Found an underground Chapel with beautiful artwork in an abandoned Quarry

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Found an underground Chapel with beautiful artwork in an abandoned Quarry

In this series we are going to visit abandoned places in The Netherlands. In this episode i visit one of the many quarries in Limburg which is 1000 years old. I’m on the road with Roel and Ard, who often explore in quarries. This small quarry is collapsing and that’s not all. It’s a special one because of all the drawings. You don’t see it that much in other quarries, but this one is filled with drawings. I read on the internet that the oldest written date is around 400 years old, quite a while ago. Shall we take a look? And we are going to search for the underground chapel, which is the highlight of this quarry. There supposed to be a chapel with really old drawings, Latin phrases. Drawings with a religious context. Mythical figures, jesus christ, etc.
We are going to try to find these. Photo square? Doesn’t ring a bell.
-You have to crawl here. Check it. And? I don’t know Bob.
-It looks collapsed. It’s really narrow up here. We skip it for now. What’s that?
-A “doline” A geological Earth pipe. Some kind of sandhour from the forest.
During hundreds of years it got through the marl. Marl is a pretty soft stone. And the acidity from the rain goes through the stone. So in the forest you get a big unnatural pit. And in the narrow end like we see, you see soil coming down. I think we have to go that way.
-Yes i recognize the floor. It looks bizzarre.
-Maybe because it was flooded once. That could be.
-You can see some kind of layer at on the bottom of the wall. What you see here is good to remember.
Never go inside a quarry when you don’t know the way or without a guide. If you still go inside and you forgot the way out… You see this and you know you’re on the right path. This is a notch of cart tracks. Back in the days they used horses and carriages to transport the marlstones outside. The horse knew it’s way outside in the dark without any help. They took the shortest route, the inside bend. So there’s a big chance you are on a transport route from or to the exit. I you want to know which way was outside you can look at the following: When you look from here you can see the structure of the wall. It comes a bit forward here…here…and here That’s because they could saw only in one way. It was a primitive way of sawing, 1000 years ago. No modern equipment. So what did they do? They saw slanted so the hand would not scrape against the wall. Each time they did the same.
Because of that technique we can see that structure was excavated from this to this side So there’s the way out.
-That info comes in handy Roel ! There’s a dwarf bat here. In hibernation.
-So we have to be quiet.
In 3/4 months it will fly out again. A dead bat. What could have happened is that the bat woke up, thinks it is spring and tries to find a way out. Costs a lof of energy.
-And there are no insects. It’s winter so it doesn’t survive, because he doesn’t have enough energy to survive. Shall we look further? More and more debris on the floor. Better move away from here, it doesn’t look good with all those cracks. A lot of loose marl. The marl closest to the soil outside is made as last. Called the “rope layer which is the softest.
And because of that some pieces fall down. Like you see on the floor. And there is approx. 6 meters of marl between the ceiling and the forest. The height of marl in Limburg is about 30
meters. The lowest layer is called “De vloek laag” Lots of firestone. De upper layer is called the “touw laag” and is the softest. The
inbetween layer had the best quality. Often you can find attributes here which people forgot.
-Like? Pipes, tools, etc. I think this came down recently. You can see it because of the marl’s structure. fresh cracks aswell. We have to watch out ! The drawings start here. There’s a nice one here. Too bad a part is damaged by the water.
-It’s gone. A nice one there. It’s bigger then I thought. Ok, lets orientate. Point to the exit.
Really? I think there. I think there. I would say straight. Nice that we agree unanimous (not) It wasn’t that difficult.
-Gives me a safe feeling that we all point in another direction. I think we have to walk around this. Nice when everyone thinks the same.
-Now l lost my orientation…where’s the exit? There? there. Roel was right with his directions. Yeah, nice to get that feedback. Look at this Bob, this is cool. Castle Humbeek, you have to look it up.
-1914. It is always difficult to check if the dates are real. I see a lot dating from 1979. Some from 1943. There’s a nice one here. Some kind of religious drawing.
-Almost all drawings are about Christianity. Catholic region in the south of The Netherlands. Jezus Christus. And for the English people: Jesus Christ. The expletive of Bob. This is really cool. There’s a shadow whispering in his ear. Nice. It looks like Lincoln.
-Lincoln is written on the wall. We’re close ! Judas and Jesus. A skinny version of Jesus with a sunken face. His last days. This is also a nice one. There it is. Yes, found it ! Wow.
-There are even sculptures.
This is really amazing. Cool that it’s still intact and not vandalized. Latin phrases here. Very intact. Really nice.
Do you see a date somewhere?Good question. This is also the deepest point in the quarry. There’s a stone statue indeed, but it’s beheaded. Here was perhaps a lying Maria?
Perhaps. Almost nothing left. Real craftship. Beautiful. Yeah, it was nice, you don’t have to travel far for a nice location. Even better… You don’t even have to go outside the province, worldtraveller. I always seek far for salvation. Allright, we’re done. Back at our entry.
-My phone starts to buzz so that’s a good sign. Back to social media, Instagram Bob, don’t put too much of the gay explanation in the video.


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