Ferocious Seeking – The Essence & Only Priority of Life

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Ferocious Seeking – The Essence & Only Priority of Life

nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām || I welcome all of you with my love and respects.
I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsanghis, SriMahants, Mahants, Thanedars,
Kothari, visitors, viewers sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV
and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us – Los Angeles
Aadhenam, Toronto Aadhenam, Guadeloupe Aadhenam, Hyderabad Aadhenam, Romania, Mukta, and lost
more cities. Bangalore North, everywhere. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.
First thing I want to tell you guys, I will ry to give satsangs morning and evening, both;
because I want to catch up with all the time I missed. Last 6 months I missed a lot. Now
my body is able to come and sit in the evening. I’ll start in the evening, and once I’m
able to, I’ll manage morning, evening both, but I’ll catch up whatever I missed last
year and more. I will catch up with you guys. And moreover in the evening satsang, it is
not timed, I’ll go on talking as long as I can sit, there is no time bound, because
I wanted to finish all the Upanishads, at least 12 major Upanishads this year so that
you guys will have a clear syllabus for studying and reaching out.
Before entering into today’s verse, Isavasya Upanishad 16th verse, I just wanted to give
the essence of the last 15 verses of Isavasya Upanishad.
Understand last 15 verses of Isavasya Upanishad. The essence in one word is Seeking. Intense
decision to have seeking. I tell you, the ferociousness of seeking is powerful enough
like the fire of Kalabhairava to burn everything which needs to be burnt and destroyed. Please
listen, I’ll repeat: the ferociousness of seeking is powerful enough, as the fire of
Kalabhairava, to burn everything which need to be burnt inside you – laziness, tiredness,
boredom, everything which needs to be burnt inside you, everything which needs to be taken
out of you can be just like that burnt. Just like that taken away. Just like that cleared,
by seeking. (5.04 mins)
Listen. How many microseconds it will take for negativity to disappear in front of Kalabhairava’s
ferociousness? Not even micro millisecond! Same way, the seeking, deciding to seek your
home, deciding to seek where you can have eternal rest, deciding to seek where you can
have eternal peace, deciding to seek where you can have eternal bliss, that decision
itself, that seeking itself is powerful enough, listen, powerful enough to give you the freedom
to reorganize yourself. If there are ten rods made out of copper and
you have to make the deity of Shiva, keeping all the 10 rods together and tying it, and
start carving here and there on that, you’ll never be able to make the deity of Shiva on
it. Just melt. Pour in the mould, you’ll have Shiva deity. Same way, as on now what
you are, by self-development you will never achieve ‘Self’. Please understand, the
word self-development means stupidity. The Self can never be developed; it should only
be discarded. Whatever can be developed is just the mind; developing your mind only you
call it as self-development. The book-classification, in US they have a category self-development.
No! That category doesn’t exist. I always tell people don’t classify my books under
that. No. If you develop a category ‘self-discarding’, then categorize my books under that. Because
anything which can be developed is mind, about which we are not interested.
Please listen. The greatest ability you need to develop, first priority for you to develop,
greatest ability and first priority you need to develop — is ability to reorganize yourself.
The whole seeking and living enlightenment is nothing but reorganizing yourself, not
developing yourself. Please understand, let me define. Developing means, today you have
a compassion to give 10 rupee charity, tomorrow you put 20 rupee charity, day after tomorrow
you put 30 rupee for charity, and first you learn little compassion, then you learn little
love, that is development; stupidity. Reorganizing means changing the very cognition you have!
“Till today, even my charity was done with the purpose of self ‘me’ ‘me’ ‘me’,
wrong cognition; from today even my work is going to be done with the cognition of enriching.”
That’s all! The cognitive shift is what I call Seeking.
(9.48 mins) Today, birthday of Swami Vivekananda as per
the English calendar. If I have to describe whole life of Swami Vivekananda in one word,
I should describe it as Seeking. Seeking is the one only word I can use to describe Swami
Vivekananda. Intense Seeking. I tell you, seeking gives you the energy to melt you and
mould as you want. Seeking means changing your cognition about you, world, God, everything,
to align to the Reality, to align to the Reality. You do not need anything as the first priority;
seeking is the first priority. See, from morning till night, the ideas which drive you – the
idea of pleasure, the idea of pain, idea of right and wrong, idea of self-respect, or
self-denial, all this, see — is it all aligned to the Reality? Align them to reality, that’s
all. That’s all is Seeking! That’s all is Seeking. Nothing else is Life. Again and
again and again, morning till night, whatever you do, the moment you wake up and till the
moment you fall asleep, fall into bed, everything, everything, see to it, it is ALL aligned to
the Reality, to the Reality of Eternal Bliss, to the Reality of Oneness, to the purpose
of Eternal Bliss. At the age of 6, My Guru asked Me, “Do you
want to become Sannyasi (monk) or Grihasta (householder)?” I stood up and said, “Sannyasi!”
