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  • Reekay another topic that you can discuss on here is keeping money in a local bank like time deposit, interest rate every quarter, semi annual or annual. I think you can speak with a manager and get more info abou this. Dollar time deposit makes a bit more interest that you can roll over every due date than a regular deposit.

  • Been there 5 times in 4 years. It's exciting there ever the same each time, esp. with my lovely gf and will plan for a longer stay very soon… 🙂 <3

  • Great vlog Reekay I heard the roosters but the other birds are very relaxing to hear.Great info for someone going there first time,and also experianced expats too.

  • I like this video Henry ….in about a year the wife and myself (59) are going to retire in Dauin Zambo border we are currently married 9 years bought a lot on the ocean about 1500 meters and will build a home soon …been to Duma 8 times now and like what I have seen and when it comes to her Family already explained to them I am not an ATM …we have a 4 year old boy that looks Filapino may be sending him to Siliman University if I think its safe enough for us ….my main concern is hospital care for my family I am very healthy my question is do they offer an expat like myself a plan that covers us in case of hospital care and what is the cost ….thank you for your help Reekay

  • I could tell my friends that I am going to India to go help the poor with Mother Teresa. Rest assured, there will be nine people that call me an idiot to my face and one person that'll say, great idea, go do it. By you doing something different from the (their) norm. It exposes their insecurities…

  • Good video but I would handle the house request differently. I would say that I don't have money to buy a house. If she stays with me, I might surprise her a few years later by buying a house. That way I would know she is not staying with me to get a house.

  • If you buy someone a house, have them sign a 50 or 75 year lease for $1 per year! That will discourage their ability to sell the house!

  • sounds like a great idea , but if your coming from the east coast I would say 2 weeks is a must , cause trust me it is a long trip from the eastern time zone

  • Insightful commentary again. I second another participant who said that this type of videos is what separates your channel from the others. It took me 8 years of reading many early retirement blogs before finally taking the plunge to book a trip in 2012, and that was after a fellow forum participant cajoled me into making a decision to just go. I'm glad I did. If I had not gone, those iconic images of Chiang Mai would have remained just that — images. If I had not gone, I would not have learned how to ride a motorcycle. It just never occurred to me as something fun to do even though I ride my road racing bike for exercise 3 to 4 times a week. If I had not gone, those pen pals would have stayed just that instead of becoming my friends. Of course, not everything was a dream, but in the end, I'm glad I did it. If nothing else, it was one more mental block out of the way.

    As for the mental blocks of others, I don't bother asking for their opinion much less their permission especially if they are just peers and associates. If someone is worth my time, I'll explain if asked. If someone is just nosy, I'll exclaim in mock excitement, "Hey, congratulations on your new job with the Travel Channel. I always knew that with just a little nip/tuck that you'd kick Samantha Brown the heck out of there. That must be the reason for your insanely high interest in my whereabouts during vacation." Remember, these are the same folks for whom you're really nothing more than a co-worker or a neighbor. You owe them the courtesy of informing them you will be away but not the where or the why.

    Of course, for the big move, there are people to whom you do have to at least offer the courtesy of informing them. Your family may have objections, but hopefully, it is borne out of their anticipation of missing your company. If they simply object out of ignorance, then you can bring up all the times you have offered your support for their move/business idea/house choice/life partner/whatever even if you didn't fully understand or agree with their decisions. If they still object, oh, well, you tried. Nothing more to say.

  • Great advice, Henry!  Unfortunately, I think most people learn from experience, rather than the wise words of someone with experience.  A newby to the Philippines, who isn't used to attention from an attractive lady is going to trip over himself to be the white knight.  However, he is much likelier to be the sucker than the savior.  That being said, I appreciate your effort to prevent such mishaps.  Hopefully, more folks will listen to your wisdom than I pessimistically expect.  I hate to be gloom and doom, but I've seen similar cases to what you mentioned (though not necessarily from the Philippines; human nature is universal) on numerous occasions.  I enjoy your videos; keep up the good work.

  • A decent and educated Filipina who loves and into a serious relationship with her boyfriend will not ask for money whatsoever.

  • What would have been really funny was if you had ended your video by saying "Hey man, gimme $3 bucks!" LOL Nicely done- all great advice!

