Here’s Why Retirement Will Kill You

Updated : Sep 06, 2019 in Articles

Here’s Why Retirement Will Kill You

rev up your engines,
mr. Jay says wanted to Thank You
Scotty I’m happy with my purchase, I got a 2016 Toyota Camry, I love it thanks for
all the tips keep working sir, okay well I will keep working, but a lot of it has
to do with keeping myself going, because my grandfather now he was born in the
late 1800s he was a mechanic too he’s who I learned from, my father could
barely tie his own shoes it’s like one of those skip a generation things right
well my father finally decided to retire he shut down the service station, a year
later my grandfather was dead, because he loved working, and he was in his
eighties but he loved working, when he stopped working he just kind of mope
around the house and he watched football games on TV and sit on a couch and within
a year he was a goner, so my theory is if I
keep working that’ll keep my mind going keep my body going, and I’ll be able to
help everyone out for longer and longer and help myself out, so I’m not sitting there
bored out of my mind doing nothing cow number two says Scotty I was given an
03 VW Passat GLX v6 auto transmission, I received it when I was 16 but sitting in the
driveway over a year and has a roof leak and engine issue, should I replace it or fix
it, just sell it don’t even think about fixing it, those are the biggest money
pits that they ever made with those v6 engines that crazy Volkswagen design, I
mean it’s just nuts and those things are a small fortune you probably spend more
money fixing it up to get it to run perfectly than you’d ever to be able to tell
the stupid thing for cause it’s a 16 year old Volkswagen and they go for
nothing anyway, just sell a stupid thing get out of it, try to get it running if
you can get it running you can get more for it at least, but don’t put any serious
money into it, Jacob tricycle says Scotty what
do you think of a 98 Jeep Cherokee sport with a straight-6 and automatic transmission
for off-roading, it could be a fun off-roading vehicle
with the exception of one thing, it’s got an automatic transmission and those
transmissions were garbage, you’ll probably burn the transmission
out, it was the standard translation I’d said go right at it, but as it stands an
automatic transmission is not made for off-roading, you get stuck and stuff and
it starts spinning it’ll burn the transmission out, I had kids too tried
those things like that here in Texas and they go out to the beach or stuff or to
go out in the country in the mud and they’ll burn the transmissions out they can’t
take it, their not made for off roading with an automatic
transmission in those things, but with a standard yeah that’s what they’re
made for, but an automatic no I wouldn’t off-road that thing, Mike Lovett says
help help me Scotty, what do you think about the Lexus SUVs
versus the Toyota suvs which are more reliable, what’s worth buying okay
Toyota is one company there is no Lexus company, Toyota and Lexus are all made by
Toyota, since the Lexus are the luxury high-end ones guess what the parts cost
a ton more, whenever I work on them I’m just amazed how much more the parts for
the Lexus cost than the parts of the Toyota, now sometimes you’ll find they’re
interchangeable so you don’t care, but get a Toyota suv if you want an suv
get a Highlander or rav4 it depends on what size you want, they’re
all really well-made you know, my only beef with any of those things are, if you
don’t need all-wheel and four-wheel drive, get just two-wheel drive because
the repairs are ten times as much if something goes wrong with the transmission
with a four wheel or an all-wheel drive then they are with just a two-wheel drive,
I would not advise buying an all wheel
drive one unless you absolutely need to have that, Vega says Scotty I’m
thinking about buying a 2015 Nissan Sentra with an automatic transformation
with 46,000 miles, I’ve heard of their transmission problems should I buy it, I
wouldn’t, ever since renault-nissan out a long time ago almost two decades ago now,
the quality’s just been and I mean it’s got 46,000 2015, let’s say you get it for
now then nothing, so you were paying a couple grand for it, then go right ahead
cuz you know generally they don’t fall apart till you get a hundred thousand
miles or more on them, so if you paid a couple grand for it and it lasts another 50,000
miles hey that’s a good deal, if you got to pay a lot of money for no, because their
resale values are low and they do fall apart as they age, and why
would you want to buy something like that if it costs a lot of money, if say
you’re buying that thing and it’s seven eight ten grand or more, go out by an
older Corolla or something instead it’s gonna outlast it by far and not have the
problems, Ivan says Scotty I got an 06 volvo s40 2.4 litre 115,000
miles, manual non-turbo front-wheel drive should I pay for a timing belt change or
get rid of it, your not gonna get much for it
it’s a 13 year old Volvo, go ahead do it what the heck I mean if it works okay
otherwise, it’s a manual the automatic transmissions stinking those things you
got a manual so I’d say keep it, you’re not gonna get much for it anyways and if
you do change it’s got 115,000 I’ve seen Volvo engines go 200-300,000 miles they
got strong engines and it’s a manual transmission, so you don’t have to worry
about spending five or six grand when the automatic transmission goes out, so
if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!


