Impeachment, Ukraine and Trump’s fitness to serve: Takeaways from Nikki Haley’s ‘Today’ interview


  • She never questioned his truthfulness! Even though he's lied thousands of times on video! what a joke! how could you be so blind to the obvious!

  • only answer- nikki haley wants to get laid by the president. she has fantasies of getting boned by somebody that is over 70 years old, has over a billion dollars and has a IQ much lower then her own. sounds pretty screwed up if you ask me.


  • I do not like Nikki Haley. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. Of course, anyone that flips that quickly on their principles is only looking out for #1. What she calls "ambitious" I call "power hungry".

  • Nikki Haley is another Don and the giant impeach lie after lie after lie omg how much did he pay her to say those things in front of the tv this looks more like corrupt because all his administration are so corrupt no one is above the law
    Point blank republicans voted for a clown now you'll have a circus….

  • I think it is great that someone finely OUTED the bureaucrats who are lifers and want to control government but they are not elected. The state dept was suppose to do what the president said, and direction he set because he was elected by good American citizens.

  • The liberals are a one tracked mind, so they can't handle two things at one time. NBC is a liberal media outlet and it shows and the reporter is stuck on getting Nikki to say what she wants her to say, but Nikki does not fall for her scheme. The dumb-o-rats and their liberal supporters are a breed of ignorant dumb asses!

  • The major purpose of this impeachment was so that the one party could beat the other party in the investigation of Biden's son. By creating this impeachment matter over that call was simply a way to turn the focus from Biden back to the Trump, making it look like Trump was the law breaker, and not the Biden's (which would also implicate Obama indirectly)

  • LoL joke of UN appointee… Trump broke the law, facts. Biden may have and its seperate and by all means start a legit investigation as well.

  • There is a deep state, but their real name is bureaucrats and they are a flooded with liberal elitist who think they know better then the people who vote.

  • I see her as an opportunist and nothing else sad because she could have been more ! She did nothing to help anyone in her position with the U.N. ! Truth never matter to her and it still doesn't ! And it would appear neither does our constitution! 💔

  • Does Fox News have some special where Republicans go to be programmed? Wow, she's just repeating the same talking points that don't pass the laugh test. No wonder nobody trusts any politicians.

  • Easy to see why the description of a cult has arisen. Very reminiscent of interviews with People's Temple followers. Weird is too light of a word when they've infested our government.

  • Jane you ignorant slut!I
    It's not that the deal didn't go through, it's that he tried to do it in the first place. But of course you know that. Congratulations, you have graduated to the big leagues where you don't have to worry about your conscience.

  • stephen king could write now that she sat down next to Lindsey Graham. And where Lindsey is sitting look at the Twitter account of Stephen King

  • Tacky Nikki consider Trump truthful. Kind of rich. I wonder how she feels for the woman Trump has p… .-grabbed, raped, and abused?

  • She Sounds like Monica Lewinsky…. Nikki just wants a BIG CIGAR in Her Mouth!

    BERNIE – Because it's time for a CHANGE for the People and not the CORPORATIONS & the WEALTHY.

  • So her logic is trump did something wrong but since it didn’t achieve the outcome he wanted it’s okay and that impeachment is too harsh a punishment. But Nixon was impeached for the doing the exact same thing and bill clinton got impeached for lying about having an affair while in office. Niki has shown she has no credibility and no morals. Disgusting

  • The pope will be caught on video peeing on a minor child of the opposite sex before the senate renders a guilty verdict to Trump. 🤷‍♂️

  • She was an incompetent UN Ambassador, American Conservative magazine called her Trump's “Baghdad Bob".
    A senior GOP political consultant said “Haley was a great spokesperson for the administration; in fact, she was great at parroting whatever lines Trump wanted her to deliver,” the consultant continued. “But for anyone who has ever interacted with her, one thing became very clear. The second she left the land of talking points, any time she was asked to discuss any issue in any depth, it was apparent there was nothing there. And that is not what we need as ambassador at the UN."
    She is a slightly smarter Sarah Palin.