Still I remember, I just stood up because I didn’t want him, even for one moment,
to take the decision of Grihasta (householder). I stood up and said, “Sannyasi”, with
a force and power. And then he touched my head and did something. Then after two, three
days, I asked, “Did you purify my brain to live a Sannyas life?” He said, “No,
no, no. I just increased the frequency of seeking, that’s all.” The word he used,
the reply he gave. Then I asked him, “What do you mean by increasing the frequency of
seeking?” He said, “Just the seeking gets powerful, that is enough, all the moral, discipline,
values, everything will become automatically your body-language, will become your muscle-memory
and bio-memory.” See, anybody even struggling with brahmacarya,
please be very clear your seeking is not intense. Whether you are struggling with aparigraha,
or brahmacarya, or asteya, any vows, any vow you are struggling with, or you are struggling
with integrity, or inauthenticity, irresponsibility, selfishness, whatever, it just boils down
to only one — not having enough seeking. Just increase the intensity of seeking. I
tell you, he just put his left hand on my head and touched some of the points on the
brain, tatatata something he did, like playing with the head; the ecstasy and pleasure increased
in the system, just unimaginable. (16.13 mins)
Today, my registrar, Jnanatma came and reported to me that everybody who attended Nithyanandoham
that muscle-memory process, they are going gaga over it in their feedback and response.
“Swamiji, that’s the greatest process people have enjoyed.” I laughed at her and
said, “that is the first level process; because these human beings can understand
only up to muscle-memory, these fools are going gaga about it. If I have done 1000 things,
muscle-memory is nothing more than 10, number 10. That’s all I can classify. If I have
done 1000 greatest things, the reorganizing into the human systems, into the system of
the participants, in their consciousness, muscle-memory process can be classified only
up to the 10.” And these fellows are going gaga over it. And they wanted me to do once
more. I said, “Come on, I have no problem. I can do everyday, what is there?” But these
human beings can experience only that much. More than that, what is happening in bio-memory,
you can’t know. You can know the side effect of it, expression of it, but you can’t know
what is happening there. And bio-energy, out, completely forget about it.
Understand, what you guys experienced in muscle-memory, if you attended Nithyanandoham process, you
will know, that exactly happened in my system when he touched my head and just moved his
fingers on my head. Actually, in the muscle-memory process also, I just increased the depth of
your seeking in your muscles, that’s all. See, basically, you’re a pleasure seeker.
I just have to tell you where it is, that’s all. You’re an ant seeking the sugar. I
just have to tell you in your language where it is available, that’s all.
Seeking means informing you that what you are searching is available, then automatically
ecstasy, all the things start following. I really tell you, nothing is more ecstatic,
joyful, intoxicating than seeking. Seeking is the most intoxicating thing can
happen to human being. Make this as a lifestyle. When you get up early morning, don’t jump
out of the bed; just sit or sit back and look around, relaxed way look around, “where
I was? where I am now? where I am going to enter? What is happening?’ Ask as if the
first day you are waking up. and of course you are waking up first day! Because every
day you wake up in a different space! Spend few minutes for these basic questions. “Where
was I? Where am I now? Where am I going to head the moment I get out of this bed?”
Just spend few minutes into these basic questions. Same way, before falling asleep, don’t do
that stupid TV. No really I’m telling you; don’t do that stupid TV, watching that idiot
box. Spend a little time sitting, lying on your bed or sitting back on your bed. Just
try to align all the things which are driving you, are they aligned to reality? Mahadeva
gives only two instructions to an Incarnation or a Jeevan mukta (liberated while in human
body), only 2 instructions: if that guy, the Incarnation or an Enlightened Being, he is
just sitting somewhere in the remote corner of Himalayas and out of society, the one instructions
from him is — maintain your body comfortably, healthily. If He is working with people and
helping them to live enlightenment, “Keep the seeking alive of your disciples and followers.”
