How The World Is Moving On From U.S. Leadership | Deadline | MSNBC


  • What's this about Crimea? Did anybody ever take the trouble to find out what went on there before and after the annexation? Does anybody remember the ratio of Russian speaking people to others in that country? Was there not first a coups against the government there backed by your CIA? The narrative leaves so many questions unanswered. Wasn't there a referendum in Crimea? I am not a Putin fan as his environmental policies are about as bad as the worst in the West. But what about the U.S. sponsored coups in Kiev? I know these other things did take place and terribly complicate matters. The sledge hammer of U. S. clandestine policies is involved. I realize you may be restrained from telling the whole story. Everyone needs to go back to the U.N. and resolve to make THAT work.

  • China is now buying stock of Deutsche Bank to get hold of Trump's debt. That will go into an interesting politonomic territory.

  • U.N. 2030, know the destination, understand the jouney. The Trump presidency drama, is setting us up world wide for a New World Order. People will welcome digital currency, facial recognition and U.N. governance. The Trillionaires are the cause, we slaves are in the effect. Wake up, don't take part in the WWF drama. Be love not fear.

  • US reporters are definitely too timid as most of them don't even as follow-up questions, let alone support their colleagues'.

  • Trump has America the best economy in the world how's that working out for you Germany France MSNBC loves your ideas and wants be losers like you.

  • My analogy would be a snake in the corner of the room. Not a rattlesnake who will remind you he is there, but rather a cobra who you might dismiss until he is way too close.

  • "this is how i negotiate"… oh yeah how did that work out in your business, lost ONE BILLION USD ,BANKRUPT SIX TIMES, good luck USA.

  • I watch it, MSNBC has heavily edited it.
    Way out of context about trump's actions at the G7.

    Look , this is not reporting the news .

    Obama was made the fool of himself thinking he was playing Putin.

    MSNBC , needs to stop this " Fake Neritve" .
    If you think I'm incorrect, please watch the interviews with the reporters that MSNBC has just shown you that is heavily edited, and go to the videos of the actual press conference and the reporters they shown in full .

    If your going to dislike some one, dislike them for the correct reasons.

    Sick of all media liying to us.

  • It's funny how the USA sees itself as the moral arbiter of the world when it's interfered with, or utterly ruined, just about every country's politics around the world.

  • Get the phycopath out of the white house and his Russian kids. Him and Russian agent Moscow Mitch are out to make sure the county is destroyed from within it's obvious

  • If Trump doesn't completely destroy the United States, at least he has toppled the US from being the leader of the free world. Putin still got his money's worth.

  • This is also similar to what it's like when your boss brings their bratty child to work. You don't want to engage the kid too much, but you're worried about what shenanigans he/she may be up when they're out of sight.

    Also, are the other leaders getting together to low-key gaslight Trump? Kinda like fighting fire with fire???🤷🏻‍♀️

  • How is America putting up with this nut case . Trump is unhinged. Unless we want world war 3 vote him out. The New chant for Trump. Vote him out.👍🎃

  • Because the world's smart and for this tragic time we are dumb dumb dumb they'll greet us arms wide open with Beto or Warren or Harris or Bernie in charge

  • But when is the stupids off electoral college is getting dismantled is because of them we are in this freaking nasty disgusting mess.
    He didn’t win but because of them he has turn this amazing country into the laugh of the entire world.
    So disgraceful why we even vote if than dumb group has the last word anyway 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • No it's not debatable Trump's a bad negotiator he's broke he has been falsifying his wealth for 2decades he owes billions to Russia

  • I'm trying to deal with Security Advisors that were a success how? If the president is doing so badly are the Democrats sure of a Biden win, Bernie and Liz are coming up, kind of like breakfast. Most of the G-7 kind of like dealing with the president, of course if the last guy was still there or his buds Biden, Bernie and Liz, the climate thing would have been the topic and the USA would get the 110 Trillion Dollar Bill to try cleaning it up, they all, the G-7 folks, would say how wonderful the US is, have been happy to spend our money. The G-7 leaders respect the fact that the media and press have a problem giving the US President credit for much, if anything, but they know the President Trump is committed to America, which is not to say that he could care less about them, but China and No. Korea and Iran take up a bunch of his time, and being only able to work about 22 hours a day, falling through the cracks is no big thing.

  • Global leaders are rational and act in policy and strategy in-line with a slew of educated and experienced advisors. The rationale thing to do: is to distance your country from Trump's US. They are behaving as expected. Trump is the problem

  • They did what sane people in our country wanted thank God . because after we elect a real president they'll have things going well and our help then will count Big

  • Beware of the mad man, who escaped from a lunatic asylum without his medications. The guy is not only mad, he has narcissistic personality disorder with an added dose of psychopathic bipolar disorder.

