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Handcuffed in the Game Master’s Abandoned House (lost keys with hidden mystery evidence)

– I can’t tell if this
house is abandoned or not. – No! You are not alone? Gotta find a place to get out – Yes, please!
– C’mon, c’mon! ♪ If ten years time were all ♪ ♪ I’d still be sitting on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you ♪ ♪ Writing about you ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes ♪ ♪ Thinkin’ about you ♪ ♪ Thinkin’ about you ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – Hey guys what is goin’ on? As you saw on our last video, we gave Grace Sher a lie detector test. – That is a lie! – Oh m’gosh. – What? You think I’m the game master? – So neither Grace nor
her brother Steven Sher are the game master, or at least that’s what
we think right now. And we ended up going and exploring the hidden tunnel under our cabin, and it took us to where the
game master’s hideout was. – Steven, I think I
could get through this. – No way, that’s way too small. There’s no way you’re
gonna fit through there. – I’m gonna do it. And we ended up almost getting trapped, and we barely escaped. – And it all leads us up to today because we actually just received
a DM from the game master. And it said, “It’s time to open the box.” – I still don’t know if the game master knew for a fact that
we were in his hideout, so I’m just hoping that he
doesn’t know anything about that. – Rebecca, it’s time
for you to open the box. – I don’t wanna open this, Matt. You guys know Matt tried
to open this at 3 AM, and we ended up getting
trapped overnight in our car. – It says, “Good night.” – We just lost power! – Are you serious!? – We have no power. Let’s bring it over to the table, Bec. – Okay. I’m just wondering why
he’s having us open it now when he didn’t want us to open it then. – Well, like, what’s the timing for this? – I don’t know. – I think they hear that. – Guys, let us know in the comment section if you know what’s inside this box. – It sounds like pieces? – Okay? – What is it? – There’s a note. – Ohh no. – “One minute to put them on
together or I will delete.” – What? – What is he gonna delete. – Probably a YouTube video! Rebecca! – So do we just put ’em on? – I don’t know Hurry, come on; put it on! – Are you serious? – Yes, come on!
– Right now!? – Yes! – Don’t wanna do this! – Ugh – Put it on, kay, I’m not good with these! OK – Wait, what do we do now? – I have no idea Matt, you just told me to put it on! There’s no key! – Okay, let’s go look
in the house, come on. There might be a clue – What if there’s something
to try to cut it off? – We don’t have anything to cut it off! – Well, you know, what about this? – No, Becca, it’s a utility. – Oh – That’s not gonna work. – Matt, you’re the one
who made me put this on! – Well, hello Jack; hey! I can’t walk you right now. Got a little bit of a situation. – Oh my gosh. – We’re actually gonna go look underneath the house right now. We’re gonna go look in the little spot, see if we can find something – Oh my gosh. Not so fast! – I mean, come on! Just keep up. – Okay, so we might have to move some – Rebecca, laundry? – Yeah, I’m doing laundry! – Come here – C’mere c’mere c’mere – Okay, let’s try to open this up. I got it. – Oh, Matt, I’m not going down there. – Alright, shine your
light, shine your light. – I don’t wanna go down there, Matt. Can we check other places first? Stop.
– You see that? – What is it? I’m not going in; I’m not goin’ in with handcuffs. – Guys, let us know in
the comment section below if you think we should go
under here with handcuffs. – Mmm mmm!! – What is that!? You see it? I can’t see what that is. – Can we come back and see – Yeah, we’re gonna come back. I don’t see any keys there. – I just feel like if we’re
gonna have to get away, were not gonna be able to get away fast enough with handcuffs on. – We gotta run together. The last clue that we found was right down here.
– Yeah – We found that Sher. – It ended up being Steven Sher’s sticker, and we thought Steven
Sher was the game master. – See if there’s anything under it, our couch, Bec. – No! – Gotta work together, Bec! Alright guys, we are not finding
anything whatsoever here. I don’t think that the key’s
gonna be outside in the pool. – I’m just so confused how the game master always seems to be one step ahead of us. – It doesn’t make any sense. – I have no clue how that’s happening. Because I feel like we’re
solving things pretty quickly. – You know what, let’s go
back out to the garage, see if there’s anything else in that note. – Is there any place? You guys, let us know if
there’s anywhere in our cabin you think that we should
explore and check out for clues. – Alright we’re gonna go back out and look at the note
right now, come on, Bec. Here in the garage, we’re gonna see if we
can look at this note. You know what, Bec? – I feel like we should just call the cops and have ’em, like, take this off of us. They might have a key. – That’s a great idea, hold on. Bec, hold on. OK, I just got a TM from
the game master, Bec. It says, “Call the cops & I will delete your whole YouTube channel.” – How does he know exactly
what we’re saying right now? Let us know, you guys, if there’s anything you think that might be in our cabin or we might have that the game
master could use to trap us. This is so weird! – Go back to the original plan; let’s look at the note to
see if there’s anything else. – Oh, whoa, hold on,
we have the blacklight. – Kay.