  • Great vid..been there ,heard it all an your bang on the button mate…il b back march for more fun in the philippines wupppeee

  • I can live about anywhere I want in the world financially. My plan is to travel for 1 year to find the place I like best. If I get board I will move to the next destination. I know I like Thailand, but I will visit the Philippines, and other destinations before I make my final decision.

  • Leverage your self with a loan or rent-to-own! You then have some control over the situation. When the mortgage payment stops the bank will be close behind!

  • Thanks Reekay for all your good advice. I'm currently living in Thailand, but I have lived in the Philippines for 7 years before, I've always owned a car there and have traveled to most areas in the Philippines. I was married to a young, model quality Filipina for many years. I've been in the real estate business all my life. I was married to my first wife for 20 years, before she changed and felt like $3 million in cash and $1800 a month from me and a new boyfriend was the way to go. I've been in several other deep, meaningful relationships with women. I love women, and I enjoy being in a committed relationship. However, I do not believe 2 years of marriage is going to give me enough confidence to put the house in the girl's name unless you're prepared to walk away from the house. Way too risky. I don't want to have to worry about it. Talk about unknown variables, especially with culture differences, and big age gaps. Many, guys have done it with no problem, but even more have been burned. If you ask me when you buy a house in her name, the answer is never. Sorry, I love the Philippines and the Filipino people. Let's suppose the girl and her family think you're a great guy, but one time they wanted help from you and you declined, maybe you're not so great anymore, and the girl could start to rationalize breaking and taking the house from you. Just one example that can and does happen. I don't want any added financial incentive that could lead to a problem. I will be back in the Philippines in January to live. I'm not a negative person, or unkind, but I hope that even if you go against my advice, that you think long and hard about it. Take care everyone. The Philippines is a wonderful place to retire:)

  • Wow correct!!!! The flood of opposition is huge! LOL! Your correct. Come to think of it I had 5 family members saying I was going to get in trouble there. Every darn time I go there…

  • LoL , the old Filipina and the house routine… Priceless. It just is soooo predicable. Your bang on too on bringing up the water to boiling. I tend to throw ice cubes in that water when they get overboard 😊

  • Heeeyyyyyy Reekay,we all know that if she has magic tricks under the sheets common sense goes out the window for most guys,hehe including myself.


  • You are absolutely correct. I have never known a Philippina that has not wanted my money, until the one that I am with now. So far it's only been a year, but it seems that she is determined to not ask me for money. I am happy with this one. Many, many others have shown me exactly what you talk about here.

  • Those filipina who into old white guy are those desperate for money. Im filipina working oveases.My house is bungalow and i currently paying my life time insurance.And im dating a white guy but never ask money from him lol..If he want to retired in the Philippines he don't need to buy me house and lot. He can live in my house..Only my mother lives there now.

  • I respect about any post about vidio in philipines,, but there are side effect if some body here they good or bad about the place and they can interest now. some foroneign marry a local pilipina because of interest to stay philiipines and buy a property business now what happen to the local they connot buy a property because it become higher price because the foreign can afford.. because of value of money. totaly the philipines is a rich country why ? 1 it is agrecutural country,2 there are plenty of sea in any area to cash fish for food,2 about resources, 3 80% warm people more happes,, so dont put good vidio put a bad vidio so that some other country not to interest

  • You're right Reekay, an expat should visit first the Philippines for 6 months to a year vacation to observe (make a research) and enjoy life. After that he/she should decide whether to retire or not in a country like the Philippines. If he/she is looking forward to it then make it happen!….That's a lesson learned from you Reekay, thank you very much….

