JPL Director Charles Elachi Announces Retirement

Updated : Aug 29, 2019 in Articles

JPL Director Charles Elachi Announces Retirement

I decided that I would plan to retire
from the JPL position JPL director on june thirtieth you know this coming year
things are going extremely well my goal is to make sure the transition is as
smooth as possible cause I think that’s very important for continuing progress
of the lab now I hope you notice I said the retiring from my position as a JPL
director my plan is to go back to the campus and being a professor emeritus
that will allow me so I won’t be doing teaching but will allow me to continue
doing research on the Cassini radar the the Europa sounder that I make CO-I
on it in addition I mean you know me I tend
to be very proactive and I intend to continue to be very proactive in
advocating and supporting NASA and the NASA program and the space exploration
program of our country in the meantime we still have eight months you know to
go together there is a lot of things you saw a lot of exciting things to
happen but I want to take this opportunity to tell you thank you what a
privilege and an honor it has been to be your director and to be your colleagues and
you guys do amazing things and we are all fortunate I really mean it we are
all fortunate at least I can say to myself for being part of JPL, Caltech and NASA. I don’t think there is any place in the world which can match the kind of
things you know we do here and we do at NASA. What a fantastic demonstration of what our nation and our agency can do. I could only think of the words of Teddy Roosevelt as i was sitting there. “it is far better to dare mighty things even though we might fail, then to stay in the twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” and the team brought us victory. [President Obama] I just wanted to call and say congratulations to the entire Mars Science Laboratory team and really all of JPL. You guys should be remarkably proud. And this is the kind of thing that inspires kids across the country. Thank you very much


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