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for time it will be the heartbreak of a
generation molotovs in set peace out shroud has let them all pass 100 decided
everything oh my god huge play by shroud right there the patient the patient these still get the kill it almost
looked like this rule having to come out of top there what a flick coming in
through one of the head shots he’s happening away shroud can he do it again
he’s up to 11 kills look at what number 12
I’m very proud poor kill you for the COTS again character has been pretty
used so far in this very short Mirage game to be chosen for the first entry
finds it with the ak-47 just hours left already with three kills can he make it
for you have to make it for to save the round and the Carrigan knows you can
just go for the hole here but it’s actually going to go your very
disgusting stop there from Zhao with the deagle incredible round even he couldn’t
believe me laughter that Stroud taking all the fingers off leaving them a bony
bump can’t see much of that what a disgusting round from truck madness his
angles diam nurses for the JPS chance to finally do something in the second
obvious with a kill as well and forest with a headshot leaving shroud in a one
on three whoa how did that get so sloppy managed to actually do a little bit of
damage to track and so he has the info here waiting to see if the peak is going
to come through but there is absolutely no reason especially the track and it’s
got that angle but he’s looking to what they mean he’s not holding the epoch
line and that kid cost him shroud nearly finds the kill on forest as well trying
to bait a response but he’s running so low on time there’s the first shot the
second does he have time to make it be done for the know he has the kid and
there’s the trip will kill clutch here also so she’s literally just staring
thank you a legend inducing in yeah oh let him do
his thing kind of fostering for you yes be right let’s go I’m fighting for
you dog that’s the next level smoke so you can get us a mine calories to the
diary doe do I even shoot out of them or do I let you 1d alright definitely come
on it’s fine for you boy that is the other down with y’all Oh long dead stick it no doodoo software
it’s a knife infrared it wait we’re not diving losses watch the social I’m damaged the defense hold for now
although as I say that still he cuts a pretty fine
well shroud he’s done it once now is the chance to it again not going to be easy
by any means but the one thing is he’s got the time as well it’s got the
grenades if you just get one kill here and isolate the next player it’s a
minimal chance that this can work out he’s up against Guardian and simple
though so I suspect against him well it comes out no connection this time the
Molotov it’s just a force simple too much out of position can you just pick
up the bomb it’s right next to it you can peek around the clock for snapshot
now it goes for the spray let’s trout hitting one that’s for the
double next is for the triple in my god were risk just jumped out already enough
no a shroud goes for the spray through the smoke he’s down to nineteen health I
just twenty seconds left as you see the angrily does trout heart apologize for
the bestest crowd – just dreamed csing of those be right
now yes yes yes yes what the fuck that was stupid as days ever
down the lane going for the spray smashes in is well automatic dropping
the bomb but they’re all around him still and he’s getting shot at the back
yet right we’ll pick up the kill rest took down skadoodle as well and suddenly
snap on thing over in a 2 1 3 still we get one but it’s not quite enough here
shroud still has a lot of work to do holding on to the site they’ve got the
bomb me if you can fall back it get right he’s got the time to make it out
yep exactly he’s gonna do that’s a very smart move or they should go to be oh I
hear why did you stay strong with the double headshot clutch first person – oh
whatever hahaha that’s really unfortunate reasons
exciting you can’t hit that shot shroud of 20hp will we see it hey guess what
headshot he gets a second out of the sky three Shroud is just shutting down the
dreams of winter Fox that’s just that just hurts so much right you thinking
they know this new plays here on the boost nothing oh that’s the shot you
wanted to see and again shroud in coming alive finally now the 1v1 though Drake
and spread out tagged up it’s a one-shot pretty much both ways of it trout has
the Brahma had the shot the hair chalk on through and cloud nine you just spun
around and no scopes to ease our surprise aim is there two heads you’re
looking for a third one covers we coming around because the staring at her I was
going to get the clutch on one on three out of the textbook of an episode
alleging crutches and she goes to the left side and then what should be 30
seconds we I’ll see anything a crusty Steven Oh blue two blue three blue okay
and finally take some doubt it’s just on Shroud another one on three and this
time it’s gonna be a little bit easier because he’s got 100 HP imagine an
all-new of 17 combined so he’ll be able to if there’s a jumping shot deja vu
from the first one one on three still trying to find what he’s gonna get
aggressive he’s going to find that now peering towards connector and he’s going
to get a clock as well masterclass performance from shroud in
this second map and Mirage row to push alright next II did so I’m gonna kill
Mexi I see some shroud
no thank you nerd your stream into flash one more place do a new hello right in
here a minute hi dr. Nassif
harmonicas all backed up so they were hoping for now science and Shroud Japan
no another three kills for him making it fixed in the game so far for a couple
with a pistol as well shroud and there’s the Eco eight coming out eight kills two
rounds Oh God pistols are so broken I love it I
love it I love it I love it credit I love it
he’s connector oh my god of it they they could cheetah rotate Abed wanted to
these guns at range doesn’t matter for that deagol of shroud he’s got an angle
around the smoke tower this still could be dangerous faith comes out shroud he
finds one word another one all those might be read through the smoke I think
he just jumped over and it’s also wanted out nothing’s there to boost for him as
well this is so sketchy so dangerous for a toe box good made though brings shroud
down low this boost will give up there’s two players here and he finds it
underlines shroud going for the ACE he’s got four kills that Molotov might just
do it okay okay no okay you’re gonna win jumping burst oh my god Eagle to pick up
an aku to continue the rampage top a reddit right there hi reddit playing
shroud is doing it on land to now and it’s not just on the street that’s
honestly very enjoyable the other stuff was getting out of hand but all players – Kat Von D but Eric is
going to try to even out the odds gets punished by shroud now shroud pushes he
is going to be able to get down into the bomb site but the rest of his team is
towards day so this is just basically a fake from shroud and he did an excellent
job added any kills here would be a bonus he gets one kill on to mix well
get the second one to nab he’s done an amazing job though
his fourth kill of the round on dreaming I think backward sure I don’t mind
website oh my god like at witnesses go on to their success TV / refresh


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