  • Henry… a very good video. You have certainly come a long ways in your blog work there in the Phils over the years. In fact, your work is quite good. Many of your topics and discussions have been impressive and invaluable for those interested in retiring in the Phils. As I have travelled to the Phils multiple times over the past 25 years, I would respectfully suggest to add some other advice to this video: When you decide to actually make the move to the Phils, it is better to rent for awhile for a few reasons not mentioned. One being, that you may learn later on in being in a neighborhood that it does not have good neighbors, has a crime problem or simply prone to natural issues such as flooding, mud slides, erosion…etc. It is much easier to break a lease if you had to than sell a house, even if that house is in the name of a woman you have been married to for 20 years. The second is the fact that buying a house is capital that you are investing up front, thus it better be worth it! If you have only so much money each month, it may be better to hold that money in an account that earns even minor interest and pay rent while living in the Phils. You can actually rent some incredible houses for fairly cheap rate… many from ex-pats themselves or OFW that want a stable renter. For some it is better to pay $600 or even $700 per month in rent for a few years on a great house and location than invest $50,000 on buying a house up front and taking a risk for multiple things mentioned in your blog plus what I just talked about. The other item to bring up is to learn to manage your expectations. Many of your videos discuss this, but I cannot tell you how many times I have come across an American that moved to the Philippines with less than $750 per month income, yet when they get there, they eat out every night, drink beer like its water and are very generous with the both the ladies and the locals. Many leave within a year. As much as a great a bargain the Phils is, it too is a growing economy, which means the cost of living is going up there. There is a price to pay for growth. 25 years ago, many of the roads were just mud and dirt, and you were lucky to have one American style restaurant in a sizeable city (Shakeys or McDonalds). Gone are the days when you can stay at a true 5-star hotel in Manila for $75 a night . Living in the province was hard. If you don't know what a tabo is you will soon find out in the province. It's now $200 and up per night for these hotels. There is a price to pay for a higher standard of offerings in the Phils…. it means things cost more now. Sometimes a lot more. You are better at covering this topic than I am though as I still live in the US and only occasionally travel there for leisure until I retire there myself down the road. In 25 years and 17 trips to the Phils some things change and some things do not. One is the old saying a "fool and his money are…." well you know the rest. Again…good video and very informative. TC

  • That's kind of woman is not right woman she is taking advantage because the right woman they don't want the money they wait .your right.

  • If I do not have the ability to own a home in the Philippines, I would never purchase. I would be at the mercy of someone else. You can rent for a very reasonable price and save the hassles of ownership and paperwork that go along with it. And…if you get tired of living in one place, you can leave. And if someone is considering moving there, he should take a few trips to check it out and stay a few months.

  • I think you could sum it up by saying let the big head do the thinking, not the little head. Lots of common sense here.

  • A lot of philipina's are seing the white man, (Expats) only as a walking wallet, Great advice, hope they reilly listen to it, and when you marry a philipina, you Not only marry Her, but ALSO her family, that will say: you got to help ther family to, so realize this when you marry a filipina

  • Thanks for promoting the Philippines. You guys also try Puerto Galera, amazing beaches out there.
    If you are looking for a Lot for Sale for your retirement plan. Please contact me at +632 9261961226…

  • Totally agree.  Get off your ass!  You have to initiate.  And sometimes, you have to take that leap and take chances.  We are creatures of habit and for some, it takes a lot to get out of the comfort zone.

  • I’m planning to visit the Philippines in April next year to find one of you guys!!! Lol, just kidding Rickey! I watch and enjoy your videos.

  • Some expats give 100pesos notes to beggars and are proud of it…. this is just re enforcing the beggar mentality and frankly it does the opposite of helping. No handout from me and they hear it in tagalog : “wala akong pera“

  • Great job…
    I'm 6 minutes into the video. You're message is well constructed with good delivery. Nice job. I'm sure the remaining content will be the same.

  • I disagree, once you start having sex, she wants a smart phone and pocket money from you. And she wants it now, not six months from now. She knows you have money and you must share or look like a selfish pig who doesn't care about her. Still cheaper than paying a bar girl each day.

  • Once you get past the flying part then everything else just falls in place when you get to the Philippines, it's paradise!

  • Your right Henry …when I told my older sister and brother I was going to move to the PI they said you sure about that ….a bit of my background …married a filapina from the Duma. area brought here back to Chicago area where we live and been here 10 years and now at the age of 58 I am putting up my home for sale in March 2019 and once its sold I am gone …I am in pretty good shape dont drink or smoke but I am on blood pressure pill ….been to the PI 11 times so I have some expierence living in my wifes home ….not an expert by any means but I get along with anyone and I am not a trouble maker …so I think I can do well in the PI….and I am not looking for a job or a business to open ….carry on Henry we enjoy your videos

  • Can a foreigner buy a house there?? or own property there? What kind of fees or taxes are involved?

  • Thanks Reekay! I was very interested in the part about decision making. Happy people make decisions for themselves. Unhappy people make decisions to keep others happy. I've always thought it is natural to make decisions for yourself. At the end of the day whether it was right or wrong you are going to live with it. All we know for sure is we only have one life and everyone should be entitled to decide for themselves on what action they want to do. You are the captain of the ship of life. No one should be telling you how to steer it.

