Five Nintendo Villains Who Should Retire


  • To be fair the dark version of kirby in Amazing Mirror was actually the mirror world version of himself, and while you could technically fight him it was very sparingly since he wasn't an actual villain and as far as I know he was only given some story at the end of the game where he essentially becomes the guardian of the mirror world.

  • I disagree about Ganon.
    …..As there is ONE thing we can still do with Ganon.

    Ganon not being a villain.
    An incarnation breaking the cycle and being a Good guy or Anti-Hero.
    Maybe even separate him from Demise.

    THAT I want to see.

  • I don’t agree on the Ganon one because he doesn’t even show up that much. In major mainline zelda games he’s been in what three games in this century? And while he’s a bit similar in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in Breath of the Wild he’s radically different and in the sequel he looks radically different again. He hasn’t gotten stale because he’s very rarely the same.

  • Your opinions didn't make me angry and I only disagreed with Ridley and Ganon. I agreed ganon could sometimes not be the main villain but not retire him forever.

    As for Ridley. I lowkey agreed with ur points, but man I love me a good Ridley fight. I'm always excited to fight him. So I would rather keep seeing him.

    As for the rest. Especially andross and koopaling. Yeah retire them.

  • Your already too late for Cpt Falcon. There is Blood Falcon. An evil clone that only obeys black shadow.

    Edit: oh ! And Wolf is thecnicaly an evil counterpart to Fox. While not being Dark Fox, StarWolf already is fufilling that role

    The real villain we should retire is nintendo poor netcode and online.

  • Ganon could also, idk, be the king of gerudo, a race full of females … dont seems bad, the desert sucks, but nothing beats trade.

  • “The resurrection angle can only be used so many times before it becomes silly”

    – as a Megaman X fan, I completely agree.

  • He's not technically a Nintendo villain but I think Dr. Wily needs to retire – Sigma too. When they did the Dr. Cossack switch in MM4, I was cool with that but after that they should have gone with a different villain. As far as Sigma, I know in MMX8, the ultimate villain was someone other than Sigma but he was still there.

  • Honestly I would like to see Gannon have to team up with link for a force more dangerous than either of them can take on alone. One idea is demise is revived and Gannon wants him out of the picture bc peice and link bc hes a hero.

  • idea: have the next reincarnations or link, zelda and ganon be completely different people with new personalitys, sorta like how jojo’s bizarre adventure has multiple “””incarnations”””of jojo but they’re all different people with unique personalities…

    in fact just give the characters literally anything for personalities, nintendo please i love you but your horrible at writing!!

  • Im a "hardcore" koopaling fan and i agree they need a break and when they return there should be some sort of reimagining. It would be interesting to see them as the villains in a 3d mario game like odyssey 2 but not for a while. Although i disagree that they shouldn't be in mario kart, yes they take up alot of spaces but i think they've earned there spot and i hope to see them in mk9.

  • With Star Fox, there were the Aparoids in Star Fox Assault.
    Andross was killed for good in Star Fox Adventures and then came Assault which starts off with Andross's nephew, Andrew Oikonny, trying to follow in his uncle's footsteps. So it seems like business as usual. But then suddenly a new threat appears and shoots down Andrew. Galactic parasites known as "Aparoids".

  • Honestly, my main counterpoint to most of the entries on this list, is to just point to the times when the main villain of a series has retired. Their replacement is almost never as good, or even good at all in a lot of cases. And I mean, it's not like these guys have to leave the series or even take a break in order for said series to introduce new ones. I mean, there are villains out there that have been in business since the 60s and are still producing fresh content. Even ganon hasn't been in business for even halve that long

  • As for Ridley: in fusion Samus kinda fused with Ridley, and Ridley being one of the three intelligent creatures she fusion with and probably in her mind.
    So what if in a future game samus got haunted by Ridleys mind

  • As far as Star Fox goes, I think it would be great if they moved on to the next generation and have Marcus McCloud at the new protagonist and have Dash become the new baddie.

  • I think Ganon is fine, I couldn’t see another wearer of the triforce of power. Nintendo could take more creative liberties with him though (does he have to be a gerudo/pig? Zombie Ganon looks interesting) I would love it if they more though.

  • I like andross I just feel that Nintendo hasn't made good enough starfox games to elevate the villain and Fox's relationship to Andross is foundational to everything fox has become

  • The only one i would say i don't agree with is ridley because for me at least he never feels like the main threat. I think he feels more a rival for samus kinda like shadow to sonic. I don't think they should do away with him but yes they should use him less.

