How To Retire In 10 Years – Much Easier Than You Think

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How To Retire In 10 Years – Much Easier Than You Think

Kris Krohn with Limitless TV, and today we’re
talking about how to retire in 10 years. Is it possible? What would you need to do different, think
different? What kind of game plan do you need? And hang out for the end because I’ve got
some bonus information to save you thousands of pages reading from Warren Buffett’s book
on the Snowball. So today, I wanna about talk to you how you
can retire in this 10 year time frame. And before I give you the 3 most important
secrets to do this, I just want to start off by telling you a little bit about my journey
because I did have a 10-year retirement goal but I accelerated it and based on the information
I’m gonna be sharing with you today, I actually retired in 4 1/2 years. So today’s information, it’s pretty qi, and
for me, what it is meant is freedom. A lot of people, there’s this buzz word, “financial
freedom” it’s such an exciting word and it’s “FINANCIAL freedom” For me, it’s the other
way around, it’s “financial FREEDOM” Like, what do you really value? Money’s cool but you know what’s cooler than
money? Being able to do what you want, when you want
and how you want it. And you and I, we have a mission, we have
a purpose in life and so for me, this isn’t going to be true for maybe you or for maybe
other people watching this video because there’s a lot of people that their fulfillment doesn’t
come from financial freedom or freedom, it comes from having a career, building someone
else’s business, entrepreneurship, it comes from, maybe they’re already engaged in doing
something they love. But you might be like me, if you’re searching
a video saying, “Kris, how do I retire in 10 years?” “Kris, how did you retire in 4 1/2 years?” It was because I knew I had a higher life
purpose, it’s society did not give me a path that worked for me, I had to create my own,
and that’s what I’m going to be giving you today. I retired in 4 1/2 years using these very
3 specific principles that I’m going to give you. Here’s the bottomline, you need to invest
money so that it earns more money. It creates the snowball effect. As soon as your investments earn enough money
for you to live on each year, you’re actually able to retire. It’s a very simple definition, I need to stop
working for money, I need my money to work for me. If you spend 100% of your income, you’ll never
retire because you’ll never be able to invest any money. If you spend 0% of your income, you can retire
right now because somehow you’re living without needing to make any more money. Does this make sense? I want to share with you right now 3 specific
things that you need in order to work on this 10-year game plan, and I’m just even going
to tell you in advance, I love helping people retire, I have helped so many people to do
this, I’ve been able to work with thousands of people and I have been able to see people
like me in a short space of time actually achieve level of financial independence. In fact, I actually surround myself with a
group of people over the years that I have been able to help, that are now financially
free, using these exact 3 very simple but very necessary principles. There are 3 things in particular for you to
focus on with being able to have a 10-year retirement game plan and yes, you need strategy,
and yes, you have to have a game plan but it’s going to come down to these 3 basic principles
and you may have heard some of these before so make sure you don’t take any of them for
granted. The first one is, you need to have an intention. Have you set your intention? Have you decided a period of time in which
you are going to actually achieve retirement? Have you decided how much money that is or
what that looks like? You got to start with the end in mind and
having an intention means you know what you want. You may not be attached to how you get there
or what opportunities to present itself to make sure you do get there, but the universe
and all of these laws, they conspire with people who are conscious creators. So do you know what you want? Do you know when you want it by? And is it a realistic time frame? 10 years is a great retirement time frame
strategy, so what does it look like? I recommend that you identify the time, let’s
call it 10 years, and number 2, the amount of money that you want coming in automatically
every month. Is $5,000 a month? Is $50,000 a month? What is the amount of money and I’m going
to encourage you based on my experience in working with thousands of people to go with
the figure that is the least amount, that you’re willing to believe in, that would actually
create the financial freedom. So for example, if my bills are $6,000 a month,
then I might say, when I have $6,000 of business coming in residually or automatically or dependably
on a regular basis, I’m going to consider that time to quit my job or to do this and
basically, that’s my freedom date. So 10 years is my freedom date, $6,000 is
the amount of freedom dollars that I want. Your intention should be freedom date and
freedom dollars. Number 2, you gotta get some money. Now, whether it’s a little bit of money,
like $1,000 or whether it’s a $100,000, whether you have money in a 401k, an IRA, whether
you’re partnering someone and using their money, we know this, a salary will not create
freedom. Being an investor and an entrepreneur can
create that freedom. That is outside most people’s comfort zone
but it is what is required to introduce the possibility to be free inside a 10 years. So you got to get some money to play with,
for example, if you want to play with me, I can show you with less than a $1,000 how
to do real estate because frankly, that’s what I needed to make my first million plus
dollars. I also went in with partners and would say,
“Hey, father-in-law, Matt, let’s take $40,000 or schmear 401k and let’s do a deal together.” And so does it take money to make money? Well, in most cases yes. But they never said whose. So you can be the great provider of opportunity
to other people and what’s important is that you gather the resource, that doesn’t mean
put your head down for 10 years, and trying to keep save money on the side, because frankly,
that may be too slow of a plan. You need some money to make money, so get
some money. Based on the strategy that you’re doing, by
the way, if it’s a good strategy and a good business model, it means that it’s going to
have ROI, return of investment, it’s going to make money and that is what you use to
partner and split with people to bring them into the game. So number 1 is, you got to have an intention
which means a defined freedom date and freedom dollars. And then number 2, you got to get some money
whether it’s yours or not. And then the 3rd step is invest. I want to make sure that you are selecting
wise vehicles that actually have the ability to get where you want to go and all you have
to do is to be able to produce some very basic calculations, if I take my money for the next
10 years and compound it in a 3% annuity, then it will take me a very long time before
I double my money and actually get my money out of that investment and in 10 years, there’s
no way that I’m actually going to make my freedom dollars within my freedom deadline. So what do I need to do to different? I need to find a different investment vehicle. Now, obviously I’ve got links below, things
that you could check out that give you the ability to accomplish that within the 10 year
time frame and you might be aware of other vehicles, but those are the 3 principles for
you to leverage. You got to have an intention, you got to know
how to get the money, and then you got to know where and how to invest. And if you have those three things lined up,
can you retire in the next 10 years? Absolutely. So wherever you go, whatever your strategy
is, make sure that those are the three specific principles at play and everyone of you right
now watching this has the ability to the first one right now. In fact, if you wanted to do all three of
them it might look like this: 10 years, $8,000 a month, that’s my number 1 for my freedom
date and freedom dollars. For getting the money, I’m going to take Kris’
advice and partner if I don’t have the money, and then that’s number 3, Kris is actually
giving me access to the best real estate deals around the country, that he’ll give me access
to. So there you have it, for thousands of people
that’s been their plan. Your game plan may look different but make
sure you have those 3 elements because if you’re missing one of them, then 10 years
would probably not be realistic for you to get there. On the other hand, if you got those 3 principles
at play and you have the right system and strategy, that’s all you need to get where
you want to go. If you feel like you could use an update on
your financial game plan for life, if you would like to plan for how you could retire
5 or 10 years, then go ahead and click the link below, follow the instructions and me
and my team will be in touch with you to give you a very precise and accurate game plan,
to help you get where you want to go.


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