Former evangelical leader Josh Harris on renouncing Christianity

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Former evangelical leader Josh Harris on renouncing Christianity

Mike Allen: As a very young man, you wrote a book
that sold a million copies. Josh Harris: Yeah, it was called “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” and that got a lot of attention because it was — a radical idea. “We shouldn’t just not have
sex. We should stop dating because dating is leading to us — making these mistakes.” Allen: So the first time you kissed your wife was? Harris: At the altar, yeah. I got married —
about a year and a half after that book was released and then dove into being a
pastor and pastored a church for — for 17 years I was a pastor there. Allen: And then this
summer you went on Instagram and said essentially, “I don’t believe. By all
the measurements that I have for defining a Christian, I’m not a Christian.”
What do you mean by that? Harris: I was really just trying to be honest about the fact that — all the ways that I had defined faith and Christianity, that I was no
longer choosing to live according to those. Most significantly, the decision
that my wife and I made to end our marriage. Allen: Some people were angry. Harris: A lot of people were angry. Understandably. Allen: Why understandably? Harris: Because I was a leader and a spokesman and I called people to
live in very particular ways, to sacrifice in very particular ways. And so
for me to change in my thinking — feels like a betrayal to them. You know, Mike, as
a pastor I — I excommunicated people. If you’re not living according to the
teaching of the Bible and you’re living in unrepentant sin, then you have to be
put out of the church. And I think I came to a point of recognizing, “You know what?
I’m not living according to this. And I held other people to this standard.” And,
you know, I excommunicated myself essentially. Allen: And — for people who aren’t in
the church, when you talk about excommunicating, like, what’s some examples
of the offenses that might lead to that? Harris: Getting an unbiblical divorce.
Living in any form of unrepentant sin. Oftentimes— Allen: What do — what do you m— Harris: — that’s — oftentimes, that’s related to sexuality. Allen: So an affair? Harris: An affair. You know — living a gay lifestyle.
Anyone in the LGBTQ community would— would fall into that if they
weren’t — actively trying to overcome those inclinations. Harris: I know people who think that you messed up their life, that they’re married to
the wrong person because of you. Harris: Yeah. You know, I apologized for it. I unpublished
the books. I pulled the books off the market. But you can’t give people, you
know, years of their life. Allen: Do you feel guilty? How do you feel when people say, “You caused me great harm?” Harris: Well, it was — it was a long process for me. I started seeing that the book really had misled a lot of people.


  • Very interesting video.
    Josh Harris' current tagline on IG
    "I use the power of story to help businesses connect with their customers."
    Wow that's so much better than believing in a fantasy man who guides morals…HAHA
    Just kidding, a a pastor is a man of power, and like any position of power you have to live with the consequences of your guidance. Should a therapist stop believing in therapy because one of his patients killed themselves? Should a Sergeant denounce his army because one of his men got killed? I'm not even a little bit Christian, but you can see in his eyes this guy is lost, in a totally secular way. I mean the fact that he's doing press to promote his new lifestyle focused on shilling garbage to idiots…I mean, Fuck this dude.

  • The problem is that Harris never had a relationship with the Jesus, with the God of the Bible. Joshua Harris had not been truly born again. The scriptures often times talk about false converts. People that think they are saved but they are really not. Harris was deceived and Satan loves to deceive with counterfeits. Counterfeits look like the real thing! That's the scary part. That's why Christians need to test themselves to see if they are truly in the faith. This verse right here describes Harris in my opinion…

    "They went out from us, because they were never truly of us, for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they were not of us." 1 John 2:19

    Bottom line is that Harris loves his sin more than God. He needs to repent and fully surrender to God this time. He is clearly more prideful than ever, he needs to turn to Christ and live.

  • I have to feel sorry for Josh, and the reason I'll give is that I feel he was reared in something of a religious-cult environment. We're all products of our past and growing-up years, and as it seems to me, once Josh came to realize that his understanding of his faith involved some precepts that weren't actually in the Bible, he denounced what he concluded was wrong, and now seems genuinely humble and contrite about all that he'd done that may have adversely affected others. All things considered, "haters gonna hate", and that will explain many of the comments that appear wherever he speaks or posts. However none of us is perfect, and as yet another well-known saying goes, "let s/he who is without sin cast the first stone", and I therefore think it behooves us all not to cast judgment, and do our best to forgive just as we are forgiven.

  • 👀ALL RELIGIONS are the original FAKE NEWS.
    💯ANYONE can be a good person by simply being civilized and resisting impulsive opportunities to revert back to UNCIVILIZED BEHAVIOR.
    🤗REJOICE in the fruits of civilization, and PROTECT IT.
    🙁CIVILIZATION is the only barrier between us and the wilderness (or crooked society) we allow to exist.
    👿Cheating others for greed is UNCIVILIZED.

  • Those who claim this man caused them to marry the wrong person are irresponsible and take a "victim" mentality. We all live in the marketplace of ideas and possibilities for life; we all follow a teaching or idea or lifestyle at our own risk.

  • We all make mistakes,  learn from them, take responsibility & move on. Hopefully we will leave this lifetime wiser & more spiritually evolved than when we came into it. I've pondered the question, how can supposedly good Christians support an absolutely corrupt leader?  But then Hitler & his followers were also Christians. I appreciate Josh's willingness to see the truth about Trump & his followers, & the price that will be paid. This is all a very inconvenient realization of reality & the need to drop out of the "system" is understandable.

  • Well! Leaving Jesus Christ is the worst idea this dude has ever made! Either way, Y'all shouldn't depend on this Ex-Pastor, y'all should depend on Jesus Christ!

  • I never hear of a person turning from their Christian faith, I can only assume he was never saved. I'm going to continue to pray for his salvation!!

  • This all was predicted in Second Thessalonians, so the “falling away” of Joshua Harris and countless others should come as no surprise. The Great Apostasy is well underway.

  • "They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us."
    (1 John 2:19)

  • Proud of you Josh. I followed your advice for years (and read your books) but saw the light years before it mattered and I found my soul mate. I am glad you came out of the darkness. Thank you!!!

  • Sick reprobate but God moved in his heart to come out to display how bad it is. He is one in a horde of demons sending people straight to hell.

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