  • This is solid except the ganon argument. It doesn't make sense that we would have link AND zelda forever basically, but ganon has to go? Just not sure why we're applying special logic to him just because he's the bad guy. A lot of the charm of the zelda series comes from that inescapable nature, the cyclical structure, and it seems odd to target ganon's presence as a flaw in that somehow if we aren't going to critique the structure as a whole

  • Here's an idea. Why don't they Koopalings grow up? Becoming young adults, with expanded personalities and new motivations, instead of being Bowser's Generals.

  • First character that crossed my mind when i read the title of the video: Ganon. I feel like i've been fighting that vilain every 3 years since i was 7 years old.

  • As soon as you claimed this video will probably make people mad, I knew Ridley was going to be on the list.

    I totally agree with these though, even with Gannon. I'm really hoping that we hit a new age where Zelda starts taking more and more risks. I'd maybe like to see a full arc with a Gannondorf. Like one where we see him be the king of the Gerudo before he goes full evil. Make him sympathetic. Make his bid for power about the good of his people instead of seeking power for the sake of power, kinda like with Link Between Worlds.

  • In my opinion, they've done Star Wolf dirty for too long now, most recently portraying Wolf as this generic bulls**t galactic conqueror in StarLink and unfairly neglecting Leon and Panther.

    Personally, I think that they should continue Wolf's arc from Assault and maybe even do something similar to what happened with Shadow the Hedgehog. Beginning as just a dark rival to the protagonist to eventually become more of an ally/frenemy. Maybe even give Leon and Panther more substance as characters.

  • I kind wish King Boo would at least take back seat to a bigger, badder ghost, just one time in Luigi's Mansion. Perhaps even the Ghost of Bowser since Bowser is canonically dead in Luigi's Mansion.

  • I’ve got an interesting one, Octavio, I feel like he’s “too goofy” to be treated like a series villain, I’d say he takes up that DJ gig he’s got going and let a new, maybe more serious villain take hold, like maybe tartar, he was a fantastic villain for octo expansion and I feel like he could hold his own in a solo villain role in a Splatoon 3

  • I know it’s weird, but I’d like a Zelda story where Link and Zelda actually free Ganon from Demise’s curse. Maybe we could see, briefly, Ganon as a vulnerable character who realizes he’s been blinded by power and trapped in a cycle of suffering before he is finally released from the cycle, finds peace, and dies.
    It’s a stretch, I know.

  • Well i mean Ridley and his clone canonically died so unless they make another Metroid game that takes place prior to Fusion they can't really bring Ridley back.

  • I totally agree with Ganon. The thing about power, is that everyone reaches for it and it always corrupts people. There is so much they can do with the idea of the triforce of power being grabbed by other creatures, as well as how that can filter through the universe of Zelda. BotW was amazing because they suggested that there was a technological race that was destroyed by such power. Link played with the idea of such power as well. Because of that, I would love to see more realistic concepts of power interacting with the world in devastating ways. You could do political story lines, epic war stories akin to Fire Emblem or even Advanced Wars. You could do crossovers, space adventures, fragmented realities based on who takes the ultimate power or even the various universes where more competent villains get more of the pieces of the triforce. You could even do a fantastic story where you fight alongside a hero that becomes corrupted, or even Link or Zelda! The thing about BotW that made everyone excited was how it deviated from the formula. Letting other things happen with the grand story of seeking power is something we all could enjoy seeing. It is utilized in countless movies and other games and should appear in the canon of Zelda. I mean, we have a story of countless waves of resurrection, destruction, time splitting, and multiple universes. Why not include a more realistic dynamic and create giant new worlds. I said before that it would be fantastic to have a BotW 2 be a prequel where they explore the SPOILERS about the time before when Link lost. Count me into Ganon passing into titular Legend.

  • I am over Bowser, especially when all he does is kidnap peach. Bowser was at his best in SM:RPG when he wasn't the villain. Peach was involved in SMB:2 and had her own game, as well as other games where she shows that she has skills comparable to Mario. There really isn't any reason she has to be a mcguffin damsel in distress. There have been many cool little tricks over the years that showed that Mario can have fantastical villains unbound by imagination. If Bowser had kids, can't he reconcile with his wife and go take over an Island like Wario has done? Wario was my favourite Villain and that was a fantastic twist. I would be okay with any change in the Franchise.

  • I'm gonna argue Ridley, if only because he's more of a monster to fight than a villain. Sure, lorewise he's more, but in game he's little more than the Metroid version of Gohma.