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  • The key is you have to have something to keep you going. Learn guitar or drums, hiking ,swimming, chasing loose women, something. The T.V. will lull you into an early death.

  • F that. I retired at 6 years ago at 57. Hike, fish, walk, read, watch YouTube, etc. Keep moving, not necessary working. But you’re right, the recliner can be deadly. 👍

  • good points. its all about quality of life. i'm 61 and turn in May. ok health wise but get tired of $#!+ now more than ever. had to laugh at a story on SS at 62. i wish…

  • Moral of this story if Scotty stops posting videos for several days he’s probably dead good to know.

  • Glad you aren’t retiring. You’re videos are informative and entertaining. That being said I retired a year ago and love it, but I camp, fish, hike and ride bikes.

  • I recently went to buy used tools from two old lady's and both their husbands passed right after retiring I plan on working until I drop

  • Skotty hello! I got 2002 BMW M5 and it’s making vibrating noise from 1000-4000 RPMS on neutral, can light weight flywheel cause this issue??? We put in Dual mass DINAN High performance flywheel ! The flywheel was very expensive! I know these cars are endless money pits ! Thanks!!

  • I've been retired since I was age 53 ! Now at 66 , I still love it ! The trick is to eat , sleep, and take care of yourself ! ( Stay away from the American Diet ) Keep busy with things you like to do , and avoid people and places that annoy you ! Good Luck !

  • Well everybody will die no matter what , and nobody likes to die , it's just a matter of appreciation .

  • I like packing up the Hash Pipe with Rocky and getting all schmoked up while watching the Scotty Kilmers videos.

  • Retirement is a difficult decision, my dad had an early retirement and got social sec low but lived till 75. My co worker on the other hand retired at 70 and wanted full benefits but lived until 72. Once your go 60 you don't really know how long you will live, I chose early retirement. Spent your contribution and just hope for the best.

  • You can tell Scotty has a nice wife to partner with throughout his life.

    My wife is the Devil, so I dont want to live a long time. When death finally arrives at my doorstep, I will thank the Grim Reeper for putting me out of my Misery.

  • It's one thing being an established businessman like Scotty and quite another staying harnessed in the traces–pulling your guts out, till you die next to the rails, like one of the coal cart mules in a Pennsylvania anthracite mine. Nobody tells Scotty he has to bump up the bottom line by 20% or he's out the door. Pay off your debts, sell ALL that junk you're hanging onto, sell the house and buy a little place in a fifty-five plus development. Or, if you have enough dough, a little cabin out in the country. Soon as your kids and the neighbors find out you're willing to bend a wrench or butcher a 2X4, your days of leisure will diminish markedly. Failing that, LEARN TO CODE. It's all the rage, I hear.

  • Lots of people retire because their health is failing, then they die. So it looks like retirement killed them, but …

  • Scotty I have a 2005 toyota tacoma v6 prerunner that needs head gasket changed on driver side is it worth doing or should I run something like K Seal through it? It has 215000 miles on it and I own it. From what I've found online the 2005 and 2006 models had a design issue that caused. Thanks!

  • Hey Scotty.. What’s your thoughts on ceramic gel additives for sealing rings?.. Bestline engine treatment killed my rings..

  • The same applies when a person gets very old and the family takes them out of their home(comfort zone), and places them in assisted living. Once they leave that house, they check out fairly quickly. If they remained in their home with a care giver, they live much longer.

  • Scotty, I bought a 1990 Jeep Cherokee with 113,000 miles on it last year, mine has an automatic transmission and it has a Toyota trans. Some years they were smart enough to put in the Aisin-Warner trans with the inline 6 cylinder. I have no problem, and I keep mine bone stock. Love it, not as much as my 4Runner. Glad I found your channel, I can watch you for hours and I have cats and Love the cat pillow. I will keep learning from you and will help you get to 1 billion, PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE!!! Your most overweight fan!

