Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam in leaked secret recording – BBC News

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Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam in leaked secret recording – BBC News

I don’t want to spend your time, or waste your time, for you to ask me what went wrong, and why [it] went wrong. But for a chief executive… [sniffles] to have caused this huge havoc to Hong Kong, is unforgivable. It’s just unforgivable. If I have a choice, the first thing [I would do] is to quit, having made a deep apology, is to step down. So I, I, I… I make a plea to you for your forgiveness. I have never tendered a resignation to the Central People’s Government. I have not even contemplated to discuss a resignation with the Central People’s Government. The choice of not resigning is my own choice. But if you want to understand, because in a private session, I just attempted to explain that as an individual, given the very difficult circumstances, [it] might be, it was an easy choice to leave. But I told myself repeatedly in the last three months that I and my team should stay on to help Hong Kong


  • CARRIE LAM , CHINA'S stooge ! CHINA'S PUBLIC FOOL for Hong Kong ! just ANOTHER " TWO FACED " lying bag of S H – T communist style .Served with a total PLASTIC SMILE & a very COLD , COLD HOLLOW HEART . She's ANOTHER MIND-LESS PUPPET, SHE is their PUBLIC TOOL , THEIR PAID LIPS for shoveling out the P.L.A 's CRAP IN HONG KONG !!! .
    UBER LIES , UBER DECEIT, all run by UBER PSYCHOPATHS , that is " China's version " of FREEDOM IN HONG KONG 2019 !


  • Politicians are apparently bullshitters wherever you go, we must break these old rusty political chains and forge a new way as a unified planet 🌎

  • Carrie Lam speaks the truth to Business leaders and Private Sector fat cats, but lies to the people of Hong Kong. That truly shows where Pro-Beijing politicians interests lie, with the corrupt elites who run HK like and an Authoritarian Oligarchy. The UN should condemn her administration and call for a referendum on;

    1. Keep Current System

    2. Integrate fully with China

    3. Become Independent State

    You could use a rank-choice voting method to avoid ballot spoiling, and see the results.

  • Even if she's innocent, she probably has a gun to her head that keeps her in line with the Chinese government's interests.

  • Carrie lam is CCP Chinese dog. She is as sneaky as her thug owner CCP Chinese. If she really wants to quit, who would hold her back. She said that to get some sympathy from Hong Kong people.

  • I don't understand her English.
    To all the viewers, In india we dont trust BBC. They are Anti-Indains and can't see India growing.. their news shows few facts suddenly within a month they will show news that will create religious conflict of interest with minority population.. and create damage to both the sides

  • Hope somebody will see this one day, and I still pray for Mrs. Lin Cheng! Wish you well and wish you strong! I saw your tears and your heart break! May love and peace be with you and your family!

  • Ofc she met with business leaders. They're the ones who bankroll the city. They don't care about the people and their human rights. Many of them are expats anyway, if it gets too hot they'll go to Singapore, UAE or elsewhere in Asia.

  • The western media needs a better Chinese English interrupter. She speaks in English but the meaning is just the opposite in Chinese way. So stop making fake news!

  • Stop killing Kashmiris in Wadi. Stop ethnic cleansing, genocide and Indian State Terrorism. Kashmir has been made the Extermination Camp by Hindi Hitler, RSS, SAFFRON BRIGADE, TAUVAHINDU terrorist outfits.
    Freedom, freedom of Kashmir from India.

  • Like all politicians, you can tell they are lying when they open there mouth. Beijing will not let step down, you know that.

  • In all respect Mrs. CEO, why not now (should have when this started) communicate with the Queen, give up the murderer, and appease Thailand? Possibly the murder played out intending to undermine Hong Kongs boarder from China! Well Mrs CEO, truth is someone got tired of you ignoring the crimes of flesh… Same here in PDX. Lady this is on you ultimately. Ya gonna let it okay out like it did here Portland Oregon. Lastly everyone will start acting like a mob boss… Ya want that honey? Street kids who have control of other street kids? Tisk tisk tisk!!! No no no no?!??!!

  • She also very clearly said that Beijing will have a very low key celebration of China National Day on October 1st when they started the persecution and execution of over 2 million peasant landlords.Of course this 70th anniversary celebration is about triumphant of dictatorship over democracy in Hong Kong.Can they really afford do that in this 21st century ?

  • It is out of her very own words that she will quit if she has a chance.I won't blame her.For the sake of her family in Britain can she really afford to work for the tyrant any longer ?

