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Haunted Abandoned Funeral Home Everything Left Behind | Urbex

Mortician’s Abandoned House Everything Left Behind Creepy laughing caught on camera Urbex Dane Van left behind Funeral Service Plan Creepy embalmers fluid Creepy Blood stain A check left behind dated October 29 1966 Fire damage to the funeral home Creepy Mortician basement Sincere sympathy Cherished Memories Like at this old wallpaper Is this 8 tracks? Yup They are 8 tracks 200 years of American Music 8 track player Eerie silence A casket in the living room?? More fire damage to the Morticians abandoned house What is this? Turn this light down Practical footwear Cmon focus The mark of dignity and respect Aw man this is Creepy Quite creepy I mean what is this this looks like a woman’s slip of some sort with the lace at the bottom Footstep noises Somethings here creepy silence now Alright this is the garage area A woman yelling I can’t believe they left the van behind There’s eighty seven thousand miles on the van probably more yeah this is crazy More strange voices This the other part of the basement Sounds like a creepy woman laugh I think I might have found the creepiest house on the planet Funeral make up More creepy fluids More embalming fluid Embalming table inside the embalming room More funeral make up Formalin gel and other creepy stuff Magic film sun tan liquid Casket in the living room Check out this old furniture Beer bottles and a makeshift bed Check out this old tv also scared me for a second Advance Funeral Service Planning Maybe I need to start thinking about that this just a bathroom the kitchen area I don’t know what this is It looks like it has a locking mechanism Federated Funeral Directors of America Its a locking mechanism I believe These are Records of funerals people that died in 1980’s or it was 1974 just a lot of paperwork left behind check out this old oven all this stuff is super old Here’s an old check 26 bucks From 1955 Funeral Service Plan More files and paperwork Endless It has a musty smell the smell smells like animals and whatever is living in here Okay let’s head up stairs Newsweek magazine There’s a bunch of these Newsweek magazine The Pope’s Historic Here’s a box of figurines Are these Christmas decorations? I don’t know what this is Here’s a latter Another wise man Jesus gotta be around here somewhere Turn this over Its about time for me to head downstairs Old Mattel’s Man in space talking command console Look at all these Old ledgers from 1956 date of 1948 I didn’t think this house would be open it wasn’t locked Alright let’s go downstairs That creepy fluid again They left everything I think its time for me to go I’ll get some shots of the outside call this explore done and over with So I hope you enjoyed this abandoned house video It was kinda creepy at 5am but we got it done so I will catch you in this next video and thank you for watching Subscribe to Urbex Dane


  • bro how do u have under 10,000 subs? you are awesome, great camera work, interesting places visited. You are respectful of the places you visit aswell. Top channel and I'm proud to be a sub of you. I know you will eventually hit the hundreds of thousands in subscribers.

  • I like the way you move the camera slowly so we can look, no music playing is a plus, and you talk just enough, Good job

  • 4:32. somethings here thats when I start kinda freaking out. New sub here. You have talent for exploring abandoned places. Your good with the camera, And your choice of words. Please keep these vids coming.😊

  • Why you call it a house its a funeral home& looks very old the products are from the 70’s too bad such a mess.& yeah that van should be put to good use😏and id guess the kids you can here yelling outside tore up the place

  • You do a good job you kept me interested I will like And subscribe looks like there is a fire in this place obviously I love old funeral parlors old sanatoriums keep up the good work don't make me unsubscribe LOL

  • What did one wise man say to the other.lets get the flock out of here.lol .i would love to ghost hunt there.

  • im 14 and have already begun exploring every weekend, i found this abandoned mental asylum that i love to walk through and i can really feel the energy. these places are amazing and the feeling of the history makes me feel like im in a time machine.

  • So.. At 6:22 when you take a shot of the other side of the basement* you are not alone.. Something ducks to the left and a possible orb.. First time I've seen this in a video😱

  • bit late to comment, but this seems like one of the only unscripted paranormal stuff. good job man!

  • You can tell that there’s people out on the street. I think a lot of the noises were coming from the people outside. There were a few though that were interesting.

  • look like a catholic confirmation dresses ? Why in hell would you paint Beautiful hard wood Doors & trim Flat Oxford Brown colour or white ? Totally Insanity !!!!

  • 4:30 orb and 6:22 orbs. That woman laughing… was that from outside? And indeed! You have found the creepiest house on the planet. There is nothing good about that place.

    Anybody else notice the black stains on the wall are dripping upwards instead of down?

    Do you read up on the houses you explore beforehand?

  • it makes u wonder y all the stuff was left behind like that especially the van..that would be a beautiful place to fix up n live in

  • Ok so if I was homeless and sought out an abandoned place to live in I think I would get me a bucket of water some of the old rags laying around a gallon of Lysol and a mop and broom and at least make one room decent enough to sleep in. These people who are trashing these places are missing the perfect opportunity to have at least a decent roof over their heads! I would find me a candle and some matches for light!! Kudos to you for going into these creepy places that most of us would not be caught dead in!!! LFS!!

