How will Hope Hicks’ resignation impact the White House?


  • "And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust. Hey, I'm gonna get you too. Another one bites the dust."

  • If President Trump is doing such a great job and he is such a great president then why is everyone leaving him, why wouldn't anyone want to stay with President Trump and be apart of this historical transition of Making America Great Again? 🤔

  • They speculate, but Trump knows everybody why do you think the left hates him? He knows who and what they are,hell he run in their circles!! They act like he doesn't know anything. They just haven't got it that he's different. He'll survive and they will just keep beating on dead horses!!!! Yea I know the trolls on here will call me names and attack me, I don't give a shit I don't take the bait!

  • Its sad I guess, seen as she has been there from the beginning. But will it really change anything for Trump or America? No. Does America care? No. Do I care? Not particularly. Will the media hype this up to no end, and end up claiming that Hope is a Russian Bot? Undoubtedly.

  • Trump's presidency is being flushed right down the toilet of History in a shitstorm of incompetence, disgrace, and criminal activity. Even the pretty rats are getting the hell off the ship at this point.

  • Clown House really melting. As a foreigner with no care for either party, this so amusing. Trump the most inept president EVER!

  • President Trump has Won the Hearts of the American People, whom Will continue to Love and Support Him. #MAGA 🇺🇸

  • This is just another example of how the fake media are doing their worst to create an uphill battle on a daily basis for the president and his administration staffers!! It's totally pathetic and shockingly outrageous the lengths they're willing to fake to make life harder for genuine men and women who are doing a wonderful job in making America great again, by helping to build confidence and a more prosperous climate for all the freedom loving hard working citizen of the USA 🇺🇸 God bless and protect president Trump and God bless and protect America🇺🇸

  • People are afraid. They could say something. That unknowingly could land you in jail. Just look at the others.

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  • Why the fuck a 29 year old was in such a prominent position to begin with is careless. She does look old for her age though.

  • Bring tomi Lehren on board better piece of ass much younger hope was hitting the wall might have syphilis most likely from sucking trumps cock

  • Would not be surprised if her lawyer told her to protect herself and get the hell out of the WH before it implodes

  • Another Trump ass-licker gone. Trump won't survive till the end of his first term. Next to go is Kushner and then dear Ivanka. The reason is simple: Trump became President by the power of LIES. This is undeniable fact

  • Watching this Russian thing from down here in Australia I can't help but smile at the stupidity of this. So what if they did (which I doubt) all this time and money spent on on tilting at windmills, on what if's. Why not either; assume they did, and do something to stop it from happening again, or just get on with fixing the things wrong in your country. 18 months of debate, inquiries and still nothing. Did any one think that the whole thing may have been a ruse to unsettle the smooth running of you country.
    This whole thing has to be one of the greatest farces of all time. If it's broke fix it; if not leave it alone and get on with what is important.
    The Russians must be wetting themselves laughing at your stupidity.

  • Meanwhile, downtown Europe: US/NATO/MKUltra Planning To End Civilization?!

    "By training its European allies to use their nuclear arms, the US is moving towards an atomic war with Russia, forgetting that it would mean the end of the human civilization", retired Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky told RT yesterday.

    "The US military is preparing the armed forces of the European countries for the use of tactical nukes against Russia", Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, said on Wednesday. He added that the presence of American non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe is a major stumbling block in the path of disarmament.

    “No one can say how serious the threat really is” from the US actions, Buzhinsky, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the PIR-Center, said. However, he pointed out that “the military people are getting ready. The Russian military is preparing and the American military does the same. And it’s for the politicians to warn the public that such preparations are being made.”

  • Hope Hicks will be back in front of all of "U.S."; Dan Bongino, Jason Chafetz, and others have nothing on the wisdom Hicks has for the country. To those who have tried to score points on her leaving had better temper their joy…

    Be patient… The LEFT is gonna need their diapers changed hourly!

  • Apparently that "big fat nothing burger" that's been cooking on the Russian fire will SOON be served up to Trump and his dim-witted zombies. I'm sure Mueller, with his team, have ensured that it will be well-done and I hope with a HUGE side of CROW. Four arrests, 2 guilty pleas, 17 Russian indictments with MUCH MORE to come proves it was NEVER just a witch hunt or fake news! Open your eyes, take your fingers out of your ears and turn off FOX "entertainment" NEWS.

  • I really miss Hope Hicks soooo much already.She was a fine piece of tail. Am I right? The Secret Service didn't want me to have a lock on my room. Well I got one installed anyway. A HUGE gold deadbolt. Me and Ms Hicks all alone. Know what I'm saying? I sure miss ms Hicks. Geez she was great. Right? OK?

    What a fine piece of ass she was but "white lies"??? HOW STUPID. MAGA ! MAGA ! MAGA! I'M SO SAD! COME BACK IM SOOOOOOO SORRY! LETS MAGA TWITTER TOGETHER HOOOOOPE!

  • Why do I have a feeling she is or has been leaking information? The guilty always run when the heat is on. The just stand proud.

  • Oh… no wonder that weird comment that Hope made about little white lies seemed odd… it was a commie twisted leak from a not so private meeting. Gotcha 👍 too bad the fake news won’t admit it. These smoke signals we get can be a bit hard to read at first. 😆 MAGA🇺🇸Proud to be deplorable 🇺🇸

  • Hope is probably resigning because this is a very stressful exhausting intense job she looks 28 he stays with this a year from now should probably look 48 but the media wants make a scandal controversy ratings isn't there any good news channels

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