Living On $112K A Year In Brookfield, Illinois | Millennial Money

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Living On $112K A Year In Brookfield, Illinois | Millennial Money

If I see an opportunity, I
never want to miss it. I feel like for me,
there is no limit. My name is Gabriela Ariza, and
I am 27 years old. I live in Brookfield, Illinois,
and I am about nine miles from the
city center of Chicago. Currently, I assist
government, military and police making sure that
their infrastructure is protected through
cybersecurity. I think there’s always ways
to learn more about your money. I don’t think
I’m that great with money, but I feel like
if I keep watching and reading more financial stuff,
I can get better with money. I actually
feel really comfortable with my salary. I think
I don’t really need to work as much as
I do right now. But I have major goals and
I just want to get to them as fast as I can. My mortgage is $1,707 a
month, and that includes property taxes
and interest. I don’t want my
possessions to own me. I actually want to be
able to make my possessions work for me. The way I learned about
money was actually a very unfortunate event. My family, we grew
up pretty well off. My parents invested a
lot in real estate. We were doing really well,
and one day my dad decided to take all
the money and leave. And so my college fund
was also taken from that as well. And my mom
had to file for bankruptcy and we were pretty much
out in the streets. Sorry. I think
seeing that struggle with money that my mom
had to go through, and even trying to get through
college really, put me into her perspective and
realized, “Hey, I don’t want to depend on
other people for money. I want to make sure
that I’m well off.” I decided to do a
two-year program in one year, and I was also
working 60 hour weeks. It just really helped with
my career and just advancing in it. It
was definitely an investment in me. I owe $55,000 in
student loan debt. I think it was worth taking
it on because now I’m looking at myself and I’m
making even more than what I owe in
just a single year. I’m hoping to pay them off
in about 13 years, and that’s pretty much if I
pay like once every six months, like a big
amount of money. Currently with Motorola, I have
a Roth 401(k) and I contribute 15% and then they
match 4 % and then I also have another Roth
IRA, and I contribute about $250/month to
that one. Sometimes it’s harder to
save just because there are home repairs and
home repairs are really expensive. So, Rob will call you back
because he has to look it up. Great, thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah. I’ve
been working at the library for about three and
a half years, and I just can’t seem to leave
it because I love the people I work with and
the work is very enjoyable. It’s definitely different
than my 9 to 5 job. And that’s kind of
what I like because I get to do all
aspects of I.T. I’m really big on
consignment and actually buying used. I like to
buy used furniture. I like to
buy used clothes. Definitely it’s a great
way to find quality pieces. So I usually try to
meal prep, but sometimes it can get really difficult
because I’m always on the go. I’m really fortunate that I
have friends who live all over the world. So what
I usually do is I buy the plane ticket and then
I’m able to stay with them. And it’s kind of
nice because they know either the language, the
culture and the places to go. One of my financial goals is actually
to be able to save enough to purchase
another property. And I think I’m leaning
more towards buying in the city and buying more
of a condo because a house can be a
lot of maintenance. I actually wanted to
create a center of technology to be able to
teach other people how to do cybersecurity and be
able to teach children and teens and be able
to get more people into this type of field, especially
when there is a lot of need
in this field.


  • Modern day feminist should take a note of her. She’s a great example that gender doesn’t determine where you will be headed in the future. Pretty much she debunks the wage gap. And she earn a degree that’s useful unlike other women who major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

  • I work at a trade school and I get a free degree after 1 year! Going for cybersecurity alongside my international business degree. Hope I make her income after completing this!

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  • I respect this lovely lady, very mature, doesn't live beyond her means, she drives an old car, and has a second car she uses for rentals. This gives me motivation to do well and go harder in life

  • I was impressed with her until she mentioned that 55k student debt and gloating about working 60hrs a week and doing classes….amateur hours, I worked 70 hour weeks (one full time and one part time job) while attending 6-8 classes a semester for 4 years. Bite me lady.

  • It was wonderful to be able to relate a bit to her character and her mindset! And a woman of color! I am a proud woman of color making 6 figures in big tech my first year out of school. Cheers to tech!

