Jordan makes the case for dismissing Dems’ impeachment articles


  • Senator Jordan why not dismiss the articles on a basis of bias. The Iranian President threatened to reveal who took bribes in the Iran nuclear deal if they didn't stop President Trump. Wouldn't it be important to know who took that money and voted in accordance with that threat? Why wouldn't that be done before dignifying this process? If you announce that will happen they will want to dismiss.

  • Mr. Jordan, I am a Republican. You are pathetic! Don't blame the liberals for what's going to happen to the future of this country. The Republican Party has no credibility. What ever happened to the Rule of Law?

  • The lying sack of schiff is the whistle sucker………. the babbling idiot speaker of the house needs to be dismissed from congress and placed in an assisted living facility asap.

  • Why should it be a fair process in the senate. Why can't republicans stack the deck the way democrats did in the house. No democrat witnesses or only those appoved by republicans.

  • Really glad they will make Jim Jordan the main defender. Dude literally screams hysterical women syndrome. It's not gonna look good for the GOP.

  • So disgusting. They know its a lie. And they want to carry on with this rubbish….. They really don't deserve President Trump. His to good. And some Republicans have no backbone……

  • DEMAND! As a citizen and independent voter, I demand to hear from ALL WITNESSES to the impeached crimes of Donald J. Trump. This ridiculous idea that we are to have a trial with NO WITNESSES is beyond ridiculous; it's contemptuous as the highest level. He works for me, for us, the citizens. He is NOT King! And Jordan, nice bet young man… you're all in eh? OKAY! Good Luck!

  • Mike Pence embodies the DEVIL in Mankind from time immemorial and is worse than Trump, the Antichrist, and Moscow Mitch. Where those two-thirds of our US Senate that are held in blind obeyance to those wanton acts of high treason. They have been covering up since 1848, and in the minds, hearts, and souls who fought in our American Revolutionary War. And they were formerly known as Traitor Tories and Traitor Whiggs.

  • There are people who should be executed for treason.
    There was a hit out on trump and Pelosi and others knew about it.
    THAT is a coup !!!
    Please wake up people

  • that's right helping trump, that's how it should be, they should all work together and anyone that doesn't want to then them not thinking about there country, come on the US is a big place for only one person to get it right, get together make a better world

  • History always repeats itself. Whats next Trumps assasination or a good old fashioned witch hunt? They are going thru our children like a wood chipper and americans are turning the other cheek;(

  • god bless PRESIDENT TRUMP America is so fortunate to have him in office already he has done some great things for the people long may he reign love from the UK

  • This is NOT historic, It is SATANIC.
    Remember Franklin Graham and Christians went and gathered at every State Capital in America for God to bless us and forgive us our sins.
    This impeachment is demonic and Satanic and I wish all human beings not to perish. Judgment day will come. People should run from this Hoax!

  • WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump pulled an all-nighter on Wednesday, using a Sharpie to cross out Lev Parnas from photos taken with him at hundreds of events.

    Trump, his hands blackened by ink, started working his way through a mountainous stack of photos of him and Parnas at approximately 10 P.M., a White House source confirmed.

    After more than an hour of obliterating Parnas, Trump reportedly barked at his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to fetch Vice-President Mike Pence and Attorney General William Barr to assist with the Parnas deletions.

    “Get Pence and Barr in here!” Trump reportedly thundered. “If I’m going down, they’re going down!”

    According to the White House source, Pence and Barr appeared within minutes but were not joined by Representative Devin Nunes, who had barricaded himself inside his congressional office with a Sharpie and his phone logs.

  • While I would love to see a speedy end to this out of control circus by the Dems, I’d also love to have a full blown trial with witnesses who would be FORCED to tell the truth under oath about all the corruption in the swamp! Heads would explode if even half of that corruption leaked out, and this would the one shot for the republicans to expose it all!!

  • Do you guys actually do fact checking ..really why does the rest of the world see you zombies just following trump he has done all sorts I mean ..really there is evidence ..bro much if it but republicans seem not to see .. I'm English and I'm scared for you guys having this guy in power he is brain washing you.. he is not for for presidency he rapes your constitution . He disrespects everyone ..but even worst he disrespects everyone of you that voted for him…. For humanity please forget about democrats or democrats ..just use that thing between your ears

  • Jim Jordan why do you defend and lie ??? the impeachmend was how it should had to go!! The Trump white house forbid documents and witnesses to testify !!!!!

  • fast talking, make no sense Jim the I know nothing about that Jordan-blind until it what trump wants…come on bring someone with intregrity on

  • Congressman Jordan is constantly in shirt sleeves. He is merely displaying his admiration of his Idol Barack Obama. President Obama as we have all seen occasionally works in his shirt

  • Good guy Jim Jordan. The Dems. should feel deeply ashamed. What legacy are they creating? What will they be able to think at the end of their lives: that they helped their country strengthen and progress? No, that they were vindictive, short-sighted, wrongly motivated individuals who hampered the amazing work of President Trump and his administration and focused their time and sizeable amounts of money in obsessively going after him, in an attempt to take him down. It has not and it will not work. TRUMP 2020!

  • Republicans kick the Demon Rat's asses fricken traitors attempting to hide their own quid pro quo and pay for play schemes. Unconstitutional and illegal more like a Marxist fake trial. President Trump/Mike Pence 2020, GOP Conservatives retake the House, GOP Conservatives increase the number of Senators, 2020.

