K-Pop Vocal Coach reacts to Versace on the Floor – Kris Lawrence

Updated : Aug 31, 2019 in Articles

K-Pop Vocal Coach reacts to Versace on the Floor – Kris Lawrence

Nice voice! Versace on the Floor Wow, the voice is so clean Yes, He has nice clean voice His vocal cord is a bit different. I think it is short so his voice is specialized in high range, also his breathing is stable, so He can control his voice that well So surprising I am so envy his voice Cause this kind of voice must have Innate ability So envy I am female vocal , but has husky voice I want to have his clean voice though and also harmonic overtone at low range is nice He has lots of things and when he hits the high range, and then pull out the power, that’s nice Break points also clean, and nice so atrractive Well, this song has piano instruments, but when he sings with guitar, it feels brand new and also fits to him let’s see more nice Now I know what you told me, about the low range lol he smiles! so attractive nice, cool His performance is outstanding, with only guitar without instruments, this vocal will be nice so attractive How can he sings like that? probably lots of girls like him nice Maybe he can hits more high range, but he didn’t Let’s see him more


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