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what’s going on guys today we’re gonna take you to oh the light and the car all you’re helping me right this is gonna be an adventure how you feel buddy sure but all I do know is that this place was shut down due to animal cruelty the owner of this place and beating the animals then they tried to reopen under another name found out that the owner was still the same owner and then shut him down again we’ll hope you guys like this video head inside check it out guys you can see the lamp the monkey cages over there right over there [Music] thank you guys [Music] something tells me this is where they kept the drops I tried to get in one open click the size of the door huge [Music] right now standing in front of the drop area all right guys it’s heading to the main zoo so the monkeys work the monkey cage [Music] Andrew let’s get in there I want in that monkey cage I’m getting in here it’s gotta be away nope I ran into a dead zone there’s nothing there’s no way for me to get in over there no whoa I gotta get into one of those holes I won in this cage locked why is everything off here it’s just a zoo [Music] [Music] I’ll pick it in their swing around really hoping to like I locked it up just like they lock up the monkeys see what else you can find for you guys there’s another one over here you know a little children’s playground just left here guys just left here Wow you guys see that there’s rides over there let’s check that out no map left don’t even know where we’re going guys where’s got to figure this out that’s their go where we’re going is the gate open bro yes I’m going in don’t know why you need a sanitizer yeah that’s kind of corny I know check this out guys I’m in here tigers and bears oh my [Music] this is absolutely amazing caged like an animal it’s not a very good pen for like the rock I’m on very wobbly well head over that bridge see what else we gonna find for you guys in German Oh someone broke it your lucky place is big I’m gonna be very tired by the time we leave here maybe like I said if anyone’s been here before please let us know let us know I’ve never been here ladies the size of the water dish the old water dish is still there see if we get behind the things here and get into these places locked it’s always locked I’m gonna go in regular yeah are you gonna be able to get under that yeah you can get under there slide under bro his guts in the way yeah let’s find another way off to the other side see you later buddy that was pretty funny trying to watch you get in there I’m not gonna lie [Music] how’s your time with the zoo going it’s a great day isn’t it yes nothing like a day of the zoo tell me this does not remind you to Jurassic Park look at the transfer areas see the cages it’s just like Jurassic Park welcome do to Russell so far this is pretty cool this is a really cool part I cannot wait until we find the building that he was beating the animal cuz it’s gonna be great I wonder if they had ziplining here at one point because there is a zip line going across this area right here okay let’s head on over to the amphitheater where he was feeding on his line there this guy’s Fergie with feet in his line head on in see we can find [Music] that’s really amazing site this is where you got coffee in the animals right over there that’s the picture of him beating on them with the whips the gong reptiles reptiles must’ve in their knees away the Lions we kept temporary I’m guessing all the equipment all the wicks used to feed all this animals with faster it’s time to brush your teeth look what I just found there’s a giant spongebob well you gotta put this on you have to yeah oh yeah you know what I’m doing it I’m putting that spongebob on myself Kostya check what’s inside it’s a bunch of Mouse inside but that would’ve been cool guys giant spongebob all right guys time to go over to the right ready for this we are this is the furniture I’ll look with them behind those trees I know you guys see the light ride there meaning over here I think look guys let’s take a look really elephants dot you’re still on that that’s really cool really really cool it’s a souvenir shop so excited for this I can’t wait to show you guys this you Haiti look what [Music] cool guys so there’s only three rides here but you know what for the three rides that are here and they are really cool little kiddie boat ride time to hit up these teacups I’ll just go in the most accessible one bro you’re coming in with me on this one why get in here we’re gonna spin this we’re going for a ride and you’re still going guys still going are you done that was fun what an amazing day at the zoo there’s a lot of walking but this plus the amphitheater that paid off I hope you guys enjoyed this Explorer just as much as we did we’ll see you guys on the next piece Andrew just fell down the hill right off of this fence all the way down what an ending what an ending to a great day wake you up I’m glad you’re all right buddy I’m glad you’re all right you


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