That’s all, only these two instructions — keep your health. Keep your body happily,
healthily and keep the seeking of the disciples alive.
I tell you, this one instruction which I am giving you — morning spend some time, “Where
am I heading? My actions? My thinking? Is it all aligning to the reality of life? What
am I going to do after death? Am I going to exist after death, after this body stops functioning?
From where I came?” These basic questions; understand, basic questions
should be kept alive till the experience happens. It should be kept alive till the experience
happens; till it becomes realization in you. Some fortunate people, some of the Gurus answers
will vibrate with their heart so beautifully, it will literally feel that they are satisfied
with that answer, then live that. That is Living Enlightenment.
See, for example, if you have a question, ‘what is going to happen after my death?”
Sit and go on, contemplate about it, “what is really going to happen after my death?
where am I going to go? Where am I going to head?” Sometimes, the answer you received
from Me, “Don’t worry, even after death you are going to be with Me in Aksharadhām,
in Kailasa. You are going to be with me. I am going to be with you.” Some answer you
received from me. For some people I would have said, “Oh, you will be one with the
cosmos, don’t worry.” Some answer you received from me, may be vibrating in your
heart as truth, you will be so connected to that answer, you will be so happy with that
answer, then you don’t need to hold on to that question, you can start living that answer.
Even that is seeking. See there are some questions, even if I have answered, eveb if I have told
you, “you are going to be in Kailasa with me, don’t worry.” It may not be vibrating
with you. That answer may not be vibrating with you, then hold on to that question, nothing
wrong. At one time, the Guru-bhakti will take over and this answer will start vibrating.
But till the Guru-bhakti takes over and answer reverberates in your being, you can’t drop
the question. If you drop the questions before the answer reverberates, you will enter into
boredom. That is what I call Sannyas middle-age boredom. For Samsāris, by 45; for Sannyasis,
by 30. No really, for Samsaris by 45. 10 years living with one fellow, or 15 years maximum,
living with one wife or one husband, that middle-aged boredom. All these stupid magazines
all over the world, Men’s health, Women’s health, this, that, everything trying to make
your middle-aged life great, it will not be successful, I am telling you! All these magazines
are doomed! They will not be useful in any way. Stupid magazines trying their best to
give different, different tips to romance, ‘make your life more colorful and romantic”,
“light candle, shower flowers,” What will you do? ahhh! All this is bunch of stupidity
printed in nice paper and colour, that’s all. Because the paper and color printing
is so nice, you think all that is true. In India there’s a big superstition – fair
person will not lie. Really, in Indian society, there is superstition – fair person will
not lie. Like that only, if something is printed in shining paper, colourful printing, you
think it is true. Ah! Read all these middle-age lifestyle magazines, stupidity.
I tell you, only one thing can infuse life into you, that is Seeking. Nothing else. No
depression medicine, no psychiatric industry, no psychiatric drugs, pharmacy, nothing is
going to help the humanity, it is only Seeking, that is going to make your life really, really,
really beautiful! 15 years of living with a person or 5 years of Sannyas, you will face
this middle-age crisis. You will face this middle-age crisis. Both the time, only Seeking
can raise you. I tell you, only Seeking can add life to you. What this Sannyasi is one
way blessed, because when he upgrades himself or herself, he doesn’t need to think about
the other person to drag that person also to your standard, you are free, just fly!
But when you have the other person you have to only go on a railway track and you have
to constantly make sure you are dragging your next boggie (coach). With a Sannyasi, one
benefit: you can just take-off, fly, you are a jet. With a Grihasta, you have to look,
“Oh, boggie number two, boggie number three,” No, boggie no. 3 when I say: kids. And then
sometime the elderly parents; you have to see all that and see to it that you are able
to drag all of them, so you need a little more steam, that’s all.
Listen. Whether you face householder middle-age crisis or Sannyas middle-age crisis, sometimes
without both you will face identity crisis. You will neither be a proper committed grihasta
nor be a proper committed sannyasi, roaming around vagabond. I know so many stupid fellows,
thinking themselves as seekers and not committed to anyone of this. They will face the identity
crisis. Just don’t know what they are. Whoever is there in front of them whatever they are
telling, they will do that for that one hour. If that person has moved out, somebody else
comes and tells something else and they will do that for the next hour. Identity crisis.
