Farmers Rips Trump Trade: We Lost Everything Since He Took Over | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  • So you made a mistake. You voted for Trump, and now you're bitter. But first, you should be required to stand in public and apologize, admit you were wrong, admit that Donald J. Trump is a liar and a horrible person not fit to hold ANY public office, and that he should be IMPEACHED. Then, you should have to vow not to watch Faux News or listen to Rush Limbaugh or read Britebart ever again. Then you should not be allowed to vote again until 2032. Then AND ONLY then, will we consider forgiving, but NEVER forgetting, you're egregious mistake.

  • If you voted for him, then don’t complain, and you get what you deserve. For those that didn’t, you have some of my sympathy, not much though.

  • To reap what you voted for other farmers this man was smart ! maybe in 2020 you have a better perspective on your vote

  • The worst is coming for USA!!! COLLAPSING OF USA!!! As Trump is going to be their president again!! He has been so far the best slave for the Israeli's mafia and the Jews who control USA and its' politicians!!!! What goes around comes around, USA has destroyed many countries and now it is going to be destroyed!!

  • I get so sick of people talking about loyalty. If you voted for someone who obviously doesn't give a flying fish about you or your struggles or your country, is it disloyal to change your vote? Or is it logic thinking? Just get a clue and stop selling sycophantic, hardheaded idiocy as loyalty.

  • Indirect effects – markets turning from the US to Brazil for soybeans, exacerbating already horrendous deforestation and fires in the Amazon.

  • Don The Con is a repackaged version of Bernard Madoff. Only Trump is running his Ponzi Scheme out of the Oval Office.

  • As if Trump's criminal fraudulent history was not available for all to see. They believed that a scripted realty show con man was a great businessman. Putin's puppet is destroying this country . Get the traitor ef out already!

  • This moment in American history shows how easily Americans can be manipulated, and by the world's most famous liar, who's now become the worlds most powerful toddler, with the fate of America in his tiny little hands

  • A lot of these country people watch nothing but FOX propaganda, and disdain the "liberal" new media, preferring not to sully their minds with anything an educated person has to say. To anyone who looked at Trump objectively, his conman character was obvious–the lying and all the rest. It was even well known that he could not even pay his own contractors and ripped them off whenever possible. I have no sympathy.

  • Only when it affects them……now it's a problem….this is what happens when your education system is lacking. Not this man personally but his neighbors perhaps…his collegues?

  • Don't worry. Cargill and ADM will be happy to buy your land for 10 cents on the dollar. They got a giant tax cut and have to do something with those billions of extra dollars.

  • Of course they lost all their markets. Because, in true trump business fashion, he started a trade war with our largest market, without seeking alternative markets first.

  • The writing has been on the wall since the get go. I don't understand how such hard working people fell so mindlessly for such an obvious, and dark con man.

    On a different note: the cover photo of this story seems to show the use of round up, if i'm correct ("golden" foliage made from the deadly spray). It doesn't take rocket science to understand that such poisons (pesticides / herbicides) create a vast and vicious deadly cycle. Ultimately killing everyone and everything within it's projectory, and beyond. Except possibly what it set out to do away with in the first place. Where is the wisdom in such otherwise hard working people? Is it because farms are now too big, and run by corporations? Small scale farming is best, everywhere and anywhere !!! It's beyond time to wake up !!! Please.

  • All those farms will turn back to forest in time. We live on the soil that formed on top of the remains of miles of ice from the last ice age turned aquifers, that we have drained and dumped upon the wheat that fueled the fire that Man is. Here at the end, I pray that the buffalo roam again.

  • All those farms will turn back to forest in time. We live on the soil that formed on top of the remains of miles of ice from the last ice age turned aquifers, that we have drained and dumped upon the wheat that fueled the fire that Man is. Here at the end, I pray that the buffalo roam again.

  • We told them not to trust trump and his cronies. Trump's will lie cheat, steal, and con everyone he can to get the almighty dollar 🤑. Too bad he is occupying the white house 🇱🇷.

  • I do not care about farmers in comparison to the domestic boost in dropping trade policies…donate your crops to the poor.

  • Don't vote for promises. Many are never fulfilled. Vote for the person with the best reputation for honesty. Trump has always been a con man. Always.

  • " SOUR GRAPES". You Farmers fell for Trump's BS and now I feel no sorrow for you. You hitched you wagon to a Nag that came up lame.

  • Lol. Vote for him again idiots. Trump is rich, and cares nothing about farmers or blue collar workers. In fact his market is one that is suffering, so he can buy at very low cost. Vote for him again so we can really go down the drain.

  • stay these ppl were warned, he said imma put tariffs on china. here's another one for your friends. he said Germany sends us cars, we send wheat..guess ya know what he thinks of you.

  • The hate and intolerance you people claim we have is so hypocritical.You call us conservatives evil and many other things.This is why I left the left.You snowflakes can’t handle the real world.Yall think you can make a perfect socialist society.You are wrong.Look at key points of history.Wake up imbeciles.

  • Reminds me of all the idjits that were complaining about 'Obamacare', until they were diagnosed with cancer and it suddenly dawned on them, they'd die without Obamacare because they couldn't afford the 300k$+ treatment bills.

  • Money talks and b.s. from a con make hopefully isn't louder than money. Farmers who support Trump had better look out for themselves and their families or else they will have a very hard bed to lie in should Trump win in #2020.

  • This just stinks period, the farmers having to take out a loan because 45 wants to show how great he is. Nothing more than a con man , period .

  • You would be pretty stupid, given his entire history, to have ever believed him in the first place. He never hid this attitude he's got. Most sheeple fall for pretty words too often. He's not even a Republican. His entire term has been a sham. The person matters more than the party. People need to wake up.

  • Gamble with the family farm business generation of hard labor for survival. They promise their loyalty to elect a President tht isn't loyal to anyone but himself,(thts facts) I guess a lot of ppl can't tell what a con man sounds or looks like. "Nobody can do it but me".

  • The elites can stop calling the farmlands 'flyover country' for one thing. Next they can be thankful for that farmland and the farmers including the crops they grow for people. Then the elites can say thank you to God for the food, farmers and farmland. Maybe this will help the elites to be thankful: they can start calling it Foodland the next time they fly over it.

  • LMFAO! Trump has given these farmers $40 billion in subsidies and the latest polls show he has a 70% approval rating among the farm industry, so get out of here with this propaganda! 🤗🤗🤗

  • The markets went to other countries, specifically China is now going to Brazil to get all the soybeans they have to sell, hence the farmers burning the rainforest for land is in essence Trumps fault!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁ha ha YOU VOTED FOR him RACIST THAT'S WHAT YOU GET SUFFER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sorry 4 him but its hard to feel sorry 4 the ones voted 4 him all the signs was there look at how many times his dad had to bail that goof ball out

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