Hope Hicks resignation ‘unsurprising’: Ari Fleischer

Updated : Sep 05, 2019 in Articles

Hope Hicks resignation ‘unsurprising’: Ari Fleischer


  • Hope Hicks resignation ‘unsurprising’……why..?………..because ..ALL… of the rats are leaving this sinking ship.

  • She's not leaving in the "next few weeks". She left. The day after she testified for 8 hrs.
    Fox PR hard at work.

  • Cultivated into Trump World because of her looks, period. As for her "loyalty" and believing in Trump to the end — even more proof she's incompetent. How could anyone at this point in the game have such undying faith and devotion? She's a looker, and she knows it, and Trump buttered her up good. Loved having her around for the message it sent about his manhood. One more lie exposed. Now she'll have to work like the rest of humanity. But I'm sure she'll marry into money and never have to. If she can stop screwing the help.

  • She was hired for her looks, lets be honest here! I'll bet she was "casting couch" hiring decision by Trump or Trump, Jr.

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