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Lorenzo, hindi makatingin nang diretso kay Dianne | PHR Presents Los Bastardos (With Eng Subs)

Guys, just make sure
our supplies will be enough. And the deliveries should
always be on time. – Yes, sir.
– Is that clear? Let’s take a break. Just come back later. For signature, sir. Here. You have a dinner meeting
with the sales department to discuss the matter on how
to increase your sales in your resort. Please cancel it. I have to go somewhere. Okay. Noted. Diane? About… About what happened
the other night, I just want to– Lucas. Meet me at the
mansion at 6PM. I’ll be there. I’m just taking care
of something. I hope you’re enjoying
the game, girls. Don’t worry. Let’s just meet
at the mansion, okay? Menandro! Wait. Lucas. I don’t know if you’re brave
or stupid to come here. Can your fist take down
my battalion? If I were you, I’ll be running home
to the mansion. Or my men will attack you. Tell me the truth! You must be helping Matteo. I know you are. Admit it! Lucas. A demon doesn’t help
another demon. So, look for another lead. I’ve done worse things to you
that you’ve never heard of, and never will.

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