  • She really has her finances together. What’s even more impressive is what she had to overcome and go through to get to where she is now, much props.

  • She needs to eliminate her loans first, before making long term investments in my opinion.

    I paid off my $90k student loans in a year by living the same lifestyle as a student. In the second year, I was able to purchase a new house. I do scale back on saving a little now but still on track to pay off a $350k home in 2.5 years (1 yr left). Retirement Investments? I will wait after I have consolidated my long term purchases (3-4 yrs after graduation). After that, I can cruise all the way till retirement and invest/spend all i want.

  • Her dad is trash, but she learned something from it that's helped her push to succeed & not end up in that financial situation again. Idk her, but I'm proud of her!

  • 13 years to pay loans???. I thought she was smart then she said this…
    I guess she really needs to keep reading some books!

  • I like that she spends money clothes shopping monthly. Self care is important especially for women so its great that she's starting young.😊😊

  • Buying a house was a bad idea. More so the timing of when she decided to purchase. She should’ve just bought a fixer up house and flip it. While living in a low rent apartment. If she consistently did that and got good at it, she would’ve paid off her student loan completely by now.

  • I’m very proud of her….she’s making a lot for her age….since she has saved for emergency she should actually be able to pay off her student loan in less than 2 years….it makes no sense to pay off in 13…..she could throw almost half her salary towards that debt and be done by 30….

  • She is so amazing! Lord I need to change my job in the Army to set myself up for success when I retire. Keep up the good work! Hooah!

  • The way she is paying off her debt is smart. Student loans have a APR of 3-4% sometimes less. She is growing her savings to produce a secondary income with a rental . I hope she achieves her dream of opening a center . Good luck to everybody who’s striving for a better future.

  • Good for her, she is going places. You lazy millennials who think society owes you free college and healthcare, get it yourself.

  • Colombians, Ecuadorians, and Venezuelans are the highest value Latinos in America. If you see a wealthy successful Latino and he’s not Puerto Rican he’s one of those three countries. Also Argentina but they usually stay in their country.

  • She is killing it but making a big mistake by wanting to pay off her student loan in 13yrs?!! That's suicide. She will end up paying double her student loan in the long term. With the money she makes, she can pay off the loan in 1.5yrs, easy.

  • Danngg..her monthly expenses are $6800? I have a wife and kid and our monthly expenses are almost half that amount living in a nice suburb. I mean, we don't have student loans or debt of any type.

  • "I don't want my possessions to own me, I want my possessions to work for me."

    This hit home for me. I am the definition of house poor. I need to re avaluate my life.

  • Dude holy crap. Her and I are the same age and I feel so inspired and slapped in the face. She is on her grind like no other!! I was like why she dressed like a hot librarian and there it is! Level up up level up🙌🏾

  • Why would she be paying for student loans after 10 years? If she was truly working for police and military, she should be done with PSLF in 10 years.

  • This woman is the perfect example of a lady, doing her business professionally with, not sucking from others, not complaining blaming, not asking student loan forgiveness, because she is not a WEED-HEAD Mellinial. She saved her head, mind, body from WEED destroyed feminist.. Most women nowadays are on destroying everything and the blame everyone else, the men, the Gov.. When I meet girls nowadays, they are tricking you, multiple guys, hiding guys, but want me to pay everything of theirs. Lots of girls are now WEED-HEADS messing with other WEED-HEADS, bad guys, bad lifestyle, only come to good nice guys for resources. These women give excuses, "Going with the flow, bad associations, WEED smokers" what they doing is making bad decisions, later blame Gov and everyone, society. May be its my dating pool, they just foot in all boats, trying to extract resources. But this is what you call a Quality woman..

  • I thought she had her head screwed on right until she said she wants to take 13 years to pay off her student debt. WHY?! Live lean for a year and cut the check out right and be done with it. I am not understanding her logic on that. 13 years of interest is a lot! I was also curious if she has talked to her dad since he stole the family's nest egg. That man would be dead to me!

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