FNN: V.P. Mike Pence details Space Force plans, school shooting victim’s families speak


  • America….It's a fact! Nunes knows Trump is guilty as HELL from his closed door sessions on the intelligence committee. Nunes has seen all the evidence he needed, to know Trump conspired with Russians to corrupt the system of US fair election. Nunes has heard the witnesses, that have revealed Trump's intentional and successful plan to illegally destroy the democratic process this nation was founded on. So has the Gowdy! This is why Nunes is so intent, along with his own Russian ties through the winery business he owns. These Republican liars and their other obstructing partners, are acting only to save the criminal president they know is guilty. The only way to do that, is for them to shutdown ALL of the Federal investigations. Their obstruction is treason, as they try to aid Russia and keep the truth from all Americans. They must resign. America did not elect them to office to enable the criminal acts of this corrupt president Trump. Also, Trump's scheming rein will not be left to Brett Kavanaugh as Trump's corrupt hand picked Supreme Court Justice who outwardly, has stated he thinks the president can not be stopped by Congress for crimes he commits. Trump must be impeached, if the truth is revealed about Trump's crimes by Federal investigations. Those investigations must be allowed to continue as directed by American law.

  • how can che talk about love? lol america stands for killing thousends for the so called 9/11 attack that america did by themself under a fals flag attack

  • America can't afford to educate college kids for free or adopt the medicare for all like most modern countries, but there's always ENDLESS billions and trillions of tax dollars for the military industry and the bankers.

  • The best part of the complete Mueller investigation that's about to conclude, is where Trump's proven to be the head of his own organized crime ring doing Russian money laundering going back over 20 years. All this including his own kids helping him hide and obscure the Russian cash in Trump Tower real estate deals will put them all in Federal prison. Upon conviction under Federal RICO racketeering charges, the best part may be that everything Trump and kids own will be siezed under Federal Forfieture Laws as ill gotten gains from an organized crime ring. All homes, bank accounts personal or business, Towers, Golf resorts, cars, boats, planes, jewelry….every single thing right down to Trump's golf balls in his golf bags. Just like Mafia gangsters, Drug dealers and other cheap scheming crooks. Trump will be broke ass poor and in prison. Then…..all the exact same evidence that we used to prove Trump laundered $$$ Billions in stolen Russian citizens cash from Putin and his Russian oligarch stooges for over 20 years…..can be used by the Russian people to prosecute Putin and his crooked Russian Mafia friends in Russia. Our American gift to Russia to Make Russia Great Again-minus Putin. Putin's attack on the USA will have backfired and destroyed his own Russian presidency. America will be great again when Trump and his corrupt administration is yanked out of the White House by all legal means. Trump knows what's coming and he lives everyday in fear of it. Trump's days left are few.

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