  • 100% agree on Ganon. As a big part of the series' legacy, he'd be fun to see reappear in some future installment, but he's definitely had plenty of time to shine. I'd love to see more villains like Majora (more varied in their evilness instead of being a typical dark wizard), but time will tell. I'm nonetheless looking forward to whatever role Ganon plays in BOTW 2.

  • But if I have the best day of my life now, what does that mean for the rest of the days in my life….?

  • To be fair, when ganondorf died in wind Walker, any game after that point in that timeline, I think he is permanently dead, that is the timeline… malidus was it? It's the one where that guy shows up. I think that it IS demise taking a new host, since ganondorf is petrified 2000 leagues under the sea, as he didn't die under demise's influence, instead of dying as the monster he normally is, he instead died the man he was born.

    So what you should be asking for is a game from that timeline after windwaker so we can get a repeat malidus or two

  • I want Ganon to have a redemption ark or have the roles with link swap( Ganon has the tri force of courage and link has tri force of power). Could you imagine a legend of zelda game where we start off as link and it plays out normal for a bit but then he just reveals he is evil.and then you pick up the game as Ganon with his abilities to fight the evil that is link while everyone assumes hes the villain?

  • What about Dark Matter from Kirby, he’s been in 3 or more games now and possibly is going to be in more games to come

  • I have been wanting a main Zelda tittle where you can play as Ganondorf, maybe this could be?
    He stops being the main villain, still bad/gray as the thief {or the desert ruler} that just happen to be wielder of the Triforce of Power whos just seeking for the best for his people, like somewhat was mention in the Wind Waker.
    ALSO; Reminder that there are more super natural evils in the Zelda series that are equal or more dangerous than Demise/Ganon.

  • Here's my proposal. Rather than retirement, all five of these bad guys should instead be reassigned, and given a chance to shine in another game series entirely. To wit:
    1. Andross should become a Kirby villain. Nothing is as much fun as using Kirby to trounce a nearly god-like entity suspended in space.
    2. The Koopalings are all bratty punks who love making trouble and making messes, right? Send them to Splatoon! They already have shells, it would be simple and easy to reformat them as clams or oysters or something. It even fits the name pattern: Inklings, Octolings, Koopalings!
    3. The thing everyone forgets about Ridley is that he has NO FREE WILL. He's basically Mother Brain's remote drone who she controls via a psionic link. Now, what other game series features aliens, psionic talents, and second bananas ascending to godlike statuses? Spankety, spankety, spankety!
    4. There's one place the dark clones have never been: Wuhu Island. The idea of "Evil Miis" is as chilling as it is hilarious. To have to fight dark versions of your own friends and family could be very revealing, even if it is through games of 'horse' and tug-of-war.
    5. What's left for Ganondorf? Isn't it obvious? GANONDORF DRAGMIRE'S PUNCH-OUT.

  • I dont think Ganon should be retired, but at the very least take some vacations so we can see some new villains every once in awhile.

  • Speaking of bosses retiring King K. Rool should be back as the DK series is in the same world as Mario's world and its also not a serious story game so we'll see after prime 4 if DK gets a new game after that with K.Rool as the main villain or maybe a prime 5 idk maybe platonic could make a new dk game i mean their old rare employees and their latest game is yooka and laylee in dkc styled gameplay and people like it more than their first game soooo

  • Ridley DOES die for good tho if we're talking in chronological order he dies at Super metroid, in Other M is his clone he dies off screen, his final appearance is metroid fusion which is the parasite that takes his form and destroys his body, ending Ridley for good. His other appearance in newer metroid games are before all that

  • I want Gannon to show up in a game as a friendly NPC ether in a hard to find place or as king of the Gerudos, the explanation is that Gannon is forced to reincarnate forever due to the whole Demise thing , Demise has given up on him so he is free to do what he pleases he could even still have the tri-force of power and part of the game is finding him to borrow it from him to defeat the true big bad.

  • Ridley didn't just kill Samus's parents he devoured them and used them to heal from catastrophic injury and tormented samus about the fact

  • I would be fine with Ganon retiring under one proviso: we get Groose as a regular character and the wielder of the triforce of power.

  • I'd retire every last "evil" Pokemon Gang save Rocket-Dan.

    I'd probably give Snagem/Cipher a free pass. But the fact of the matter is, each one of them starting with Ruby & Sapphire had some crazy idea that would fundamentally alter the world in a way which would be a gain for nobody or so obviously villainous that even Lupin the Third would run out to stop them. Team Rocket is just the Yakuza. They're a grounding element in a fantastic world. (Fantastic as in high fantasy, not fantastic as in high rating.)