Identity crisis. Understand, whether you face householder middle-age crisis, Sannyas middle-age
crisis or identity crisis, the only solution is Seeking. I tell you, if you are not married,
the first instruction I will give is – don’t get married, take Sannyas. If you decide to
get married, at least marry somebody who is a seeker. So when you upgrade yourself and
open your eyes and see the person who is sitting next to you, you will have confidence, “I
cam make him understand. Either he will fly with me, he will come with me or he will support
me to upgrade myself.” Living with a person who is not a seeker is worse than hell, I
tell you. It is just worst than hell. Seeking is such an ecstasy. Just few days
before I had given a special initiation to Balasants. Forty one Balasants, the parents
and the kid, both of them have decided to do PhD on Hinduism. For these 41 kids I gave
a special initiation. The first thing I did – not to loose the frequency of seeking
till enlightenment. Actually, they already started expressing powers. I can say, each
one of them are expressing at least minimum 5 powers. When the powers 5 becomes more,
like 20, 30, 40, 60, even then, the frequency of the seeking will be more powerful than
the other powers they express in their bio-memory. I raised the intensity of the seeking such
that till enlightened, they will not be diverted. Real Gurukul work is starting. Real Gurukul
work is starting. Few days before one of Mahant from Tamil Nadu
came and said, “Swamiji, why don’t you start a medical college?” I am not saying
that I don’t believe in allopathy system itself; because many times I myself used allopathy.
I myself still many times I use allopathy. Even when I had the fracture I used allopathy
only. I am not against that system itself, but I am against the idea that other than
them nothing else is right. The amount of money they spend on lobbying to promote themselves
as the only authoritative system, I am against that. I am going to create a unique medical
college here where the best of Allopathy, best of Ayurveda, best of Siddha and the Indian
traditional medicine systems, India has at least 25 traditional medicinal systems, whole
thing will be made available. Astrology is used in diagnoses in Indian tradition, so
I am going to evolve that kind of a doctors. My kids will be evolving that kinds of a doctors
out of the Balasants I am going to evolve that kind of a doctors. And I am already working
on the horoscope of all 41 kids, Balasants. I told them to collect, get me a horoscope,
based on horoscope, I will decide which subject I am going to put them. Now I am free. They
are also free from stupid examination. They are free now! All the exam pressure, stupidity,
everything. And I take the responsibility for them to complete their education successfully
and sit in a very respectful, responsible and socially respected place, contribute to
the humanity and respected by humanity. I will make it happen. I will make it happen.
The architecture as per Agama Vastu; I will put few kids in that department. Authentic
performing rituals and delivering the result just like a surgery as per Agama. Please understand,
how you do this artificial test tube babies and all that process, IVF, the success rate
of IVF and success rate of Putrakāmeshtiyāga. The success rate of Putrakāmashtiyāga (the
vedic fire sacrifice for fulfilling the desire for a putra or child) will be more than the
IVF, because it’s a science. I will establish all that. I am so happy that they can now
start evolving, spending whole day and night thinking into this each branch knowledge.
One, I start downloading into them. Second, they can just explore. You see, I never studied
as per syllabus and all, what stupidity! Actually the whole syllabus, that diploma I studied,
that stupid thing, the whole semester 6 months syllabus I will finish it off in first 2-3
days. Actually, I will go and ask the subject name, and go to the library and pick up the
sourcebook not the syllabus, pick up the source book and study, understand the mechanics,
over! I will bring up my kids like that. See, because now I have the freedom, I don’t
need not be constantly thinking of who is going to certify, nobody needs to certify.
See, I never got any certification, I only became certification authority. My kids will
become like that. No really I am wondering. If I have to make a right presentation about
the education system we are having now. Few scientists have put 5 monkeys in a cage, put
a ladder, on top the ladder they put 20 bananas. Whenever one monkey tries to climb that ladder,
all the other 4 monkeys, they caught and poured cold water on him. Continuously, 10-20 times,
so what happens, whenever one money tries to climb the ladder, all the other monkeys
have started beating this monkey and dragging it down. So for one week the same thing is
happening. The banana is untouched, because any monkey tries to climb the ladder, other
monkeys are beating because of the fear of that cold water treatment. And after one week
they replace one monkey. They put a new monkey and replaced the old monkey. But the new monkey
does not know this treatment. When he tries to climb, all the other monkeys beat him left
and right, so after getting 5-6 times beating, he stopped climbing that ladder. So, then
they replace second monkey, the same thing happened with the second money. Then they
replaced the third monkey, then replaced the fourth monkey, replaced the fifth monkey,
now all 5 monkeys have not gone through the cold-water treatment but all 5 of them are
beating each other and not allowing anyone to climb the ladder. That’s exactly the
Indian education system. Why aren’t you climbing? Nobody knows. “As a tradition,
we don’t climb. As a tradition, we don’t climb.”