  • My problem is I am only 50 I am on SSID yes I can get it in the Philippines but I worry about social security cutting me off if I am there . And I would like to wait until my mother died until I move but I have to wait until I am close to 55 that way I am unhireed In America . And I don't want the social security administration to lower my social security disability because I am in the Philippines . I am planning to be there in two years

  • I used to meet a lot of Asians on yahoo chat for a few years and boy did I learn to say the word NO. Every single one wether she was filipina or Vietnamese etc had a “story”. Always their family was in a hardship or they had to pay for school etc. got tired of it and I tell them before hand I am not a ATM machine so don’t ask. If I wanna give a gift it comes from me not extracted by BS stories. My last trip to Vietnam last month was exactly that but I was prepared.😀

  • I would suggest you by the house after she has a kid. I noticed children Bond the relationship plus Filipinos love children. Of course it depends on the girl and she's going to have good character. if your girl doesn't have good character you're wasting your time. I've seen too many guys make excuses for the girls not having good character or guys that just want to be giving and they give so much not realizing they're not compatible.
    If now if you're communicating overseas sometimes you might have to give them thirty bucks for a load or $50 for a phone. But you had better make sure they're worth it and sometimes you do get ripped off but that's part of the dating game.

  • What's wrong with renting even after marriage? I've never been a huge fan of houses even though I own one and after hearing I can't even legally own the house and it's so hard to sale it in the Philippines why would I ever buy a house there?


  • I am Ethiopian American and I am trying to retire in the Philippines what kind of challenge's do I expect to encounter so I can get reedy for whatever it is as black man. thank you.

  • I've seen many Fools lose there life savings in a short time. I call these guys SKATTER CASH. They try to inpress mostly women, total strangers and buy friendships by buying every guy they ever talk to in Bars drinks all night. Eventually it does not matter how big there nest egg was its spent on Women and beer then wasted the rest. My 2 rules in life are Rule number ONE, Never waste money. Rule number TWO is never forget Rule number ONE. IT works for me I have a Philippino Partner and 2 young foster children that are hers from a previous relationship where as is normal in the Philippines there Farther just walked away never to be seen again. We take care of a young child also as his Mother can't afford to look after him. None of this is a problem my partner works over seas as a nanny until her long contract finishes next year she is also buying a 2 bed roomed new modern house with out my help She has never asked me for any thing only to love her Marry her and give her one more child. We are purchasing a property for a buisness as a Curry house and pie manufactures where we will sell our products to eat inside, Take Away or as a frozen option. My investment has been very small but I'm a Chef by trade only wanting to teach my partner this trade as every person must eat and when I get my work permit it's really just to keep me motivated and doing this the family will have what should be a buisness that can employ them as they get older. I study many things in all the years I've lived in Asia one stands out greatly. Asians start small buisnesses but know nothing about the inportance of cash flow so with in a very short time the investment usually a foreigners investment all is lost. Odd how this I've never seen with the Chinese they know that money must be reinvested to make more money. When any person says to me can I loan them money and we know it will never be returned my reply is allways you have one problem and I have many. You need money then there is many ways of making money start by washing cars and windows on property's. Never give in otherwise it will be never ending your nest egg will be slowly spent by them not yourself. I've worked self employed since aged 14 growing and selling flowers. I'm now 61 a Chef all my life with a side line buisness as a Coffin maker. When I die I wish my body to be worn out not rusted out. We can all do many things to make money and as in washing cars all that's needed is a bucket and a sponge small investment where reasonable money can be make with no over heads. KARL……… (THE COFFIN MAKER).

  • I agree with saying no however you don't have to SAY NO if you don't even listen, I would tell all comers that I am sorry I don't even listen to requests over 1 stick of bubblegum.

  • Also the military calls it pre-emptive strike I believe, before this woman asks her questions you tell her you are not going to buy a house/give money for her family or send money to her family or marry her, then after that let her ask her questions

  • You really should write a book.
    My family: mother sister brothers think I'm crazy for wanting to move to the Philippines. You are so right.

  • Did the recon for a couple weeks in May with my wife of 10 years finally. Have started a business there in Novaliches with sister-in law and planning to go back next May and progress from there

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