  • Majora is a form of Ghirahim, not Demise.

    Zant is the Twilight Universe's Ganondorf equivalent, similar to what Yuga is to Lorule.

    As for Vaati, he's a Capcom character, not a Nintendo character.

  • Actually Arlo Ganon is not an incarnation of Demise. The Japanese version of Skyward Sword doesn’t imply that at all. Demise is literally just the devil of the Zelda universe.

  • I think Ganon, as the demon-pig creature, should retire, but Ganondorf should stay. He's only been relevant in 3 games in the series (hopefully 4 with Botw 2) and he is way cooler in his human form. With Pig Ganon you can basically throw him just into the final fight with no build up, because he's Ganon and he's supposed to be a brute force and the final challenge, Ganondorf at least has some charisma and is the kind of villain you just want to see doing bad shit for the sake of it. Pig Ganon can work as the second form of Ganondorf like in Ocarina, but as a stand alone villain he's pretty meh at this point

  • you like bowser as the villain of paper mario again? somehow i doubt that. he hinders the story by being the main villain of mario rpgs

  • I'm with you on all of these (well, maybe less so the Koopalings but your point stands). Nintendo has such spectacularly creative minds that whenever they branch out we get some very cool new villains like those you've identified in the video. Let's see more of that!

  • Andross:- Fully agree. The issue is that because Nintendo treats the Star Fox franchise in a very experimental way, they've repeated the same story multiple times because they want to remake it to a higher standard or add a new gimmick. Adventures is entirely due to executive meddling, robbing General Scales of being the final boss when he should BE the final villain. People are mixed on Assault but at least the story felt fresh and it actually gave us a different villain and even the returning villains got more development (Wolf and Co in particular get bumped to anti-hero status as opposed to Andross' lackeys). We need more Star Fox games with different threats cos Andross is honestly REALLY one note imo.

    Koopalings:- I kinda don't get your argument. You say they should retire but you also say that Color Splash gave them significant character development and traits…so why get rid of them if Nintendo has shown they CAN make them interesting if they so choose? Not only that, I think the repetitiveness of the Koopalings isn't necessarily their fault. Keep in mind, they DID disappear for years after Super Mario World until New Super Mario Bros. The NSMB series success stemmed from its return to form at the time and the Wii game boasted its multiplayer aspect and Nintendo has made the NSMB franchise a thing of its own. The novelty I'm sure has worn off for many but the Koopalings repetitiveness stems from NSMB's formula. We've not seen the Koopalings in any full 3D Mario game for instance (sports, party and kart doesn't count for me). Unlike Andross, I think they should be given different games for their personalities to truly shine as opposed to their typical boss status in the 2D Mario games.

    Ridley:- I can't make too much of a response here considering I've not really played any Metroid game (something I ought to fix) but I can sorta see what you mean.

    Shadow Versions:- Like you say, because I feel Nintendo has caught on that they've used this idea a lot, I think we're safe. Dark Link I actually would kinda like to see in BOTW 2 but only because BOTW emphasises combat even more so than previous Zelda titles and a Dark Link fight would be a real test of your abilities.

    Ganon:- This is pretty much what you said in your Zelda video but I too would like to see, as would many, is a version of Ganondorf BEFORE he became corrupt and maybe we'll get some semblance of that in BOTW 2. That said, I'm fine with Ganon/Ganondorf not being the villain of some Zelda games for a while and we get some new ones or even returning ones like Vaati or even Yuga. I don't think he needs to be gone for good, he just needs a little break like you said.

  • Well, the problem with Andross is that they just keep rebooting the franchise. He doesn't really return much outside of that. Ridley was blown to bits on a planet, and then the planet was blown to bits, and that was the original Ridley. All the clones and copies from that point on in the timeline don't even have the same personal connection to Samus. Now the thing about Ganon is that we haven't really SEEN him since Twilight Princess, 13 years ago. Hyrule Warriors was a spinoff, and even then, we got three awesome new villains in it as well as two other returning fan-favorites, he was only in A Link Between Worlds for 10 seconds and he didn't even talk, and in Breath of the Wild, he was functionally a different character. Hell, he wasn't EVEN a character. He was more like a force of nature.

  • I know the Pokémon company is planning something big, what with the rain bow rocket and go rocket teams, but I want Giovanni to retire. He’s supposed to be dead when you think about it.

    Now for villains I’d like to pull out of retirement… Team Cypher or whatever you call it in English from the Colosseum and XD games may be coming back, I certainly want them to instead of being vampirized by team rocket

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