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John Krasinski Wants to Retire After Directing Wife Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

-“A Quiet Place.” -Yeah, you have to
get quiet for it. -Let me tell you something, man. I watched it last night,
and I couldn’t sleep afterwards. -Really?
-It was frightening. And I was just thinking,
“Why would a funny human being like you
make such a scary, frightening movie like this?” Are you a fan of horror movies? -Oh, my God, never have been
a fan of horror. I mean, I am now.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-It’s true. -Well, it’s scary. -I am terrified of everything. And then I got really
into horror, directing this, so I’m now a huge fan. But, basically,
what happened was, I was sent a script
three weeks after having our second daughter. And so, yes, it’s a scary movie,
but what was in it is a story about this family
trying to survive. What would it — You know, what would you do
for your kids? Like, what extremes would you
go to protect your kids? And I was such
a wide-open vessel after having our second daughter that I was just like,
“Oh, my God. This is good.” And so now when people say,
“Man, the movie’s so scary,” I’m like, “Thank you so much.” But the best compliment’s
when people come out and they said, “I never thought
I’d cry in a horror movie,” and I’m like, “That’s it!
That’s why I did it!” -Yeah, I mean, seriously, I —
-Did you cry? -I did.
Well, of course I did. Yeah, you know —
you know the scene. -Yeah, of course.
-Yeah, of course, man. Can we set up the movie?
Or do you want me to set it up? I’ll tell people what I think
the movie is about. -And when you get it wrong,
I’ll do it. -Great.
[ Laughter ] Basically, you live
in a world where, if anyone makes a sound —
any sound at all — you could be killed
by some type of monster. -That’s right.
That’s pretty good. -Yeah, thank you.
That’s it. No, seriously, so it’s — -Yeah, it’s a family
who has to live quietly, and you have to figure out
why they’re living quietly. -But, I mean,
when you have kids, you can’t have them be quiet. -No, that’s the crazy thing
about this movie is, people have been leaving,
saying they went to the bathroom and, like, as soon as they
turned on the faucet, they were like, “No!”
[ Laughter ] -Dude, seriously, any sound,
you think that someone’s gonna die in this movie,
and you’re going, “Oh! Aah!” -On Twitter, somebody said,
“I got in, and my boyfriend turned on the radio,”
and she’s like, “Are you nuts?!” -“They’re gonna get us, man!” -I told you last night,
my review is that I had nothing to watch after to make me
get out of this crazy. I was so frightened.
-So you were just in the… -Dude, I watched a rerun
of “Gilmore Girls” just to get me through —
just to get me to a happy place, just to get me —
because, it — And whoever designed
this monster alien thing… -Yeah. That was me.
[ Light laughter ] -See, that’s what made me
crazier and crazier, ’cause I go, “Who would think to
do this type of crazy movie?” And they go, “It was written
by John Krasinski.” I go, “Oh, my God.” I go,
“And then he cast himself?” [ Laughter ]
“He’s starring in it, as well?” But it’s just twisted
and so good. And it is moving, as well. But then, you cast your wife
as your wife in the movie, as well, and I go,
“Oh, we got to talk.” [ Laughter ]
I mean, dude — -I just lay down on this couch,
and you’re like… What’s it like directing
your wife in the film? -It’s unbelievable. I could make a joke,
but the truth is, we were so nervous
the night before because we really
wanted to do this. But you’re nervous.
You both have your own process, and you’re not sure
if it’s gonna link up. You know, she’s —
I think everybody thinks that because we’re actors,
we have the same experiences. It’s actually completely
opposite experiences, ’cause she’s off
in another country, shooting something totally
different with different people. So what I learned, actually,
was I’ve always been the biggest fan of hers,
but not until you’re in the room when she does what she does do you know why
she’s so phenomenal. She is the most
unbelievably talented person, powerful person, kindest person. She makes everyone
around her better. So, honestly,
that was my experience — the best experience ever. I’m retiring,
is the whole point. [ Laughter ] That’s the point.
Once I work with her, I’m done. [ Cheers and applause ] -I just want to quickly say,
I love my wife so much. I love you, Nancy.
You’re the best, most powerful, greatest person
I’ve ever met. -When Emily and I met,
it was love at first sight. -We experience things together,
it’s just like, “Oh, my gosh.” -You know, I just knew
the moment that we shook hands, and, you know, we just…
-We’re both floating. In fact, we never stop crying
when we see each other. We hug, and we levitate
towards the bed… -It was like, I don’t know.
Emily’s the best. -…and make sweet, sweet love
for six to seven hours. [ Cheers and applause ] Anyway…
-Oh, my God. We just connected in our brains.
-I know, we did. -It was not the best.
-Great connection there, yeah. -It was so weird, it was great. -But the movie is frightening.
[ Laughter ] No, the movie is scary.
-Thank you so much. -But it does have
touching moments. I don’t want to spoil anything but, man, you know what scene
Emily is unbelievable. -Yeah.
-I don’t know how you even act or prepare to act
for that one scene. And maybe you’ve maybe seen
the trailer — the bathtub one. -Yeah, there’s a bathtub scene
that’s super intense. And I’ll also tell you —
this is how good she is — she does one take of that scene,
that’s it. One, that’s all we need. And we were all so shocked,
the crew was like this… like holding
the microphones and stuff. And then I call cut, and this is how professional
my wife is. She goes, “Does anybody know
what they have for lunch? [ Laughter ] Like, right after
the most intense scene ever, it’s like, “Cut.”
“Whoo! Is there chicken?” -She is phenomenal.
-“Is it like chicken or…? Fajitas?
Oh, okay.” -Fajitas…
I want to show a clip. Here’s John Krasinski
in “A Quiet Place.” Take a look at this. [ Glass shatters ] [ Rustling, banging ] [ Roaring, rumbling ] ♪♪♪♪ [ Creature shrieks ] -Aaaaaaaah!! [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -It’s okay. -John Krasinski, everybody! “A Quiet Place,”
is in theaters this Friday! We’ll be right back
with Abigail Spencer. Stick around, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪♪

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