How to Retire by 40


  • Hello I tried to comment through the live chat but I think it got mixed up in the chaos. I love what you do and can't get enough of your content. Saying that I keep hearing you say that 401k give horrible returns like 3 to 4% if I gave you my numbers could you tell me what kind of return I'm getting? All this time I'm thinking I was doing well with my retirement fund.

  • Hey I know you live in New Jersey and I'm in this area too. I was wondering about buying an investment property in NJ. What do you think about the market here? I feel like taxes kill cash flow.

  • Love everything you do to help us out !! Clayton, I'd love to see a video of a step-by-step process one must take to purchase their first rental in detail, if feasible. Also, have you dabbled in apartment complexes just yet?

  • Thanks-i always enjoy the podcasts. I had a call as well and told him I was interested and he said he was going to send me properties. I never saw any. This was back in January.

  • if you have been making 2% or 3% over the last few years in a 401k you really need a professional also the reason the average 401k balance at retirement is as low as it is because most people don't put squat in it. The people who actually save do fine

  • Realtor transaction commissions are generally higher commissions (6% around here) than you will pay a commission financial advisor and it appears most property managers are charging about the same as a fee based planner. A financial planner charging 1% to 1.5% of aum for modest balances vs 10% of rent is the same if you have a 10% roi to 15% roi it gets higher if the roi is more right? I like the idea of real estate investing but the slamming of the 401k and stock investing isn't necessary. People can do both real estate and traditional stock & bond investments it doesn't have to be one or the other

  • Love your videos. You da man. Great wealth of info!!! CNN sucks and Im voting for Trump early again btw 🙂

  • What do you think on buying properties at the Indianapolis auction for rental? Good investment or bad investment?

    I just purchased my first two home in last auction.

  • You lost some credibility from this vid. Not ALL 401k’s are evil and trying to paint a black vs. white picture is stupid. Index funds with low expense ratios, e.g. Vanguard are perfectly good options which many admirable people have invested in heavily and achieved early retirement. See: MrMoneyMustache.

  • what if a 63 year old needs the cash flo , my guess would be i would need to pay cash , or could i still have cash flo if i use my HELOC ? im retired now . but would like to increase my cash flo by about 2k to 3k per month ? not sure if i can get there . my only source of funds would need to be my dead equity , or a heloc ? help clayton

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