See, never study in a system which is designed for mass. Mass means what? Anything designing
done for the mass is designed for the lowest rung. How can genius people be produced with
something which is designed for the lowest rung. Always study in a system which is very
concentrating, attending to your needs, not bound by any of the syllabus, marking, accreditation,
tupu, tupu, tup, no. No. I am really telling you. The day I got the Encyclopedia of Hinduism,
I really finished all the 10 volumes in 3 days. When I got the Encyclopedia of Shaivism,
I finished it in one week! I can create my kids do that. But if they learn from a regular,
so-called mediocre system, “Oh, this volume 1000 page book. 1 volume means 3 month semester.”
The dirt is being inserted into the heads of the kids, and that stupidity of the examination
fear, never kids understand. I always tell, read all the books, whatever you need to remember
to remember, whatever you forget you don’t need it, forget it! Your life has nothing
to do with that – what is forgotten. What you remember your life is going to be only
to do with that! Live that! Over. The fear of forgetting, if it is completed, the amount
of information, recollect and use in your life will be 100 times more. All these words
remains as theory because I was never able to demonstrate it. Now I have first batch
of 41 kids, I will demonstrate it. I will demonstrate all this. He is 18. Not only Sannyas,
with all the powers I will just send him around to demonstrate. “See my first release from
the Gurukul”. I am going to send a bunch of kids. Even now
bunch of kids are going around, they are more Krama Brahmacaris, small kids. But legally
adult, a clear decision making adult with all these powers and demonstrating them and
Sannyasi, going around, telling the world what is possible. By this Jayanti we will
have at least few release from Gurukul. I have to tell the world! I have to tell the
world! “You guys gave me your kids, and see what I made out of them!” Not just this
third eye, not just this third eye, the way they are going to live a conflict-free, highest
conscious, radiating joy and ecstasy, radiating spiritual powers and enlightenment, everything.
The first batch of Sannyasis from Gurukul. I am also going to send them officially for
Parivrajika yatra; formally they are going to do Parivrajika yatra. I am just preparing
their body and mind. No, it is time, world need to know what seeking can do to your brain!
What seeking can do to your brain. Just this few kids, my first batch, sending them all
over the world is enough: in 2 years I will have 10,000 kids here doing PhD in Hinduism!
I will have Vidyalaya also, means regular school also, but separately. I am going to
divide both, maybe within next 2 or 3 years. I will also show to the world even as a Grihasta,
doing PhD in Hinduism pays you, it’s a career; I will establish that. It’s not just joblessness,
it’s a career: like a career in chemistry, medicine, law, it’s a career which is not
affected by global recession. All other fields will be affected by global recession, this
will never be affected by global recession; because even during the global recession,
they will have more customers and clients because these guys are going to remove the
suffering. Now I have so much freedom, I am going to put few kids to do PhD in economics
as per Hinduism, construction as per Hinduism, astrology. Actually in Indian tradition, astrology
and astronomy are very closely associated. Doing PhD in that line and doing research
on the rituals, different departments like Vaimanika Shastra (sacred science of flights),
everything. Above all I will make them demonstrate powers; I think that will be the real way
the world will understand what I am doing here.
Seeking can change your very brain map, understand. It can change the very way your brain functions,
the very the brain cognizes. I know in 2-3 years, 10,000 kids will be here, 10,000 is
a small number I am telling, to do Hinduism PhD. But this first 41 kids are historical
batch. Just like first batch of Gurukul. 10 years before when I started the Gurukul, first
batch, like that this is the first batch of Balasants. The boldness the parents showed,
boldness the kids showed, I really want to put this on record –“Thank you guys. You
are the future of Hinduism.” The courage parents showed, the clarity kids demonstrated.