  • 6:21 Two orbs and sounds like someone laughing
    6:39 A larger orb

    This is one of the best ones of this type (abandoned funeral homes) that I have seen so far. You know, just for the pure history of it all. I could spend hours going through all those ledgers (especially the ones with the obit newspaper clippings). There must be a treasure trove of information in them, it's like a time machine shining a light to a long forgotten past to a different era altogether.

  • You think if people want to come in and squat that's one thing but why do they have to just make it into a big nasty mess you know I don't get it I think if I was a squatter I would just put everything that I didn't want to look at in one room were in the garage and lock it up and live in the rest of it but that's how I think I'm sure glad I don't have to especially a mortician's house

  • What kind of chemicals do you think would make all the walls peel in the banister they repealing to everything was peeling wallpapers paint ceilings?

  • Just found you, nice work. I'd like to say that fucking vandals should be killed for everything they destroy. No judge, no jury just straight to execution.

  • Just watching this 8th September 2018 sweet Jesus omg you're brave this is really creepy bless all them lost souls that are in there please say you're prays stay safe bless you

  • WOW! I have buried family members but never imagined the stuff that goes into the business. We used a large neighborhood mortuary and as a little kid did trick or treating there. It was never creepy like these people's home/business. You MUST always carry a respirator, PLEASE. Just wanted to admonish you about that. Really like your site.

  • Why hasn’t that town’s municipality done anything to clean up and destroy what was left behind? Except for the records.

  • As soon as you said" Someone's here", you can see an orb very clear, also, when you looked into the basement for a second, there were orbs! Scary!! 😱

  • Maybe it's the place of the guy who murdered his helper 4 his life ins. He was convicted+ sentenced. Forensics got him

  • I want to live in a funeral home.
    I'd sure be at home in a funeral home.
    The dead people there could be my friends.
    Quiet friends who won't offend.

    I'd tell them stories.
    I'd feed them a snack.
    They don't eat much,
    So I'd have to take it back.

  • Is there a reason at the beginning there were subtle sounds of power saws running? Or am I having audio hallucinations?

  • I don't when it happened but a funeral home director was found to have not taken care of the dead and had stashed bodies away even though family had paid for services. In these videos, you are taken back by all things left behind. Were they all arrested and never got out? Or are the stories of alien abductions indeed true? 🤔

  • did this place have any fire damage ? nice find ! im pretty sure places like this would be haunted bc peoples dead bodies travel here once before ..

  • Jack Handy's thought of the day.
    Sometime in the future. Someone will find our names in a ledger at an abandoned funeral home.

  • Saw an enbalming once.Somebodys granny.You are a piece of meat when enbalmer gets you.Cremation for me.Those chemicals are deadly.The state should dispose of them.

  • Hi Dane! I loved this video, it had me on edge. That place was haunted. You are very brave to go in that place especially if you were alone. Voices,footsteps and orbs, not good. Gave me the creeps.Great job! You need to wear a mask, just concerened! Thank you and be safe.😨

  • At 6:26 a light anomaly comes toward you as you’re aiming your camera into the sub-basement/cellar. I’m not saying it’s paranormal but if it’s dust it’s strange that only one dust mote moves amidst all of the debris. It’s too bad this place has been trashed for no reason other than people like to trash things that don’t belong to them.
    I applaud your bravery in exploring this very interesting house and former business. There are still a lot of treasures in there, at least they were there when you were filming. I enjoy seeing these urban exploration videos very, very much. Thank you for sharing your work with us. 👍👍
    Edit: Orb @ 6:40

  • Liked, commented, subscribed, hit the little bell 🔔 and will share on my social media accounts. You deserve to go far, Urbex Dane!

  • I like your videos good and interesting there’s no useless music and we can listen to what you’re saying you take your time and don’t speed up I really like your videos thank you 👏🤙🤙👍👍

  • 2:57 is where restorative work was done for open casket funerals. 3:38 those are slip on shoes for the dead.7:13 Arterial fluid cleaner.. tonnes of old chemicals . Like a 74 ford van.

  • Im an urban explorer and have seen some scary looking places but you might be right when you say, you might have found the creepiest house ever…i would go anywhere in any place I've ever been but that laughing in the garage near the lower basement area…i would have walked the other direction too….good work keeping your composure

  • i love that you lit up everything real good. some explorers just don't do that & i have no idea how they expect veiwers to see anything. what is the point of the video? beautiful woodwork in there, wow. great job young man.

  • You should carry disposable gloves, if u wanna pick up things to read nd look at plus pepper spray. So that ur able to protect urself. From people. Who hide out in empty places. Like that. Cause u never know what type u gonna meet. Bein on ur own to explore. Can be really dangerous.

  • I agree with the person below me. Those old records as well as any other documents need to be preserved and archived online and maybe on a disk to be given to the families. Although I have absolutely no idea who you would talk to about getting any of that done. Maybe try someone at the county courthouse since that's where records are kept? (things like deeds, birth certificates, death certificates, criminal records, etc)

  • I don't see why a funeral home would be haunted. Because the person did not die there.
    They were just prepared for service.

  • Thats not the embalming table. Thats the dressing and makeup table. The embalming table would be stainless steel or some metal alloy with a drain at one end for the draining of blood & transfer of the embalming fluid.

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