He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram – Key & Peele

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He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram – Key & Peele

♪ ♪ Decker. Agent Jackson, you’ll be working
with him on this mission. Agent Jackson,
let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like orders, and I don’t play by the rules. I trust you heard of me. Actually, no, I haven’t. Ooh, hubba hubba. ♪ ♪ We don’t have much time. The Arachnid agents
have taken over the consulate. We need to get you in and
resolve this from the inside. We’ve taken the latest sitrep
of the hostile’s position, and we’ve reconstructed
a holographic blueprint of the consulate. Save the mouth squirt
for the new recruits, General. Not gonna by impressed
by any fancy… technology! [beeping]
– [shouting] It’s just
a 3-D representation. Pretty standard these days. All right. I know what it is. Agent Jackson, you will enter through
this AC duct on the south side – of the building.
– Yes, sir. Decker,
you will be dropped on top, and then you will gain access
through this elevator shaft. We want you to go down
to the fourth floor. – [gasps]
– Make– Decker. You okay? Heard everything you said. Elevator shaft. It’s bright. Yeah, it’s bright. The terrorists are located on the third and fifth floor
of the building. Each floor has six groups
of six men. What we’re gonna want you to do
is stop in the middle of the fourth
and pry open the elevator door and go– I just want you to move
through that elevator door and then go do– [beeping] Pry open– [beeping] Elevator door.
Go down to the third flo– Okay, maybe
this isn’t gonna work out. Why?
What’s the matter, General? Everybody’s putting their hand
in the laser. It’s not a laser. It’s a hologram. Tomato, tomato. Look, what’s with all
the babysitting and handholding? Papa’s a big boy. Let’s zoom into the interior. Yeah, let’s zoom in. Oh, boy! [breathing heavily] [beeping] Let’s cut to the chase.
Why am I here? [sighs] Your primary target
is your old rival from the Cold War,
Nikoli Androkovich. Now, Androkovich
has been leading– He’s here! [grunts] Wh–Jackson! Jackson! Wait. Good job, Decker. Jackson was an undercover agent
for Arachnid. How in the world did you know? Ain’t my first rodeo. [dramatic music] [screams]
Hot! Not hot enough.


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