  • In a nutshell, you are an illiterate buffoon, gas bag, tub of lard and a crow with yeast infection. You are an insult to humanity and a traitor to America! My ceiling fan is smarter than you! You orange Orangutan!

  • I wonder if putin will give trump a medal for all the damage he's done to the US, socially, economically and morally. Throw in the tainted trump election and the score is putin 4, US 0.

  • At this point the other world leaders cannot possibly take him (our drunk uncle) seriously or trust him. There is no chance of damage control now with trumpty dumpty around. The US image is badly tainted. Unlike his US supporters, the other world leaders know exactly what dumpty is all about and are most likely looking towards US regime change in 2020. I have never know a control freak that can be reasoned with.

  • A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. This is the person the repubs have elected to destroy our democracy.

  • Trump is a lying, cheating, racist, greedy, cruel pig. Other than that, explain to your kids for me what a great guy he is.

  • It's not the world leaders job to go after your president. This is the role of the American people. But they are not challenging their President and the chaos he has created and will continue to create. Shame on Republicans and the Republican voter.

  • Meanwhile children are in cages! And the Trump admin now issued a DEATH SENTENCE to sick kids legally present with valid visas in the US for medical treatment!

  • "How The World Is Moving On From U.S. Leadership" … Nations part of the EU are economically a mess and America under Trump's leadership is signing trade agreements. The World is stupid if they want to move away from US leadership.

    and its getting worst here by the second…!!!!!
    america will NOT SURVIVE another term…

  • Typical MSNBC, total left slant Trump hating. What will be hilarious is when the rest of these pompous windbags at the G7 find what IS real and Trump kicks their a**. It seems to be a pattern. Just like Hillary was 90% sure to win!!

  • nicole, pleeeeeese stop sayin AND FRIENDS. TO BE HONEST, i don't CARE if there are friends. and COLLEAGUES would be more upright.

  • If China invade the Senkaku island and Mr. Abe said that is all OK, Japanese do not want Mr. Abe. Trump thinks it is ok that Russia invaded Ukraine but he does not want even Mexicans coming (he said they are invading) to US. Hypocrisy.

  • One question? If this is the world beyond American leadership. Who is the new world leader? I know but I just want to hear what you think.

  • There are more leaders who are not narcissistic, and they are stronger than him and he is demonstrating his inadequacy every day. I loved the question put to him. Trump cannot answer intelligent questions and he is not going to change anything.

  • The G7 will become a G1 next year with Trump by himself at Trumps own resort as the rest of them ask for a polite pass and have a secret G6 in a secret location elsewhere….

  • We have judges that are lifetime appointments signed by a person who cannot sign anything because he’s mentally unfit, mentally psychologically psychotic people can’t sign things into law or anything else which means we have illegitimate orders being followed by illegitimate appointee’s, and from there it’s entirely invalid which means every order given by anyone isn’t authorized. So the first valid official non political official has to decide on their own. If you’re a valid official receiving invalid orders you do not follow them. These are the facts that will not go away because we all are eye witnesses to the crimes.
    It’s interesting but not complicated our government is invalid completely right now by law. Barr needs to leave now. That’ll help get it moving. Arrest him and strip him of any authority along with anyone else that’s been close to this, get rid of them all if needed. If you’re the director of the F.B.I. can you follow invalid orders? Yes or no? Simple.
    If he is he’s following unofficial orders that’s a very serious problem. You can’t see the game because you’re too close. Sometimes it is easier to see it from a distance, either way we have a complete failure in all ways that is based on law. We do have unwritten laws however. Yes it is true and anyone can tell you that they just can’t do anything about it for whatever reason but when my car breaks down I don’t need to know why it isn’t working you only know it doesn’t work.
    Physics, the physical, real, like a train hitting you. That’s real. That’s the part you’re ignoring, and we’re going to pay dearly for people that have names, we know who they are and what they have done but our agencies are so weak and inept they can’t think this high. They’re old, leftovers from an awful era of lies, they all have to go now or we may not survive. Literally.

  • America leadership is a joke. It was a joke under Obama. I mean China, under Obama, had the USA bent over a table as China rammed their "pork roll" all the way in. Now when trump tries to change that you whin like little 🐕.

  • "It could've been stopped with the right…….'whatever'…."
    Is this how "stable geniuses" analyze and make solutions now?

  • Boy, that was some fancy tap-dancing by that panel desperately trying to find something positive to say about 'The Donald'.

