Ghosts hunting in haunted abandoned houses [VR/360]

Updated : Oct 25, 2019 in Articles

Ghosts hunting in haunted abandoned houses [VR/360]

I am Hénix, I am 44. I am interested in paranormal activities since 1986. And I am Nat, his sister. I am 39. And I’ve also been in paranormal activities when I was younger. When we come to a place we are looking for answers It can either be noise or images of ghosts simply… We called this activity “ghostbusting” We don’t really like the word but it is the leap for this hobby. That’s why we called our YouTube channel “Paranormal Encounters” Because firt, we come here to have an encounter. We going to do the investigation tonight especially in the dungeon where Lord Reignac, at the time, tortured and raped women. There’s also been murders. We are looking for answers on site. As always. So we have different devices. One is called a Spirit Box. It is a radio transmitting frequencies very quickly. It allows ghosts to communicate. We are also using electromagnetic field detectors which ghost are supposed to be made of. What attracts us is what is happening through the looking glass this hidden second word. Yes and we also get answers thanks to that and in a way, it eases the fear of dying call a spade a spade Good evening. Good evening ! You can make noise if you want. To show us that you are with us. You have different ways to show you are here. Either by making a noise. Either by touching us before we use the communication devices. I feel something different here. Don’t you think so ? Right here. It feels different. Is the lord Reignac among us tonight ? We not gonna urge you. We’ll have another one after. You understand more or less how does it work if it is you that we heard. So we’ll ask you confirmation. We are going to go on our little tour. Don’t hesitate to take energy from the cameras and devices. If some souls need help don’t hesitate to follow us. We’ll come back here for another session before going out. Yes ! I am hearing a man voice just now. So good evening mister… what’s your name please ? Are you lord Reignac please ? You put the K2 here, we are going to let it there. And we are going to put a CCTV at the entrance. An infrared camera. To see if something happens. Are the people who were in the dungeon able to speak please ? or leave a message for us ? Can we do something for you ? We have had a few words, women voices sometimes. Yeah. Some words from women and men voices. Yes. We’ll analyse them later, as always. Here we go friends we’ll see you soon for the next investigation. Take care of you, that’s the most important thing and see you soon. Bye-bye !


  • vue re vue et encore vue! on se demande s'ils ne sont pas à la recherche plutôt de leur image , on à affaire ici a deux narcissiques compulsifs. j'ai malheureusement travaillé un temps avec eux. le paranormal leur sert d'exutoire dans la recherche de leur personnalité . pourquoi ils ne prennent jamais de médium avec eux sur les lieux de leurs enquêtes? pourquoi on assiste jamais au fameux montages de leurs enquêtes du super champion Hénix?
    comme beaucoup d’enquêteurs en paranormal derrière tout ceci se cachent des choses troubles. la recherche d'abonnés je dirai même la course aux abonnés, on se joue de la détresses de certaines personnes qui sont souvent dans des situations de faiblesse……….. j'ai demandé à ce qu'il y est des contre enquêtes. je prouverai dans quelques temps tous mes dires.

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