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ROCKED BY THIS MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT yes now with more on the Muller team releasing
Flynn’s interview document is the author of the Russia hoax Fox News
legal analyst Greg Jarrett and Fox News contributor Sarah Carter all right guys I’m excited to
be doing this here we’ve got just released the new 302 we didn’t even
know if there was a 302 because on Wednesday when Judge Sullivan ordered
that it be turned in on Friday we didn’t get it on Friday but we get it today it’s heavily redacted and a 302 for the viewers
just so you know is basically the interview of an individual that is
it that has turned into a report a 302 it is supposed to be done contemporaneously with
the report now what we have here is we now have a version
of the January 24th interview of Michael Flynn signed February 1 version
in May and then we’ve got one version in August Greg which one do you believe well I
think you have to look at the very first one usually the first is the most authentic and
honest and it clearly states that these FBI agents who interviewed Michael Flynn determined that
he was telling the truth that he wasn’t lying but you know these
prosecutors Muller’s prosecutors tried to pull a fast one on this federal judge and
at Sullivan he was having none of it last Friday they were supposed to hand over
these documents they hid deliberately hid the 302 from the judge
he noticed it and he issued a minute order today saying turn over that document so that
puts that’s a red flag for the judge it puts him on alert during
tomorrow’s hearing he may say why did you hide that document from me well not only did they hide it but they defied
his order and didn’t turn it in on a Friday if you and I did that we’d
be income – Wow definitely that someone would be in contempt and I’ll go to you Sarah
you know when Muller with holes at 3:02 which is the essence of the the statement that Flynn
made which is the basis of his lying or as the feds see it but
as they see it to be honest you know they said he really wasn’t lying
so what we have here is a judge who tomorrow has a decision to make he can vacate the plea
or he can allow the sentence to go through which the prosecution
is recommending no time well I think judge Sullivan is not just going
to sit back and allow Moller and the Special Counsel to walk all over him I think he’s
definitely going to make a statement I also want to say judge Jeanine
that they didn’t turn in the raw notes that is the raw notes from the FBI
agent Joe pinku who was the other agent who interviewed Flynn and that’s extremely important
because a lot of times and I was talking to Sidney Powell about
this a lot of times the raw material those raw notes are drastically different from the 302s so the judge is going
to want to compare the raw notes of the FBI agents with
these 302s and remember 302 should be done within five days why would these 302s
well there’s three of them why were they done consecutively and so far apart and and I’ll
give you an example of how it’s supposed to be done Hillary Clinton was interviewed
on July 2nd of 2016 her 302 was done that day now we have three 302s
that they tried to hide from the judge that they redacted heavily and we don’t know which one is the accurate one and there’s
something that stinks in River City and this judge knows it and he has
deep experience with prosecutors who lie deceive hide exculpatory evidence and phony up false
evidence it happened in the Ted Stevens case right this judge was
presiding so you know look these are prosecutors who don’t care about justice
and the truth Muller’s team only cares about getting trump and winning their cases but
this judge cares about justice and he may turn to the prosecutors tomorrow and say wait
a minute look at this 302 why did you charge a
guy with lying when you don’t need it was lying not only that the judge has the authority
to vacate he he has the authority to dismiss in the interest of justice
but what’s inch thing is that Flynn did not make any of
these motions the judge will have to do with sua sponte on its own will he and and notice
the judge said don’t turn he said don’t turn this over the defense turn
it over to me right I want to say these documents and the judge may actually turn to michael Flynn
and said what happened here if you didn’t lie and the only two witnesses
said you didn’t lie were you coerced and forced did Muller and his team threaten your son
did he cause you to essentially go bankrupt and broke is that why you pled
but in addition to that in addition to that what he can say is he can say
you know you intentionally dissuaded him from bringing an attorney and although this is
not an a custodial interrogation which would require Miranda rights there is
a nuance here and the nuance is when they say you don’t need a lawyer and when they try to talk you out of it Sara aren’t
they in as bad a place as if they didn’t mirandize at all absolutely they
are and if you look at the 302 itself that lie is right up at the top of this 302 because
they said they notified him of the nature of this interview and that is
inaccurate they never notified him of the nature of this interview because
they asked him not to bring an attorney and they were looking at him for possible criminal
purposes they were trying in a sense to entrap him because they
already knew what the conversation was that he had with ambassador Keith’s lyac and they were going to him so I think
the judge is going to be looking at all of this and remember one thing
Jeanine that there’s another FBI agent here everybody has talked about Peter struck everybody
has seen what Michael Flynn has had to say but nobody has spoken
to the osaki agent okay Rob Rosenstein has refused to make him available
notwithstanding congressional demands what are they hiding
oh you they were hiding everything that’s the one and they’re delaying and you know
I must say that Sarah when you talk about the the beginning of the 302 it
says after being advised the identities of the interviewing agents and the nature of the interview Flynn
provided the following information so you’re saying they said to him we’re
looking at you to interrogate you regarding your statements but you’re saying that that
didn’t happen you have information that that was not a fact is that
correct correct that’s correct you want to tell us from where well
the sources that I have spoken to and I’ve written about this even over six months ago
judge Amin when he met with those agents at the White House he believed
that he was having a conversation and providing information that was necessary information that they would
need which is the reason why Andrew McCabe said look you don’t even
