Finding Your Tribe – Early Retirement Conversations


  • Hello to our wonderful community! There are so many places we find OUR community (lots of links in the video description!). Where do you find yours?

  • I enjoyed this video – thank you, Tim & Amy! I look forward to your early Wednesday updates (I’m in California) and get to watch on my way to WORK each Wednesday morning. Please don’t remove your old videos. That’s how I found you and I learned a lot by watching those. Thank you for sharing! Have a great week & safe travels.

  • Great video! However, you know this is a very American characteristic. Americans have sets of friends: some from church, some from golf, some from work, some from a hobby group, etc. Their interactions are very focused on the common activities and interests. This is great, as Americans never stop, they are always doing something useful and interesting, developing and growing. Maybe the downside is that it is sometimes hard to break the wall of an "activity friendship" to become a true personal friend of an American, since it's hard to understand where you stand with them outside that common interest.
    Anyway, I don`t see other cultures doing the same. Most are more reserved and trust only comes with time. Maybe this is changing because of the internet, but in my opinion it will never be in the same level of what Americans do.

  • This video is exactly what I was thinking about, how do you find people with the same or similar interests and experience and find out how they accomplished what is my goal. Thank you and please keep sharing your story. Safe and happy travel.

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  • Great video, and thank you so much for being part of your community. I’m like you, I easily talk and connect with people. But till now mostly online, because I’m out of the country most of the time. And also because housesitting and being nomadic is still considered strange in the Netherlands. Many live their whole life in the same town, close to their family. So I’m still searching a lot for information (always good) and trying to find people to connect with.

  • Another great video, guys! I appreciate you so much, and I’m sorry I have nothing to offer you back! 🤷‍♀️ I know nothing yet!! 😘

  • Hello Tim and Amy , love your video's, appreciate your honestly and the great information on early retirement Looking forward to your video next Wednesday. Thank you for sharing

  • Mom wants to spend her senior years in a van. Living on the road is where she's happy. However, since she is not computer cell phone or internet savvy, and payphones are a rare find, and she's shy (go figure), so, how would she find these 'communities' or fit into a community if she is so 'to herself'. I worry. She's very independent – to a fault, as it isolates her. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing. A lot of these things I do but some new ideas too. As a single person that moves a lot, I have slowly gotten better at finding friends and cool people wherever I go.

  • Another great video Tim and Amy! We never miss your videos. Maybe, maybe we'll connect in England next year. We'll be in Spain beginning in March through probably early July but may bounce over to England. If you think you may venture over to Spain, hit us up. We have a pretty good comfort level with the country. Thanks guys!

  • Don’t ever delete any videos – it shows your journey which is an inspiration to us newbies who want to follow your footsteps!

  • Amy/Tim, whats the best way to ask you a question, that might not to be related to the current video but related to going Nomads.

  • I'm still trying to get caught up after FinCon. Today I'm procrastinating getting to work 🤣I met my tribe at FinCon for sure!! Meeting new people is always so intimidating to me, but it was such a great place to talk to strangers, both known and unknown. I'm so glad I was able to meet you at FinCon!!

  • Love this topic!! I was just ruminating on it myself. The internet is a wonderful thing because when I discovered the FIRE movement I said- “Ok, these are my people.” 🤣🤣😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

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