How to Write a Letter to Santa with Nick Hornby | Kid President

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How to Write a Letter to Santa with Nick Hornby | Kid President

Kid President: Dear Santa,
No, no, no, let’s say dearest Santa. No, no dearest fat man in a suit.
This is so hard! Sometimes doing creative things is easy. Like
when I wrote my first novel. But sometimes it’s really hard! This letter to Santa is
never going to get done. I wish a best selling author would magically appear.
Nick Hornby: Hey Kid President! It’s Nick Hornby here, best selling author.
Kid President: What are you doing here? Nick: I happened to know that you’re struggling
with a letter to Santa, so I’m here to give any advice you need. I’ll bill you later.
Kid President: Did you write Harry Potter? Nick: You’ve never heard of me! You must have
read High Fidelity. Kid President: You didn’t write Twilight?
Nick: [laughs] Kid President: So you’re going to help me
write a letter to Santa? Nick: I do this for tons of writers. You know
Charles Dickens? I didn’t do Oliver Twist but I did the rest.
You know Jane Austen she wrote Clueless, you ever see that movie Clueless? I helped her
with that. Kid President: So best selling author Nick
Hornby how do I write? Nick: If you can speak, you can write.
Kid President: That’s it? Nick: And I know that you can talk very well.
Kid President: Oh I can talk boy. Nick: That’s all writing is, another way of
talking. Kid President: Can I just do a powerpoint?
Charts and stuff like having those charts. Nick: Hm, my feeling is, the way things are
now, Santa is going to be bombarded by powerpoints with videos and texts.
Kid Preisdent: But I don’t know about it Nick Hornby.
Nick: Kid President, I’ve been in the New York Times best seller list. Are you listening
to me? Listen I’ve been writing professionally for
twenty years. I got nominated for an Academy Award.
Kid President: Alright alright, well help me I’m stuck!
Nick: This is a big letter, this is an important letter so don’t dress it up in any fancy stuff.
Writing is best when it’s simplest and if you really want these things and say so directly,
say it with soul, and I think he’ll listen to you.
Kid President: Here it goes. [music]
Nick: Okay, let me hear what you got so far. Kid President: What do you think Nick Hornby?
Nick: Fantastic! Kid President: Good huh?
Nick: And now you need to rewrite every single word! That was your first draft. I reckon
when you’ve got to maybe fifteen twenty you’re done. Good to meet you, bye!
Kid President: Bye Nick Hornby! Thank you for nothing!
Nick: One more thing Kid President, this might be helpful to you. There are all these really
cool schools in America and England and the one in England is called Ministry of Stories
and that helps kids exactly like you with writing right now we’re helping kids write
to Santa. So come to London we’d be happy to have help!
Kid President: Kids need people to teach them how to write and also teach them how to live.
So my challenge to all you people watching, how can you help kids live a better story.
It would be really cool if you share a video with your thoughts! Let’s tell a better story
people. I’ll leave you to discuss. But right now, I got some serious dancing to do. [music] Live a better story! I’m out! Hey, on a personal note everybody. The only reason I’m able to talk to people, cool people like
Nick Hornby because you guys watch and share my videos. Keep it up! Thank you from the
bottom of my little heart. I love you bye! SoulPancake
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