How To Save For Retirement: Suze Orman Shares Her Best Money Advice | TODAY


  • Hi.
    Any advise for someone who is almost 50, no savings, no assets, and earning under 20k a year?
    Thought not.

  • omg!! No I don't want to live to my 90s especially the way things are getting. Living longer is only good for rich white people.

  • You guys listening closely to the Baby Boomers? They want Millennials to live in a world where almost none of us own homes… instead, the investment-class will own a majority of the homes (as investments) while the rest of us just rent.. what an ideal sounding future. Definitely what America is all about…

  • Hands off the paycheck. No more forced payment of income taxes or paying into the Social Security fraud. Maybe then people will have extra money to save. You get to a million dollars, then you pay taxes.

  • Can the networks please take note that the people do not want to hear from hucksters and cons. Please stop giving this woman a microphone. If you continue to do so, don't scratch your heads if people stop watching you.

  • she keeps saying you will be double taxed if you take a 401k loan, you will NOT be double taxed…Suze Orman has no concept of mathematics!

  • Suze Orman didn't amass her wealth by using the advice she gives. She became wealthy by giving financial advice. How does she actually know how effective her advice really is?

  • She's no expert, she is a CON!! Why would they even give this CRIMINAL airtime!? DO NOT TRUST THAT CON " WOMAN "

  • Like how they create a story and slant it. Use facts not hypotheticals. Only good advise is pay off mortgage before retirement. She should of told you only 15 year mortgages. Should of had Dave Ramsey on the show.

  • A biased view through the lens of suzie does not fit most peoples lives. It only fits wealthy hoarders that value money more than anything else.

  • Yeah, I don't know if I buy All Suzy is saying.. your best bet us to use a calculator like .. that answered my questions or took into account things like kids, taxes, inheritance, inflation , here's one I like, simple and easy to use

  • Most people are around one paycheck away from bankruptcy. Most don't have extra money to save. Some live beyond there means.

  • She is a great investment advisor. I totally agree what she said. Save Save and Save. A lot of people spend more than they could afford, and live on their credit card.

  • great advice… however living where there are opportunities (metropolitan areas) the basic cost of living takes over 50% of a typical income.

  • Once upon a time I was a kid hearing this woman and being like “huh” this is weird adult talk. Now look at me. Mid 20s and researching this for myself. How crazy how time flies

  • Suzy Orman is right when she says that "don't do any investments that you don't understand". She's also right when she says to get rid of all your debts before retirement. I early retired before the age of 65 and doing well financially by doing just what she said.

  • She is a white collar criminal posing as a sheep in wolfs clothing .She is full of common sense advice .,which is a method it uses to build a sense of security and trust with her future victims .

  • Suzie has received so many negative comments – all of which have been against her personally – they say she a scam artist since she has no credentials and has lied about whatever degree she may or may not have – but this is so typical of people today – the question of likability factor versus results. Yes, many who have worked with her say nasty things – but this is the personality. All she has done over the years just like Dave Ramsey Radio Show – is research finance, put together a package, easy to understand for the average person – all the information is out there, all written by the financial geniuses/experts but all Suzy has done is to package it and sell to the little guy. The results: meaning the educational, "how to" materials that she has packaged is all sound financial advice. She has helped thousands – perhaps so much negativity is from those who are the experts and have multiple degrees, and work for some financial institution making pittance compared to Suzy – she is a brilliant marketeer and perhaps even opportunistic – so what? we all are – but in the end she has helped thousands by a simple repackaging of what financial experts advise. This an example of personal history : taught protocol/etiquette for years, but attended a so called school in Washington DC – actually a seminar in hotel – and received "certification" – though no affiliation from any educational institution – in the end, all I learned found in Emily Post – just they packaged the material and promoted in a more modern, less grandma approach which I loved. Same as Suzy – terrific public relations/marketeer. That is what America is all about.

  • What about those of us living paycheck to paycheck with no credit card debt or student loans but still have nothing left over to save for retirement?