The way things are doing to flower, I tell you guys, Veda Mātā is celebrating all of
you. The whole Kailasa (abode of Lord Shiva) and Vaikuntha ( abode of Lord Vishnu) is celebrating
you guys, celebrating this happening. They are all celebrating this happening because
they know what this means for their future. Devatas, Gods know what this means for their
future, because they are going to get more Havis, more avirbhāga (oblation offerings
in fire to the divine), more puja, more worship, more respect. So they know what it means for
their future. I can say the foundation, real foundation for Sarvajnapeetha is done with
this 41 kids. If you have given one kids, understand you have given 100 crores to Sarvajnapeetha,
not just 1, you have give 100 crores (10 million) to Sarvajnapeetha; because even with 100 crores
what I am going to do? Only if the kids are there to study, I can educate them, evolve
them, make them express this powers and energy and train them and send to the world. So,
if you have given 1 kid to be Balasant, you have given 100 crores, I am telling you, much
more than 100 crores. I am just giving a rough, just to equate, because we understand only
numbers, naa. Seeking changes the very way you cognize things.
Now I am so confident, we have a reason to exist. We have a reason to build everything.
These 41 kids are the first batch, now I know it will just expand. Because the first decision
only. See, the Indians are like goats only; the first goat has to jump the fence, then
all goats, tatak tatak tatak, will jump. I am not disrespecting you guys by saying goats.
The first jumping goat is the Guru, Guide, then followers. Now. the first batch has taken
the jump! You will see now, it becomes a trend; it becomes a trend. They will have the so-called
regular education only after 10th, after that directly they will start working towards the
doctorate in Hinduism, various subjects. The essence of Hinduism will become experience,
will be established legitimately, through my kids, through my Balasants.
So essence of today’s satsang is Seeking. That is the essence of all the last 15 verses
of Isavasya Upanishad. So I will continue on the next verses in next further satsangs.
So today we will not have sarvadarshan, but in further sessions I will sit for you guys
for sarvadarshan. Today I think it’s time. So I bless you all: Let you all radiate with
Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Suddhaadvaita Shaivam, the
Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful!


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    திடம்பட ஈசனைத் தேடு" – ஒளவை

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  • He will make all enlightened with His teachings and by giving to the human beings the right cognition of themselves based on the sacred truths of Upanishads.

  • living with a partner or seeing a non seeker or being around people who do not support, understand or care about seeking is worse than HELL , THAT is the TRUTH!! god bless swami

  • When we move through Life with ferocity, we move with single-minded passion and determination.  This is how we should seek higher consciousness also.  All obstacles yield to ferociousness.

  • Summarizing the essence of the 15 mantras of Isa Upanishad, He reveals the essence of this primordial, first Upanishad as – FEROCIOUS, INTENSE SEEKING, which is the only priority for a human, for it will burn away and destroy everything that is not you – your patterns, your impurities, your boredom, tiredness, limited perceptions. Defining SEEKING – "Seeking means changing your cognition about you, world, God (jeeva, jagat, ishvar) and everything to align to the REALITY. You do not need anything as first priority, except aligning to REALITY, that is Seeking. Seeking informs us that what we are searching for is available"

  • Ferocious Seeking – The Essence & Only Priority of Life
    Published on Jan 22, 2016Intense Seeking for Eternal Bliss, for Oneness is the essence of today's (12 January 2016) life-inspiring evening Nithya Satsang by His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji in the series of Isa Upanishad revelations. Summarizing the essence of the 15 mantras of Isa Upanishad, He reveals the essence of this primordial, first Upanishad as – FEROCIOUS, INTENSE SEEKING, which is the only priority for a human, for it will burn away and destroy everything that is not you – your patterns, your impurities, your boredom, tiredness, limited perceptions. Defining SEEKING – "Seeking means changing your cognition about you, world, God (jeeva, jagat, ishvar) and everything to align to the REALITY. You do not need anything as first priority, except aligning to REALITY, that is Seeking. Seeking informs us that what we are searching for is available" On the occasion of Swami Vivekananda's Jayanti today, Paramahamsa Nithyananda summarises His life in one word – Intense Seeking. Speaking on the Balasants of Nithyananda Gurukul, He declares them as the 'Future of Hinduism', who are now preparing to fully immerse in Hinduism fields and will do PHDs in Hinduism.

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