need to pull it
out, hang on, hang on. – Aim a little lower. Can you aim a little lower? – Like over to the right, go to the right. – Oh there’s his tail,
did you see that tail? – Oh my goodness. – [Bryan] I think he’s in there. – What, he’s in there? You guys better get him out right now. – [Bryan] We’re gonna have to get him out. – Hang on, I’m gonna check
again, I’m gonna check again. Maybe we, I just didn’t really. (group yelling) – [Kyle] He’s right there. – [Bryan] Oh no. – Okay, don’t worry. We’re going to get him
out in like two seconds. – We better get this safe open. – [Bryan] It’ll okay, we’re
going to get him out, okay? – Okay. – Yeah, so, the bearded dragon
is in the safe right now. We just saw him on the camera. We have to try and open this, Jim, right. Did you check the comments? Look at the last safe video
and tell me what you see. – I got lots of people
that gave us a ton of ideas to try to get in there. – [Bryan] Okay, you guys, we
need to crack open this safe, you guys, smash that thumbs
up button so we can save Draco and get in this safe, you guys. I’m so worried about him. Okay. – Okay, okay, I got it. Dominic Apollo said zero
one, seven nine, four seven. – [Bryan] Okay. – Hang on Draco, we’re coming. – Okay, that wasn’t it. – [Bryan] That one didn’t work? – It’s not coming. – There’s got to be another one. – There’s 79, oh one, four nine. – From Kristy. – Kristy. – [Bryan] Okay, try that one, try that combination, you guys. – [Jim] 79. – I hope this works. – Oh one. – 79 oh one. – Oh this has got to do
it, this has got to do it. Ollie’s gonna kill us. (group groaning) – [Bryan] Still locked, oh my gosh. Paul, we’re gonna have to crack it open. – I know, we’re gonna
have to try something. But we gotta be very careful. – He’s in there so I don’t want
to hurt him inside the safe. – Yeah, please. Look at this. – Mega Harry Potter Fan said
guys, the oh one is a 10, the letters on the
postcard were upside down. – Oh my gosh, that’s right. It’s a 10, not a one. – 10, seven, wait. 47, 10– – It was upside down. – It was upside down this whole time. Is there a combination on
there that you think will work? – Babe, it says it’s 47, 10, 79. – What if it’s that simple and you guys just been missing them? – I know, right? This is stressing me out, you guys. I’m so nervous. – Okay, here we go. – [Bryan] Can we open it? It’s still not wanting to go. (group groaning) – Megan actually, she
suggests that it’s 10, 79, 47. Okay. – [Kyle] This has to be it. – Okay you guys, smash
that thumbs up button. This has to be the final combination. – [Missy] That, get it,
okay, spin to the right. 10, perfect. – 79. – [Missy] Perfect, perfect. – [Kyle] 47. – Is that it? – [Jim] That’s 47, here we go. – [Bryan] Okay, is that it? – Alright Ollie, or you
do it, you’re lucky. You pull it. – [Bryan] Open the safe Ollie. Is it gonna open? (group gasping) Oh my gosh, it opened. It opened. What? There’s so much stuff. Get Draco, get Draco. Get him Ollie, get him. – [Jim] Is he okay? Does he look okay? – [Missy] Check on him,
make sure he’s okay. – He looks really happy
to be out of there. – [Missy] That was so scary. – I am shaking so bad. Is he okay buddy? – You’re okay. I was so worried about you Draco. – [Bryan] Yeah, oh my gosh Ollie, I’m so glad we got him out. – [Missy] That was so overwhelming. – [Bryan] That was crazy. – [Missy] That was really stressful. – [Bryan] We got him out though, I can’t believe we got him out. Put him back in. There you go, he’s happy. He’s okay, Ollie. – Yes. We did it. – [Bryan] Okay, so, lesson learned. We don’t set lizards anywhere near a hole that they can’t crawl through, right? – Yeah, that was so scary. – Oh my gosh. So we actually– – Oh my gosh, money? – Money. – [Bryan] We actually got the safe open. – There’s like a million dollars. – [Bryan] What babe, what? – Don’t touch anything,
we don’t know what, where this stuff has come from. We need to be really careful. – [Bryan] Okay, get out of there. Let’s get out of there, Ollie. – We don’t want to get
in trouble with anything that could be in here
so we should be careful. – [Bryan] Yeah. We got the safe open, Jim,
I think we should probably call the authorities, make sure. – Let’s make some phone calls and just stay away from it for now. – We know the code now. – I just, I don’t want to get in trouble if there’s something
inside the safe that’s not supposed to be in there,
and also like, I don’t know if it’s, is it technically our property? I don’t want to get in
trouble like I’m stealing someone else’s safe, so we’re
going to call the authorities and we’re going to see
what we can do, basically. See if we can open it. – Now that we can open it,
we can actually take time and really look through, hopefully, once we know what’s allowed. – Plus you want to be
careful if there’s more clues or anything interesting
in there, you don’t want to disrupt that, you got
to figure out what that is. – We gotta be really careful with it. – I don’t want to put
anything out on YouTube yet, of showing what’s in
this safe, until we talk to the right people and
figure out if it’s safe. So we’re gonna have to
just open this another day. Hopefully tomorrow, you guys,
so subscribe to our channel, you guys, and hopefully
tomorrow we’ll have a video up and we can show you guys what was in here. But we don’t want to get
in trouble so we have to, we have to keep it safe. Safe. – Keep the safe safe. – [Bryan] We gotta keep us
safe by keeping the safe safe. – He said keep it closed for now. – [Bryan] Oh, okay. – He’ll come by and talk
to us but they don’t want cameras going when they come over, okay? – [Bryan] Oh, okay. – Gonna be by, I think
he’s coming by today. – Okay. So if they say what we can,
we can show what’s inside, if they say it’s ours, then
we’ll let you guys know, and we’ll able to show you,
but we’re gonna have to do that another day, I’m
like so stressed out. My heart is pounding. I know, Draco. But we found him, he’s safe. Is he still good Ollie? Ollie’s like I am not leaving him alone. No, alright. – If the police officer
gets me, I’m gonna miss him. – Oh, the police officer
won’t get you, buddy. You won’t get in trouble. But anyway, I think that’s
all for this video, you guys. We’re gonna go ahead and
end it here but thumbs up for having a happy ending. We actually found Draco. – [Missy] Thumbs up the video. – Oh my gosh we opened the safe, you guys. You’ll be able to see what’s in there soon so just be patient you
guys and thank you so much for watching our videos. We will see you guys manana. – Bye. Boop. (upbeat music)


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