  • Suzie f’n Orman still giving financial advice… on the today show… no wonder trump is president… America loves to f itself over … you’ve all drank the cool aid and are unable to snap out of it… wake up idiots!!!!

  • There's a lot of negative comments about her… I read "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke" by Suze Orman years ago when I actually was young, fabulous and broke. That book was the very beginning of my road to financial literacy and I'm very thankful for her. I don't know the full story about her being a con, but that doesn't mean her advice won't help you.

  • 65? I Am planning to retire at 55 , who wants to waste his life in a soul sucking full time job until 70 lol I'll be better off spending my days playing golf or reading news with a good coffee

  • She told you to invest in in property, it plummeted
    She told you to invest in gold, it plummeted
    She told you to get the "Approved" card, it collapsed

    Jesus Christ guys, why is this woman not in jail??????

    Must be nice to be a white female

  • Wow… the female Scrooge wont go away. Hey Kids? the continuation of the planet to support you in your 90s is looking grim. Smoke em if ya got em. Have a good time, drink a latte.

  • Companies that are listed in stock markets function as banks and act as loan sharks … Bad investments leads to the depreciation of the value of the stocks and good ones lead to the opposite …

  • Companies that are listed in stock markets function as banks and act as loan sharks … Bad investments leads to the depreciation of the value of the stocks and good ones lead to the opposite …

  • Companies that are listed in stock markets function as banks and act as loan sharks … Bad investments leads to the depreciation of the value of the stocks and good ones lead to the opposite …

  • Companies that are listed in stock markets function as banks and act as loan sharks … Bad investments leads to the depreciation of the value of the stocks and good ones lead to the opposite …

  • when your living paycheck to paycheck and you do NOT have any money saved ,the simple answer to that question is get another job!!
    why is it that in america we only work 40 hours and expect that 40 hour work schedule to cover all our needs?
    i say to you with great respect to you and your problem -get another job!

    something part time over the weekend or at a time when its convenience.
    by working an extra 16 hours per week ,this cuts down on your utilities –
    it also gives you stability and more structure because now you cant go out and have fun with your friends ,and get into more debt -now you cant stay home and buy new things online just because your bored …
    you are also in the green column because with this extra money you could save up and go to school or take it to the bank and create a good savings account.

    do not even think you cant get over this because you can.
    even if that means taking a minimum wage job for the weekend.
    here in new york minimum wage is 15 dollars an hour –
    thats $240 per week for 16 hours –
    thats $960 per month –
    thats $11.520 per year
    thats $115.200 per 10 years

    imagine putting this into your savings account every week and receiving the interest for 10 years.
    of course this imaginary money is tax free but i think you understand what im trying to tell you.

    i do not understand fully how the roth I.R.A works but im thinking that if you invest in the IRA ,you get that money back plus
    extra money in 10 years and thats not bad!
    so if you dont want to listen to suze because you think she's a con artist -crunch the numbers –
    look into what she's saying and investigate the Roth IRA -what do you have to lose???

  • Well makes sense that NBC is in bed with Suzie the Scammer. How they can interview her with a straight face is amazing. Shame on you NBC!!!!!

  • Mrs Orman is a scam artist. She wrote fake articles claiming that parents are bank rolling their kids. These articles are rife with mistruths about the middle class. Mrs. Orman is a sponge who borrowed $52,000 from her 'friends' From Wikipedia ".After finishing school, Orman moved to Berkeley, California, where she worked as a waitress. In 1980, she borrowed $52,000 from friends to open a restaurant." She used her friends to live a lifestyle that she could not afford as a waitress. She is the person who used people. The devil speaks of her own nature.

  • No Advice as we learned all this in Middle School.The Key to Retirement IS Owning your own Home,probably loves Older Americans selling there Homes for Cash or to Investment.Dont worry about a Home but about IRA?Thats your IRA!D

  • Stop living beyond your means. It is do I need it or want it. My young niece and her hubby are constantly buying stuff they cant afford. They think it will keep them in a marriage. I paid off all debt. I am cash only. I go to Europe every year for a month. All paid in cash.

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