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I find STRANGE things in ABANDONED places

Hey guys! My name is Peter. My hobby helped me to discover a lot of things
about people. My story is about strange and even terrible
things that can be found in the abandoned places. I’ll tell you why I quitted stalking. There are a lot of stories about stalkers
in the Net. Everyone has his own reasons to give up stalking. Someone saw ghosts, someone was seriously
injured in the collapses and falls, someone had a bad luck and he got caught by local
criminals. As for me, I just found something strange. After it, I decided not to go stalking anymore. It all started with just rock-climbing. We lived in the mountains, and all kids climb
the rocks from time to time. We even had a lot of climbing schools in our
town. So, kids who liked sports would start either
boxing or rock-climbing. I am a not kinda keen on fightings and stuff. So I chose another option. We practiced a lot, mastered safety techniques,
pumped our muscles and brains. We memorised routes and signs not to get lost. Honestly, I wasn’t particularly interested
in this, but again, there was no choice, so I practiced with everyone. One day our instructor offered us something
new. He offered caving instead of climbing to any
volunteers. Well, mountains always mean caves, including
underground caves. It’s just nobody wanted to go underground
before. Our instructor was kinda dwarf or a digger
in the bottom of his heart. So, he recruited a team of enthusiasts. There were few of us. Maybe because it’s easier to attract tourist
girls with a clean face instead of a black muggy one. Although caving is much more difficult than
mountain hiking. We had to cram routes like crazy so that we
could remember the way from the beginning to the end and quickly imagine it in our heads. You know, underground caves won’t give you
a second chance. But that’s kinda disadvantage. For me, the thing was that I found myself. I’ve learnt how not to get lost. I climbed faster than anyone. I mean I could pull myself up on one finger
and crawl on my stomach for a few kilometers. As they say, if you wanna live, you’ll be
able to gnaw your way with your teeth. Guys from the surface called us worms or moles,
depending on their imagination. But we didn’t get offended. Because if the Apocalypse came we would survive. And they wouldn’t. When I was 17, we moved closer to the capital. I went to college, and my parents decided
not to leave me alone. They quickly sold our apartment, our country
house and my grandma’s house, and they bought a bigger house in a village. I left the mountains in my childhood, together
with caves. But I quickly made friends with the local
diggers. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Besides, they needed someone physically prepared
for their team. Well, there was no shortage of spots in the
city for diggering – metro stations, temples… the underground city was literally dug up
by our predecessors. Of course, the ancient cave and the modern
subway are different things, including safety. On the one hand, it was much easier, because
all tracks are wide enough to move on them safely. On the other hand, there’s no high-voltage
wires and the third rail in the caves which can easily pop you off. It was not always possible to get into the
subway. Quite often, the entrance was sealed by the
police, so we had to find a new one. That’s why we spent this time on the abandoned
buildings, to stay in shape. There were some rules too. But our mentality got better and better. The thing is, one could always find anything
there. I was never alone in such places. I won’t say you anything about the atmosphere
there. But we usually laughed like crazies. However, sometimes we came across criminals. But it was a tug of war. We’re also well-prepared – we carried weapons
and our physical shape was practically the same as theirs. So, when it came to a conflict, criminals
usually offered peace themselves. Oh yeah, findings. I won’t list everything, just the creepiest
things. One day, we were in an abandoned factory. We found a meat grinder, or maybe, it was
a broken ventilation. We couldn’t get what kind of thing with huge
blades it was. Anyway, there were bones inside. Really, a shin bone and a couple of ribs,
too old. We ran away like mad. No one needed any problems. In the basements of some apartment blocks,
we found animals’ corpses and some bloody rags. But it’s not so scary, because satanists are
everywhere. And I think, satanists from our city hardly
ever killed on their own. I would rather believe they simply picked
corpses up from somewhere and dragged to their place for the entourage. We also found some skulls… but not human,
maybe they were from some animals. Once, I found a bag with some things. It was a bag of some girl. What she was doing in the abandoned place
was a mystery. But the most terrible thing was in the ruined
temple. Outside our city (practically, it’s still
the city zone, but there is nothing there but the forest), there is an old abandoned
church. Whether it’s catholic or orthodox – I
can’t say. I just see the cross and OK. Stalkers rarely go there. Locals don’t go there either, and they don’t
know about it. So I think we were one of the first invaders. Well, here we go… we found the altar. And there was some bundle there. One of our guys was curious and climbed up. And here we started vomitting in cascades. We ran away very fast. There was a dead body of a baby in that bundle. He was dead long time ago. We called the police. We showed them everything and told them our
story. They said they wouldn’t charge us for the
trespassing of a private property, although they could. So, after this, I don’t go to abandoned
buildings anymore. I better walk somewhere in the underground.. What can I say… Kids, don’t go to dangerous places unless
you are well-prepared. Write in comments about your amazing findings,
and take care. Learn, practice, wait for the time you become
major. And remember – there is no second chance when
you go underground.

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