Gun Free Retirement • How teachers are funding gun companies against their will • The Real NRA #4

Updated : Nov 07, 2019 in Articles

Gun Free Retirement • How teachers are funding gun companies against their will • The Real NRA #4

You’ve dialed 911.
The Sandy Hook School -I think there’s somebody shooting in here. They’re still around and
they’re still shooting. Sandy Hook School. I keep hearing shooting! I keep hearing popping! We’ve got a shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary
School in Uniontown. It’s still happening! Anyone that’s a student in this country is
at risk now. They were playing with the gun. And the gun
went off and killed one of my students. A thirteen-year-old girl who lost her life
in an accidental shooting. The first week of school, there were two guns
found in the boys bathroom. There have been several cases of juvenile
gun violence in just the past couple of days. Outside Columbine High School, students hear
the sound of gunfire. I was teaching at the time at Columbine. And
that was a big shocker to me that something like that could happen at a school. The twelve-year-old injured two students and
killed a teacher before taking his own life. I had one student who shot himself and killed
himself. I found my son fifteen minutes after he um,
pulled the trigger. You’ve dialed 911, what’s the emergency? 10 Dickenson Drive in Sandy Hook, Newtown
Connecticut. It sounds like there are gunshots in the hallway.
I’m a teacher in the school. Get everybody away from the windows, okay? This is something that the survivors will
never get over, there’s no undoing that. And, as a teacher, I just begin to get even
more and more concerned about my safety and my students safety. Many of us hoped that that would be the catalyst
for getting the American public angry enough to say, “There’s got to be something done
about the availability of weapons.” Then I remembered being more upset, really
upset when Congress didn’t do anything about that. It should have been something that motivated
Congress to do something about gun control. The Amendment is not agreed to. As teachers, what we didn’t know was our own
retirement system here in California actually had investments in companies that made the
assault rifles. Cerberus, a twenty billion dollar private
equity firm that has made a ton of profit from owning something called “The Freedom
Group”. CalsTrs is the State Teacher’s Retirement
Service for California. They take money out of my checks every month,
set aside in a bank account for me, invested. Our pensions fund was going to a group that
invested in guns. My initial reaction was one of disgust. I think it’s ridiculous, and I think we need
to act to correct that problem immediately. The California Teacher’s Pension Fund has
said they were reviewing their investment in Cerberus Capital. I don’t want my money to go anywhere to make
guns. I was really happy to hear that CalsTrs was
going to divest from Freedom Group. I really applauded that. That was about two years ago that the board
took action to divest. They still haven’t divested, and that’s the
problem. I’m incredibly shocked that we are still not
divested from these companies. I don’t get it. We want some accountability in the way our
money is invested. Those are OUR dollars. If it means that we don’t make as much profit,
then so be it. We have to divest, or else basically we’re
contradicting all the work that we do. One way of voting is with your dollars. It
sends a message of what our values are. CalsTrs did the right thing two years ago.
And now they need to seal the deal. We don’t need any more loss of lives because
of this situation. Let’s put the students ahead of the dollar. No decision is ever going to be as hard as
burying your six year old.


  • Guns are only tools. Crazy people kill people. That will not stop b taking away guns from law abiding citizens. Do you really think criminals will stop acquiring guns because of a law?

  • Bullshit. This has nothing to do with teachers unions and their pensions and everything to do with disarming the public. The gun companies are not responsible in any way shape or form for the missuse of their products in the same way that Ford GM and Chrysler are not in anyway responsible for drunk drivers killing people. How are we ever going to get conservatives to join the liberal cause if we can't admit that they are right about at least one thing?

  • So…..the teachers we paid OUR money to hire can't even tell the difference between civilian semi-auto rifles and military assault rifles? seriously ?

  • if you support gun control, start with the criminals first. laws are for good honest people. if you support gun control, you support mass murder, look at history.

  • It's really sad how our teachers these days really have no clue what they are talking about. First thing I can understand and agree with is teachers wanting to keep our children safe..That is all our goals including mine..I would be devastated if anything ever happened to my son. But let me ask all of you a question..Do you know who supplies all of the rifles to our armed forces? Probably not..Well let me tell you..Colt, Remington, Spikes Tactical, Bushmaster..ah yes the infamous Bushmaster.and so many more…The armed forces does not have some giant factory somewhere pumping out huge amounts of rifles for their service men and women. They too get them from the same place all of us do. Do you believe in freedom? Do you believe in keep our country safe from from all enemies foreign and domestic? I absolutely do..And you should too!!! Please remember Guns don't kill people…people kill people…Please for all our sake wake up and stop blaming the gun companies..And do the research..

  • The people that did this video are assholes you have no idea what your doing and you push to disarm people and leave then defenseless

  • Great news -after we produced this video, Cerberus has agreed to allow teachers to divest their pensions from gun manufacturers!  READ MORE:

  • Time to join the NRA!
    Our constitutional rights are worth protecting.
    Killers prefer helpless, unarmed victims in gun free zones.

  • I want teachers to have a decent retirement. What their pensions invest in should not be an issue. If the teachers pension does not buy these investments someone else will, so it makes no difference. This video is full of hype.

  • California public unions have lost more than most by divesting from gun and tobacco investments, luckily the tax payers will bail them out.

  • It's amazing that you people believe that all the guns in my safe and my squeaky clean record are the reason for murders and violence. I am safer in the streets than in your schools because I can carry my legally concealed gun in the streets. Your school is a sanctuary for murderers. When I go into my wife's school I have to leave my self defense at home or in the car and I'm defenseless. If I could carry my gun into the school, I might be able to save your child's life in a attack. A how can you be so stupid?

  • Guns are not the problem. Criminals are. Poor mental health care is. Drug abuse is. Thug culture is. Getting the picture? Blaming inanimate objects for the actions of people is foolish idiocy.

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