  • I gotta think that Rep. Jim Jordan has a closet full of light blue dress shirts. No, not just full, FULL. Gotta love him though. Out there reppin' right!!

  • Well of course, they have to dismiss the case, out of hand. Nobody wants to hear, from Bolton. That`s a disaster, for Potus.

  • What is there to argue. The President has admitted to stopping aid. The GMO office has stated that the President committed a crime in stopping aid. He didn't care about anything except having Ukraine say Biden was dirty. The President was shown to know everything about the inappropriate behavior he started. Trump's people got into recording recorded because they kept going to foreign agents being monitored for bad behavior. The President has admitted to illegal action and you just say your going to ignore his crime and say he didn't do anything. The President didn't start the economy Obama did. Trump has caused the greatest deficit yo give the top 1% more money to hoard.

  • As an Ohioan…..
    Jim Jordan
    for making us PROUD✅✅✅✅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lev Parnas is a well know Liar and a Con Man He has been indited on multiple felony charges.. probably being paid and Brainwashed by Schiff.. No one if they really knew Parnas ,would believe a word he says,He is an idiot …Obsessed Pelosi should be locked away 4 ever She is a wicked sick fraudulent Liar..She is the one who is guilty of abuse of power and obstruction of justice along with Schiff and Nadler This is a total Sham and should be dismissed this is all corrupt and wrong..We the people know that President TRUMP is totally innocent and this whole thing is rigged!! WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT Mr.BOOKER SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN ANY WAY TO DO WITH THIS NEW TRAIL ,HE IS A TOTAL HYPOCRITE AND A BIASED LIAR 150% HE HATES PRESIDENT TRUMP >>>> AS SEEN ON BOOKERS VIDEO in EL PASO!! If Booker and crooked Lev Parnas stay in this trial it will be conducted by fraudsters which is really wrong .. Dems are crooked and never fair !! the truth will wn one way or another ..

  • It is not up to pelosi to choose any witnesses>>>> it is NOW the senates case and choice .. Nothing to do with PELOSI NOW!!!

  • Yes….lets hear from the guy who turned a blind eye to children being sexually abused….yep…you trumptards sure know how to pick'm….i mean look at that sorry joke you call potus….the rest of us call him criminal….traitor….rapist.

  • "The CALL" was 2 years before Biden declared nomination. He was not Trump's opponent,just another corrupt swamp dweller that Trump has to investigate. BOOM! Why is this not SHOUTED out LOUD?!!!!!

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  • Man..! Jim, Lindsey, Steve, Mitch, including Trump…All look exhausted lately. I have a feeling that They know everything is falling apart. Pray!😩

  • The greatest news of all is that during the trial, Jordan will be forced to close his mouth and listen for a change. Marvelous relief.

  • Problem is too many ignorant people sit in front of TV and watch fake news and believe their lies and Democrab demons think they are winning and relying on them.

  • Hey Jordan, why doesn't the country dismiss you for letting a child predator commit crime after crime while you were at Ohio State instead of doing the right thing and turning him in? Why is this scumbag still holding a seat in office? He needs to resign or be removed NOW!

  • Why do you tell the enemy what you are going to do next? This is why I think the republicans are in this scam impeached as well. Democrats are scum and I'm never voting Democrat again.

  • God bless you rep Jim Jordan and our loved one reps who protect us our beautiful America and our great Prez .

  • Schiff needs to explain d impeachment report to d senate which he chickened out of during d Congress hearing & to (or his staff) explain d details of d whistleblower. all of d overwhelming evidence that Schiff said they hav is all hearsay & therefore not allowed by d constitution in d Senate trial. also obstruction of congress is not valid constitutionally. therefore d whole case can easily b dismissed. doesn't anyone in d media read/know d constitution? Trump is innocent until proven guilty. it's d Dems fault when they didn't pursue d subpeonaed WH witnesses in their "urgent" need to impeach. congress prepares d impeachment case & d Senate tries d case. it is not d Senate's job to provide witnesses for d prosecution. it's just all propoganda by d Dems to sell such a weak case to d masses. D Bidens r relevant cause they were involved in corruption aka Burisma. this goes for other top Dems like Clinton Piglosi Schumer Nadler & Schiff & all their siblings. u just need to follow d money & all their "foundations" etc…

  • I would love to see Shiff being compelled to supply the name of the whistleblower, have him refuse, only to find out that it was a wiretap authorized through him and his contacts. I know…and I have my own ending for Game of Thrones too… :*P

  • You can't let cheaters create the rules! This will be another one sided Democrat sham! The Republicans need to LEARN to STOP PLAYING GAMES with the party that can't stop cheating!!!

  • I hope the 2020 election gets be be as much fun as was the Best night of television ever ,the night Trump was elected . About 8:30 pm ,it looked like all liberal news  anchors had bit into the old 5hit sandwich!

  • This is a shampeachment! Dismiss!
    Dems will keep calling witness after witness hoping to find nonexistent evidence, of a crime, delaying to keep dragging President Trump through the mud with daily media attacks hoping to sway an election! Dismiss!

  • We have got to have the whistleblower to testify – this will bring a lot of sunshine on this, should demonstrate how it's all such a sham

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  • If calling out a politician for nepotism and abuse of power in a country we are assisting with our citizens tax dollars is making a fool of yourself. I'll vote for Trump all day long.

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