  • I’m betting that Nikki the unAmerican Republican is sticking up for Trump coz she yearns for the PussyGrabber to ManHandle her CurriedCunt

  • She is so fake and two face she never say anything but now she sale a book she saying something to sale her book ? you can never trust her.

  • She is not truthful everyone who serve agrees with him or he gets mad comes after just look time and time again watch

  • Well there is video evidence that Biden threatened to withhold aid if the prosecutor wasn’t fired. He bragged about it.


  • So they always want to talk about Biden so why did they not impeach Biden back then when that was going on they had the majority in the house and in the Senate.

  • Get ready for another Democrat dog – and -pony show. And they will screw it up live on TV. Because all they care about is " Get Trump", not the truth.

  • Nikki Haley puts party before country, after all she's selling her book! Trump
    believes that our laws don’t apply to him as in his ego, he is special and the
    rest of us are not!  Trump violated his
    oath as POTUS by making the call as it’s a violation of the Emoluments Clauses of
    the U.S.Constitution! 😆

  • Nikki Haley is pathetic. "The aid flowed as it was supposed to." Um, no, it was held up for months. And only after the White House was informed about the whistleblower, did "the aid flow." Haley is a hack. What a joke.

  • I dont know what to believe anymore. I think it's sad that you have different media networks acting like children on who did what and Express THEIR opinions on what is true or not. These people make me sick….rubbing their hands together like a selfish child, stating their opinions as facts. Has it really come to all this bullshit???….
    I dont care for either political party….all are liars, thieves, and…. we the people,….are not in their best intrest!!!!! For the past 30 or 40 years this country has spiraled downward because of these filthy politicians!!!!
    They've become rich, lazy, stupid, and think of only themselves!!!!…
    Get rid of this kind of television….get rid of these nasty corrupt politicians and let's move on for the betterment of the United States!!!
    I was thinking on Veterans Day, how sad these brave souls must be and their families for this kind of crap going on. They sacrificed for THIS!!!????
    I think everyone can agree we want a moral and honest society….this isnt the way… why do we continue going this way? We all agree things have gone downhill… why….play into it. I want the old America back!!!!!! It wasnt perfect…..but we had something to work with!!!!

  • Nikki Haley is SO disappointing. She is picking Trump over the American people and the Constitution. Very, very disturbing.

  • If you want to know what you look like after you drank the Trump Kool-Aid, this is it. A little Stepford Wife.
    Give it a week and Trump will say, he never knew her never met her.
    Nikki Haley go to hell.

  • She is unfit if she thinks he is fit. The crime is bribery and yes we will decide. I decided three years ago that he is trash. Haley said she was a governor. Rick Perry was a governor for over a decade in Texas and he was and still is a lowlife just like defender pretender Nikki the alien from a shithole country.

  • I'm glad she spoke out. I was under the mistaken belief that she might be a credible GOP primary candidate for 2020. Now I know the truth of her character… uhh, buh-bye!

  • Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina are both infected with Trump's idea of what it takes to "win friends and influence enemies." For Lindsey G. it is- start cursing and talk tough and they'll think you're Strong. For Nikki H. it's lighten your skin and dye your hair so you will "Pass".

  • Remember when Sarah Palin was the hope of the GOP? The next rising star…
    If Nikki Haley is the great hope of the GOP, the GOP is in trouble. She's smooth in her delivery I'll give her that, but she's lying nonetheless

  • 🇺🇸🦅🏆🎶Trump🎶🏆🦅🇺🇸
    Our Supreme Ruler for Eternity
    Glorious Wise Humble Kind
    Forget the wall ! Let’s build a statue for Donald Trump 😃🎵❤️

  • "The aid flowed where it was supposed to…"
    This is international aid not bribe money. Does she or Trump know the difference? Just because attempted bribery for political gain is not successful – it's still bribery. He thought he was on familiar ground trying to bribe what he refers to as a corrupt country with tax payers money.

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