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GOP: Raise Retirement Age To 70

john bainer and mike answering on both republican
leaders and rather than explained their thoughts on
what should be done with social security as you to be able to tell from this clip very simple code words for let’s cut it all right but what if one of the ways you
talk about getting your arms around the spending which i mean that you suggested back in june and that is that social security uh… the retirement age ought to be raised
to the age of seventy is that something that the infield he will
campaign or in the fall today but i think it’s time for the american
people have adult conversation about the problems that we face entitlement programs serve tens of millions
of americans in their critically important but we also know uh… that these programs uh… are unsustainable in their current form and i really do think it’s done uh… that we sit down and we talked to the
american people together about how we solve the and i think we need to bring democrats
and republicans together in order to solve this problem and so you favor raising the
retirement age there but there are a lot of options about
how you solve it a but i don’t want to get the cart before
the horse i think it’s important to have this conversation
uh… it’s going to be a difficult conversations about this time they haven’t it’s time to
come up with some solutions of that are done in a bipartisan way to help address these
problems interesting that who directed at the minority leader being
here opened the door on the retirement status was
is harry big opening and one that meant that animal congressman disagrees with that because
some republicans may one someone if i love the weird and have him here
with a severest seven logo i i think i think it is absolutely imperative uh… that we that we need to respond the federal budget and had an ally carol’s compound and we we
miss democrats like caroline capitol hill the state if you have an adult conversation
about domestic spending and about entitlements which are hereby terrorist
organizations there’s always a request to receive period four is the retirement age you’re not
a very good childlike conversation about it is a reporter asked him but what i’m trying for reforming uh… are about public entitlements for americans who are far away from retirement alright innocent what’s happening there it come in for your social security ’cause that’s the last big piggyback haiti today gotta make you work longer who
cares hissing maybe we’ll leave it in place for it really old people that are about the return but if you’re a young person who can pay payroll tax and you can pan associa in medicare all this time popularity be that money we’re
going to robbed weirdo rob you blind but they’re so cocky inherited these days they’re just saying that before they tried
to do it on the slide without letting people know what was going on but now biggest come in and sonya i’m blowing orange and ability to work till
seven okay now if social security’s in that kind
of bad shape the i’m sure the numbers must bear that out
so two thousand nine for example social security muscle off a lot of money
right as a small bankrupt is going bankrupt cuts we are luminescent two thousand nine it turns out
social security actually had a surplus of a hundred and twenty-two billion dollars we look at that that what op on june twenty two billion dollars
beshi say uh… in two thousand in ninety-eight uh… that’s last year we went up that’s fascinating white well item item went out last year but overall if
can’t possibly have a sub was like the basketball balk leveled overall surplus for first furious
for the whole font too five really indo two point five trillion dollars who’s going broke we thought about broke out but doubt you said wait a minute now why is
everybody in washington the panic that that’s because they’re saying you-know-what we already spent
that money that theoretically we owe you that money because it’s an entitlement or you think the republicans do it but in
buy your ticket tax that is possible to back down but you know what we respected on tax cuts
for the rich weary span are we are to spend hours garbage an outline of
helping as all about the show you the opera carmen with that didn’t help the middle class
now we know what did you get the money ’cause late that day that two point five trillion
doesn’t exist now wait a minute that’s possible all anything credit of the
united states government if you said to anybody in washington phyllis does not pay our bills
of china or to saudi arabia simple lots these and all
of us who are reading is going to destroy our currency but the schedule a straight face cotton said
let’s not pay our bill that we all that american middle-class and every goes oh that’s interesting
okay maybe we should bend american middle class money they already planned in the sense that of hello healthful in fact events meeting you cut so spirit i
don’t know if so what is wrong with that ironic that’s from the glowing orange now it let me give you a sense of ok iso street
ever going to drop uh… depends on how things avocados goa four
but right now it’s projected to wipe out of that star plus so it must be any day now right okay still
in a while now says there is a parents probably run and twenty
twelve writer maybe twenty twenty the syrup loss those are on out until twenty thirty seven the stock lost does not run out unsolved thirty-seven okay so what the fed to give up to that well you know what ought to be fair though
between twenty thirty seven and twenty eighty six you only beginning seventy percent of your
benefits if nothing changed at all now does that sound like we need to act just panic cut your bad benefits make you work
five years longer than we originally promised you because between twenty thirty seven twenty
six you might all we get seventy percent of your benefits the same about that man it’s about taking more money from the middle
class and funneling it the opera glasses they already got their tax

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