– What if, come here, what if there’s something in the box. – Okay, he’s done this before. – He’s done blacklight clues a lot, and the box is dark, so we should be able to see anything. That just looks like the glue
that held the box together. – Okay, what about on the outside? – Uh, I th- – Go put the lights out – “ALWAYS WATCHING” so creepy. – I don’t like that. Okay, is there anything on the note here. – No? Oh, back. This doesn’t even need a blacklight! I didn’t even look at this. – “10 Away to a-frame in sugar on the vista 463.” – You guys, comment below if
you know what that clue means. That makes no sense to me. – Is that a clue or just scribble!? – “10 away to a-frame?” “In” in what!? – “In sugar” – “On the vista 463” – What, in sugar? Do you think we should
check our sugar bowl? – Let’s go check the sugar bowl. – Let’s bring the note, huh? – Hi, guys, there’s two of us together. Okay, sugar is this one. – Of course you know where the sugar’s at. Oh, this is where it’s at! – Yeah, there’s nothing here. So there’s still like a is that a location? “On the vista?” Do you guys know what “on the vista” is? What if we put in like 463 vista? – Let’s look it up. – 463 Vista Avenue, sugar loaf. – Sugar!?
– Yeah 463 Vista Avenue, sugar loaf; I just put in 463 vista – Sugar loaf!? And sugar is what it
said on the note, wait. – It said “in sugar” – Wait, grab the note again. Matt, I can’t grab it! The note’s right there! – “10 away to a-frame” “in sugar on the vista 463.” – What is 10 away? 10 minutes, 10 miles? – Maybe we only have like 10 minutes left? – Are you serious? – I don’t know. – So we have to drive with handcuffs? What if the game master’s
there and it’s a trap? – More than likely it’s gonna be, but I think I want to
get these things off! – What if the key’s there? – I hope the key’s there. That’s like the best
case scenario right now. – So we’re just gonna go into some random place with handcuffs. And hope for the best!? I’m not a fan o’ handcuffs. – Yeah, I don’t think you’re
supposed to drive with these, but we don’t really have a choice. And I can do it with this one. – Alright, you guys, so we are attempting to drive while doing this. Luckily, we are not going very far. – We’re gonna go try to figure out this, I hope this is the right
location right now, so. Crossin’ the fingers. – I’m really nervous because I don’t know why the game master would send us here. I don’t know what’s inside, and we have handcuffs, so, if anything happens,
we have to be a team, Matt. – That’s right! And I don’t want a YouTube channel or a video deleted. I don’t want anything deleted. – No, we definitely don’t
want anything deleted. So here we go. – A handcuffed waifu! – Oh come on, Bec, this isn’t funny! – This is what marriage is. – This is not marriage! The woman said that this is marriage. – But, we’re married,
and we have handcuffs. – Just got up to the place right now. And it’s so creepy. – I am so nervous right now. – It’s hard to tell if
somebody’s living here or not. It’s just, it’s a mess. – It looks like it was like, a nice house at one point. Like, it has a white picket fence, but, like, you guys check it out. – What is all this stuff? – What’s goin’ on? – Let’s check the outside first. – Whoa – Oh my gosh. Right, don’t go on. – What is this place? – Let’s go check out the sheds first. – Yeah, maybe something’s in the shed. – Stop that. You guys. – Looks like someone – Looks like chess pieces. – OK then, Game Master. – It’s a game! There’s a photo. – I don’t, no don’t get it, no, Bec, BEC! Careful, be very careful. Any clues? – It’s just a lady. ‘ – What if the game master’s a lady? – It looks like she’s drawing something. Is that a game she’s painting? – Dunno. Okay, come on. – OK, I’m leaving this here, I don’t Matt, I still don’t see a key anywhere. – Okay, hold on; there’s writing up here. Does that say “share?” Guys, let us know in the comment section what you think that means. Also look at this other
writing here too, look it. What is that? – Okay, Bec, let’s get in the house; we gotta go. – Let us know if you’ve seen any keys. We’re looking for a key so we
can get these handcuffs off. – What? – Oh my gosh. – Look, I can’t tell if
somebody’s living in here, or what’s going on. – Oh, look at the chimney. Matt, look at that! – No, what is that? – Oh my gosh. Don’t touch it! – What? – Becca, careful, just be careful Okay, Bec Bec Bec, yeah. We gotta find the keys, Bec, okay? We don’t have a lot of time. Maybe it’s upstairs. – It looks like the place in – What if the game master owns this place? – Things I don’t want to get into. – Oh my gosh, okay. Guys, we’re gonna go upstairs. Do you think we should go? – I can’t tell if this
house is abandoned or not. – Just stop, Matt, hold! – You okay? Sorry, I just thought I saw something, but – It’s not funny! – It’s just a bed. Is that his bed? Guys, do you think there’s anything inside or underneath this right here? Or what is this? Is this like a bed? Is it soft? – It feels like a mattress. – Okay. – I’m not with that, you! – Come on! – No, I’ll film. Oh my gosh; you guys,
we have handcuffs on, so if anything is under – Shh, Bec! – I’m going to check if someone’s here – Did you see that? – Yeah yeah yeah, grab it. Grab it, Matt, hurry. What does it say? – No! Here’s the key “You are not alone?” – Matt, get this off then. – Purple, okay okay. – Wait, it says purp… Wait, grab the note, grab the note. – Okay, hold on. We’re not alone, Bec. Let’s go, OK! It says
– Okay – What if this is a trap? Careful, quiet. Here, find a place to get out. Come on The same way!? Let’s go, Bec; let’s go. – Matt, get in. Do you have the – We just gotta go, Bec, gotta go. – What does that mean!? You guys, it says: “You are not alone” and then “purple,” and we found the key under some type of mattress
at that abandoned house. So let us know what you
guys think this clue means and where the game master’s
gonna take us next.

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