  • When oh Lord, WHEN will the citizens the United States of America be released from the misery of this buffoon and once again have a real adult as president? I cannot listen to him anymore. I actually have to turn the sound off or change the channel or something. I have a feeling I’m not alone. WE ALL KNOW he’s just going to say something false and stupid, and WHAT??? then “wash, rinse, repeat,” say something false & stupid again. I guess like me, millions of other Americans, have been in stunned disbelief that Donald J. “Celebrity Apprentice” Trump became President in the first place, it’s been like one very long never-ending nightmare. Once he’s gone, we’ve got a lot of apologizing to do to the rest of the world. “Oh, sorry, allies, sorry international friends, most of the country thought just like you….thank you for being so patient. You had to know we’d boot him out as soon as we could…but we know…it took too long. We promise, we’ll NEVER let this happen again.” 😔😥

  • When we get rid of TRUMP we the people should have our GOVERNMENT pull down the iron curtain around the world's non – democracy countries and do everything we can to inform the people of those countries of what their Government's are doing to them and what they can do to be free! TRUMP is counting on TRUMP TOWER MOSCOW!

  • The President is ready to play his "TRUMP CARD" He has a hospital bed set up at trump tower where he plans to continue running the TRUMP org. He will fake an attack that will leave him mute. The world order upset as ordered by Putin and TRUMP tower Moscow is coming soon! Boris and Natasha live in our WH- Putin -fearless leader!

  • Why does America think they are the "leader of the free world" No other country in the world sees America as this.

  • Hey, tRump, if he was there would just make it worse, like how he screwed up his businesses. They have the man baby cajoled, but behind his back do the adult work.

  • Honestly conservatives look at yet another incident with this president on the world stage and think American leadership in the world is still intact?

  • Trump has been in office for almost 3 years and he has not done anything to fix the Crimea situation either. Now that he is in power, he should show the world how it is done!

  • Trump's way to negotiate is to screw others over with dirty tactics. That may have worked in Trump's shady business deals, but it's an absolute disaster when dealing with allies or trading partners. No country wants to get screwed over and all other leaders are much smarter than Trump, so they all see the conman coming from miles away. Trump's shady tactics are destroying US global relations.

  • It's simply ASTONISHING to realized the ASTRONOMICAL
    number of LIES made by the PEOPLE who WORKS for the MAINSTREAM MEDIA…were
    Watching TELEVISION this days
    is simply an excruciating experience because of the OVERDOSED amount of LIES
    that they were contanrly SPREADING non-stop…24/7.
    I am a senior citizens…and I have never seen in my life…the way the
    MASS MEDIA was being ABUSED
    …to destroy the fledgling political career of the multi billionaire playboy who had a very extravagant…ostentatious and enviable lifestyle that MILLIONS of men will be willing to DIE for…but TRADED his glamorous
    …luxurious and comfortable existence to become a mere PUBLIC SERVANT. Yes…TRUMP entered the very DIRTY and CORRUPT world of politics because he TRULY love the only country where he was BORN. He also want to Put America First among all nations from the face of the earth and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. After he was elected President of the RICHEST country in the world Donald J Trump…never collected a SINGLE CENTAVO from the US government as SALARY for serving the public. Yes…TRUMP
    TRADED more than anybody who had ever occupied the White House. What about the nincompoop traditional POLITICIANS from the
    DEMOCRATS who wants to challenge TRUMP in 2020…
    what significant things they
    are willing to TRADE for the benefit of replacing TRUMP?
    Nothing. Except their stinking SALIVA that they always SPRINKLES like RAIN to the FACES of unfortunate people who happened to be listening to their stupid SPEECHES. And yet…the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were all out in their COORDINATED effort to get RID of TRUMP by all means necessary…in cahoots with their partners in crime…the TRAITORS from the Department of Justice…the FBI and the CIA who committed HIGH TREASON by COVERTLY staging a COUP D ETAT to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. These TRAITORS and the INDOCTRINATED…HYPNOTIZED
    and BRAINWASHED human robot reporter SLAVES of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were destroying the CONFIDENCE of the American PUBLIC to the
    sacredness of the FREEDOM of the PRESS. These CREATURES
    had completely ABANDONED
    Human Dignity for the sake of destroying the image of one man…who happened to be immune from. their daily brutal attack.

  • And now as expected Boris the Russian, is trying to undermine British democracy. At least they have a Queen who can stop that anytime. Having a Monarch who’s not George III. Who’s trying to stop Trump?

  • Donald Trump orders American companies to boycott Chinese goods, does he realise that in a democracy that can't happen, on the contrary, Chinese life president, a dictator can force his people not to buy American goods?

  • HIlarious! Sounds like Obama is that itch that won't go away. Gotta love it! You get the feeling that he wasn't the smartest one in the room. LOL!!! It's Obama's fault, it's always Obama's fault!

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