  • A stooge or a scape goat for the Chinese gov, difficult to say, maybe both.
    Either way, Hong Kong people need to stand against any violence in their protests.
    The Umbrella movement and singing hymns drew widespread media coverage. Once the riots start, coverage becomes just another angry mob against their government, somewhere in the world.

  • Since they broke the agreement with UK Hong Kong should go back to the British. The UK should start flooding China with opium again.

  • Poor Carrie. She's just a figure head with no real powers. The mandate of heaven resides in Beijing, not in Hong Kong. Carrie Lam or any HKSAR Chief Executive for that matter has even less power than the Hong Kong cronies of Beijing. This is why the Beijing-sponsored cronies such as Li Ka-shing could make a killing and rake it all in while driving so many Hong Kong people homeless and helpless and hopeless and hapless. Carrie did not even mention the bread and butter issues of ordinary HK folks. Beijing's response to the audio leakage also said nothing about the plight of ordinary HK folks. And Reuters the purveyor of fake news will always peddle fake news.

  • Non of them know what should do after they get what they want. They just simply ask for not defining their action as crimination. No one really have a plan! Just like brexit! No one had a plan then vote!

  • The ugly truth that parents aren't telling 😒
    After the failed CIA coup in 1989 they withdraw their agents under Yellowbird operation through HK. They fixed them in HK and established dozens of NGO'S and monitoring churches in order to rise a new brainwashed anti China generation while glorifying the colonizer UK.
    This is the product of their 29years hard work
    Don't blame HK youths but blame their parents

  • This is a move, they (Lam and Beijing) are playing hide the blame, this was a purposeful leak, it is why she is able to both deny resignation attempts yet not deny the tape's authenticity.

  • In the leak, Carrie also mentioned that "my options are very limited because I have to serve two masters"(people of HK and Beijing). it's pretty obvious that Beijing does not allow Carrie to take a step back, while "encouraging" the police and "patriotic people"(triad members) to resolve the problem by brute force. At the same time spreading hatred and misinformation with state media and wumao all across the world to paint the protesters as evil.
    The problem really root from "should HK has it's promised autonomy"? The march for universal suffrage is even seen as a separatist movement from the CCP…when it really isn't. It's really a deadlock now since CCP does not trust HKers at all, while many HKers have enough of the interference from CCP and believes that universal suffrage and democracy is the only way out.
    HK and the One country Two systems will be destroyed when the CCP sees no value in HK, and HK will become another Uygur. Sadly this is a fight that HKers know they cannot win.

  • Carrie Lam. Your heart and intention are with CCP, not hongkong. please stop saying you are helping hongkong. you dont deserve to say that. it sounds disgusting in my ear

  • Leadership in Beijing on one side and Hong Kong business leadership + violent clashes between protesters and police on the other makes this clip inevitable. Perhaps after the smoke clears “one country two systems” will remain.

  • This could be the serious making of you Carrie Lam … and you could go down in history as the woman that saves China …. go forward and breathe new life into China …

  • The USAGM – which has been described as the “US propaganda arm” – oversees a number of American-backed media projects, including several outlets intended for exclusive foreign consumption, such as Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia and Radio y Televisión Martí, which transmits in Spanish to Cuba. Until 2013, many of those stations were forbidden from broadcasting within the United States in order to protect US citizens from government disinformation disseminated abroad.

  • I ask myself, “What drives any one person or group of people to desire such control over others?” Control and lust for power has always been and always will be our demise.

    The world needs a reboot, humans in power share a common denominator, they are oppressive by nature. Be it be culture, religion, secular agendas, vices, or even the guise of humanitarian efforts. One way or another rules are made and control is enforced.

    By the way, 2 million protest, this is a very serious issue, 60k views.

    If Tom Brady gets hurt 2 million views in the same amount of time. The world does care.

  • She wants to resign but Chinese communists is not allowing to do so because it means that Communist is giving into Democracy. She is just a puppet.

  • china is a military dictatorship where the citizens have no rights so is there any doubt that their solution will be military

  • This pathological liar got caught! This "Cry Wolf" consistently claimed in public speeches had neither contemplated nor even entertained the thought of resignation. But the leaked tape proved otherwise! This goddamn liar has no credibility whatsoever! There is absolutely no way people in Hong Kong will take her "seriously;' she is incompetent, not trust-worthy, arrogant with zero credibility! She is done!

  • Still CHINESE leader hides HIMSELF from the HONGKONG CITIZENS, and you call him superior or superpower or EMPEROR, what a laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧😁

  • She is speaking the truth in her 'leaked' audio recording. She wants to tell the world that she has no power in ruling HK as she is only a puppet. CCP tells her what to do. It's not HK people rule HK. Obviously she cannot say the truth infront of the media.

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