How to Create a 1 Million Dollar ROTH IRA – Part 1 | Mark J. Kohler | 2019


  • Annual 12% return on investment for decades is pie in the sky. S&P has averaged approximately 8-10% over time, with all dividends being reinvested.

  • Now he says if you are 50 years old and save $19800 per year in ira ?
    How are you going to put 20k in a year in ira if the limit per year is $6000?

  • I think it's because 90% of all traders and learning novices think they can make 20-40% monthly roi (or even more) and be able to sustain it long term.
    It is possible I suppose but you would need to have a lethal drawdown and I seriously don't think most traders have the stomach for it once you are trading for anything more than a small part of your monthly paycheck.

  • I called Mark's office got charged $200 and got no information how to do it. You can only put in 7k a year in a Roth.

  • This guy is selling a pie in the sky otherwise called a scam. He is pushing a self directed IRA that would most likely put you in the poor house faster that you can say IRA!!!

  • You do NOT get 10 – 12% in a S&P fund on Average over the last 50 years… also history is NOT an indicator of future returns… especially in this aging environment of Central Bank Manipulation. Take this strategy but be wary, this is a Best of the best estimates and not realistic.

  • I currently have a self-directed vanguard but not a Roth: can I transfer my funds to this directed ROI? what do you charge for buying and se

  • Am I missing something….isn't the current maximum contribution limit for a Roth IRA $6,000 in 2019? How can one contribute $19,000?

  • This is incorrect. You can only contribute a max of $6000 per year into an IRA, and $7000 per year if you’re over 50 years old. And yes, you can have multiple ROTH IRAs but these numbers are the max per individual regardless of the amount of accounts.

  • I'm about to turn 30 in a month … Last year I started saving weekly 300 dollars on January 1st and I broke my piggy on December 31 and I almost got 17k.. I wish I knew about this video since then. Next year I'm starting for sure .

  • Hey Mark. Love the video. I’m 48 years old and I currently have over $415K in my 401K. I have a $50K Annuity with New York Life. I love the investment strategy you showed for the different age groups to obtain a 1M portfolio via Roth IRA/Self-Direct IRA . Since I already have over 415K, how much can I start with now to obtain 1M or more by age 67.

    Please advise. I have no house note, no car note and one credit card. I have a credit score of 800. I have approximately $200-$300 extra a month now to save. Please advise. I need a little direction.

  • lmao knew this was an ad HAHA, but it's honestly funny how older people buy this stuff up like candy. Ill be honest I respect the hustle but with so much information online this does not help specially because your assumptions are somewhat wrong

  • Umm….I need a breakdown for the numbers in between. Like, how much should I invest to get to a million dollars if I am 35 and I want to retire at 65?

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