House chaplain Pat Conroy rescinds his resignation


  • I love fox news ….but Laura is one big mistake ….the way she talks is like she's drunk !!!! Terrible

  • Laura shouldn't be on tv !
    The way she talks is….. bla bla bla…
    Fox news is great… but what is she doing there….??? She can't talk !!!!

  • Kanye West seems like he's not stupid about politics ….but his wife choice …is really not smart….who would married someone who has terrible porn tape…..out there …

  • If Kayne puts out an album against the opposition party, then I’d buy the album just to support the cause. It’s time someone started to stand up against those who wish to silence us deplorable’s.

  • Shows what good Christians Republicans are when they try to kick him out for trying to help the poor

  • Love fox news but i really dont like how she talks over all her hosts its really annoying and cringy

  • Paul Ryan, the House Majority Eunuch… My dog has more balls than this guy and my dog has been neutered…

  • Paul Ryan is a weak disgusting rino. I am glad he is getting the hell out and no one will miss him! We need a new speaker with a back bone!


  • Ill buy kanya CD and I don't listen to rap as long as he doesn't apologize and keeps with the free thought with opinions of both sides its not like he us Conservitive but he questions some of the lefts crazy oppressive methods when ppl don't believe 100% of what they say. 90% isn't good enough. I agree with somethings the liberals believe but I like President Trump so they assume I'm racist so it turns me away 100% now

  • Hey, you want a tough job. Pastor is for you. Most wouldnt last a week. Think of the crap you have unloaded on a pastor the times that by 1000 minimum. Strong people.

  • Why do they need a damn Chaplin? Waste of tax money. Just go to church on Sunday morning like every other Christian. Speaking of resigning, Laura needs to go!

  • This just shows you that Paul Ryan and many other Republicans have no backbone. The slightest tantrum from the left has them cowering and backing down.

  • F*** this God damn Obama Nation of desolation priest. Kick his ass out let him have fun with all the f**** pedophiles. The White House don't need him he's dirty he's evil. Just another f**** elitist puppet. If he was doing his job the way he needed to do for all nobody would want him out. He's not doing his job f*** him YOUR FIRED🖕

  • Good people of America. Weather you like it or not we as citizens of the US we have been given the right to speak our voice. Its been part of America since we became a country. This has nothing to do with race, gender, political postioning nor should it. This has to do with freedom. Weather I agree with Kanye or not he has the right to speak his mind and to freely enjoy the benefits of free speech. What amazes me is these individuals who maintain this self righteous attitude and clam to be the moral beacon of dignity and fortitude. I am not a fan of kanyes music or Kim Kardashian but I do respect their right to speak freely. I will support any ones right to free speech in this country. Please do not let these self appointed justice warriors to take our freedom of self expression by allowing them to punish others who speak their opinon. Don't listen to Kanye less but more. Support not Kanye if you don't care for what was said but support another American who has the constitutional right given to them in this free society. Thank you.

  • I've said that immediately after she returned from her time off from the David Hogg scenario that she talks over guests which is seen as ignorant where I come from, I never missed the Ingraham angle before that lefty Hogg episode but now I rarely watch one n if I do, I don't see it through to the end as not hearing her guests is annoying, she should just sit in a mirrored studio n she won't be long in changing her attitude when she thinks she can't get a word in, that's what lefty Democrats do.

  • If I were a guest on Fox and Laura interrupted me I would walk out. Damn Laura, shut up and let the man speak. You are worse than Don Lemon.

  • buying a couple of kanye cds today. not stealing them from the internet. from canada. trump rocks the house!

  • 3.40, tells LAURA TO SHUT UP lol – I was sitting here thinking to myself she keeps interrupting her guests, and this one told her to shut up while he talks. lol LOVE LAURA, but she is as annoying listening to her interviewing and interrupting her guests as Judge Janine is…. Judge does it all the time…….. Grrrrrr

  • This fraud is most definitely a Catholic. He was distant because he didn't have any little boys to molest. The Catholic priest is a tool of Satan. The Pope is Anti-Christ, and the roman catholic Church is the "Whore of Babylon". There is not now, nor ever will be any Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church, they worship an evil spirit.

  • I wonder sometimes why this chick bothers putting people on her show, she never lets them speak

  • The mascot!!!???? Now they are crying about the mascot!!!!???? And muting Kanye!!??? Liberalism is definitely a mental illness!! No doubt about it 🤦‍♀️😝🤦‍♀️😝

  • Why does she talk over and interrupt him..makes it annoying to listen to..she makes it all about her..

  • with all the factual evidence that we had been exposed for years if not decades, I just don't trust Catholic priests.

  • He was never fired because Ryan is a wimp and a religious bigot. Only resign if your job is against your wishes, otherwise make them fire you.

  • If I was a member of Congress, I certainly wouldn't seek the counsel of a Catholic chaplain, but I wouldn't ask for his ousting, either, unless he said or did something egregious. The RCC is not Christian, so Christians should not be seeking their counsel where the Bible is concerned, nor praying w/ them.

  • Is it possible for Laura to shut up for 15 seconds while her guests speak??? She talks over everyone and it gets real old real fast

  • Much respect to Kanye for standing up and not letting the Democrat money make him follow their rules of corruption and control. All people that belief in freedom of thought , to choose who they want to support should buy his music to support this .

  • Padre Patrick J. Conroy and Pope Francis tried to get too "political" with their personal religious viewpoints. The "Vatican" is the Pope's comfortable retreat and "Utopia" is a fictitious place. The Catholic Church has been very rich for centuries, and yet they are tax exempt. They own a lot of prime real estate over the world and I wonder where all their money goes? The Catholic Church has made serious "people mistakes" in the past. Sometimes they are forced to apologize in public, other times they choose to hide their wrongdoings. It is easy for a religious figure to promote wealth dividing, when they live in a sanitary bubble where everything in their world is paid for. In actuality, there is no need for money at all, if everybody's wants, needs and personal dreams are fulfilled by others. Cherish that thought.

  • Ryan buckles again. He is a wimp. Not a leader. Having said that the Jesuit order is "liberal" and he should not have gotten into politics. And he should have confronted the priest "mano to mano" but didn't have the guts. Not a good priest to go into combat over this.

  • Nice to see a guest that calls Laura out for talking over them. She likes the sound of her voice too much. Watched a segment last week where she had 2 guests who barely got a word in edgewise.

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