  • My Toyota 4Runner 4×4 is a 2006 with 236,000 miles and is an Automatic. I live in Northern Arizona about 150 miles from Grand Canyon and I 4 wheel everywhere, Trans still going strong. I agree a manual would be better but I am too old with bad knees to shift, not like my younger years. Keep up the great work!!!

  • You can be retired and still enjoy life, there is so much to do. I haven't worked since I was 40 years old and now I am 62, I have taken up all sorts of hobbies such as oil painting, it was the best thing that has ever happened in my life, I am on a disability pension from being shot by someone.

  • There is a difference between not working and not doing anything. I retired a year ago an have never been so busy in my life.

  • Scotty does a very good job.
    Although, it doesn't hurt that most mechanics and/or car enthusiasts are complete D-bags and lack any in-clicking of charisma.
    Also, I think on youtube to get big, it helps a lot to be selling something, wittingly or unwittingly.
    The best sales people don't even know they are sales people.
    Although some of the stuff he advertises is clearly marketing.
    The Toyota thing, is probably just semi-natural salesmanship, if you know what I mean.
    You know the difference between a soldier and a mercenary?
    Mercenary knows he's a hired killer/thief.
    Soldier thinks he's fighting for some higher/noble purpose.
    Therefore a soldier is much more useful.

  • Mr. Scotty ; I have a recommendation ! A few years back I was Informed about " Kevlar " for " Friction Materials " Brake & Clutch " !! It's said, to last 4 to 8 times longer than their " Conventional " counterparts . The company that I would have Delt with, said; Send us the Clutch Disc's or Brake friction parts and we will Resurface them ( w/ Kevlar ) . Don't send the old parts as they may not stand up to the heat . One thing though, On the Automatic Transmissions, one mechanic said, that you have to use Stronger Springs because the Standard ones aren't Strong enough, and The Trans Slips !

  • Retired, spent the morning detailing the Harleys. Early afternoon pulling weeds then ride in the afternoon to nowhere in particular, drink sleep eat – repeat. Works for me!

  • working for others kills you also really fast….so i better go for early retirement and do something a few hours a day what makes fun and help others…like bring food to older people or poor people

  • He isnt right with Lexus as the same as Toyota. It belongs to Toyota and shares parts and knowledge (if not they were idiots ,lol!) yes BUT workers for Lexus are well sorted out with high reputation. Looking at a sry cheap plastic RAV4 these days and a LExus make me always proud to be a LExus owner.

  • The AW4 (Aisin-Warner) transmission in the Cherokee XJs are probably some of the best auto transmissions ever put in Jeeps. Plenty of them hauling around with 400+ thousand miles on them even being used off pavement.

    Key as with any auto trans is keep it cool.

  • Most automatics have friction surfaces made of paper. It's not meant to last as long as a manual transmission. If you drive a manual transmission rough, you burn up the clutch. Same principle in an auto. You drive it right and service it, you might get 200-300k. You abuse it, you'll get much less

  • Scotty, what do you think about Nissan NV1500, 6 cylinder cargo vans. I like to buy one and use it as a camper. The dealer says it is bullet proof, but the dealers are always bragging about their cars.

  • Scotty. Please can you come to England and sort out brexit! Bring your toyota with a snow plough on the front to cut through the bullshit! Please keep the videos going. Great stuff. 🧐 P. S. Are you John Lenons US cousin. ☺

  • I'm a bible believer and I've never read anything in the bible about retiring. Never read anything about 40 hours being "full time" either, lol.

  • Scotty I have been retired for 20 years I retired at 57. I am still doing fine if I would have kept working I would be dead. Twice I went to the ER with chest pains thing I was having a heart attack. Since I have been retired no chest pains in 20 years. If you like what you do, by all means, keep working. I loved what I did for 20 years, felt ambivalent about my job for 2 years and hated it for five.

  • I disagree with the jeep auto trans comment the auto trans in the Cherokee is an AW4 and are pretty much bulletproof maybe your got confused with the 42RE trans that come in the grand Cherokee those are pretty much as you said junk

  • I HATED working. I retired at 48 and have never been happier. I fish, hike, garden, cut wood, home maintenance, etc. I'm MUCH more active than when I was sitting in the lab all day. Retirement is wonderful.

  • Thank you Scotty for your knowledge! You have helped me a lot. I have a 2000 avalon and I love it. You have saved me so much money! 😃

  • Wish you the best.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

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