need to have an attorney there anyways what would happen is I’d have to notify the DOJ
this is just a conversation there was no way at that point in time according
to the sources that I’ve spoken with that Lieutenant General
Michael Flynn thought that he was being interrogated in fact throughout half of that interview
he thought that they were just having a normal conversation with McCain
got on the phone and lied to Flynn about the reason for the interview then
he pushed him not to have oh you don’t need to have a lawyer we don’t
need to involve the lawyers in this and they conspired Comey McCabe and struck and pnk
apparently conspired not to tell Flynn they had a transcript of his very legal
conversation with a Russian ambassador but he already would know
that wouldn’t he Greg he would know that he’s speaking to the Ambassador did he know that
Sara absolutely he would have he was the head of the Defense Intelligence
Agency viously and then he’s the national security adviser and so
I think he was very well aware that phone conversations were actually being recorded
you know of foreign adversaries I don’t think what or or even foreign
state actors but I don’t think he would have thought at any point in time that he
was actually being looked at as a suspect because according to sources he never believed
he did anything wrong he never believed he lied he never did any never
in addition to that the 302 says he was colloquial and friendly there is
I mean it was such a setup they lied to him over it they had a plan let’s hurt Trump you
heard Comey bragging about it let’s take advantage the fact it’s only three
1/2 days in their administration they don’t have their lawyers and all
their ducks in a row I mean that is unconscionable what the judge does tomorrow prosecutors charging
two of Michael Flynn’s former business partners and
a case related to the Moller investigation the charges are related to illegal
lobbying on behalf of the Turkish government to extradite a Turkish
cleric from the u.s. to Turkey Doug burns is a former federal prosecutor in the Southern
District of New York and we’re glad to have you here I
want to start with you some questions about Michael Flynn and let me read to
you something from Alan Dershowitz from the hill today yes this is the question I think
this is Goodwin have you reacted yes he says yes did Michael Flynn lie or did
the FBI act improperly so the real question is whether these tactics should
be deemed access acceptable and especially whether it is the proper role of law enforcement
to conduct criminal morality tests to determine whether citizens
will tell the truth or lie when given the opportunity to do either by
FBI agents these are important questions for all citizens who care about civil civil liberties and controlling prosecutorial
abuses you’re a former federal prosecutor this is the way
things happen well what he’s getting at and I read the article coincidentally this morning
myself with great interest actually because he was saying you know whether
they treated him poorly in some fashion and whether he lied are not
mutually exclusive it’s not all or nothing as tends to be the case in the political discussions
that was professor Dershowitz his first point and then his other
point was you know they’re creating these ancillary process crimes I
mean you got to step back and look at that in other words if your test as a special prosecutor you know with looking at
a particular topic and I know it’s a tired refrain but you had it with Ken
Starr you have it now they were tasked with looking at a neither on B C and D you know
you know a man in search of a crime etc etc when I was an assistant I had
20 30 40 cases investigations going when you’re a special prosecutor you
have wine so there are inherent problems with that but to the Dershowitz article I mean
what he’s saying is everybody should take a step back and at least just
objectively examine whether we really want this type of thing
to be done in a special council context which is he made a great point
which was they already know whether he spoke to his lyac so the point so the question
pursue if the FBI already knows the answer right so do they do they do
they what would easily get Flynn to lie well not to interrupt it but here’s the
thing what Dershowitz is saying without saying it that’s why I like it and I like his writings
is that okay you already know he spoke to kids lack if you’re
an investigator ostensible your job is to determine that information not
okay you already know it now let’s go in set the little mouse trap did you speak to him
no they got him on the lie I mean they’re trying to create this process crime
is the point but again I like to be fair down the middle you tried to
create a process crime but he did the process crime right okay let me have you listen to
Rudy Giuliani he was on Fox News Sunday talking about Michael Cohen this
is the president’s one-time personal lawyer listen to him here yeah
that is some lawyer he was the lawyer in that situation well but does the president tell
the truth or not the president is telling the truth yes this man
is lying now is that a big surprise to you that that Michael Cohen is lying
the man got up in front of the judge and said I was fiercely loyal to Donald Trump nonsense he was fiercely loyal to him
he taped him so in the government’s filing that basically said that Michael Cohen lies
a lot yes but now he is the witness but I’ll tell you a big dark deep and
surprising I have called drug dealers narcotic traffickers okay really serious criminals
as witnesses okay and what it all boils down to is so it’s prosecutorial
101 2 & 3 is whether or not you can corroborate them and pack
them up you can call a big drug dealer to say I was with the defendant at the airport
and then you show a color video off the airport surveillance camera
showing them there that’s what the jury’s gonna believe them so the point is it’s a
very tricky complicated dance but the worse the witness is the more you
want to corroborate them what I find really interesting the difference between law and
politics law is what I just told you any prosecutors
gonna say if you have a witness who’s been convicted of lying it
opens up a devastating cross-examination you’ve lied etcetera etc it makes it so you have
to corroborate him but what’s comical is politically Cowan was horrible
he’s a thug is like Roy Cohn he’s a fixer came from the left will say
now all sudden if he’s going to say something anti Trump oh wait a minute do attitude no
not even as a rat but he’s worthy of belief you know but politics
and law do not okay so we have you here to tell us the law thank you so
much burns before she ate it


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