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grace this storm is bad but I still
don’t see the Sharerghini anywhere where do you think it went
I don’t know hey Sharers what’s going on welcome the vlog if you didn’t see last
bug the gamemaster came into our house and stole the Sharerghini Lamborghini
oh my gosh who is that let’s go the Lamborghini is on the loose the
Lamborghini is on the loose so today we’re out here trying to track down the
SharerGhini we got our listening device trying to listen for the cars also got
this radio tuned in to the police station we’re scanning all the channels
to see if there’s any reports of a missing Lamborghini briga two nine four
four two nine four come in any reports of a missing stolen Lamborghini so
sharers it looks like the tracking device on the Lamborghini is going on and off
so it’s half working cat’s not working right now it’s on
grace buckle up we got to go we got a lead on the show gimme let’s go let’s go
let’s go okay Sharerghini to an ID record to a now we are in a hot pursuit
of a lime green Lamborghini Sharerghini we’re in hot pursuit I repeat clear the
lanes we’re in hot pursuit let’s go let’s go let’s go turn here turn here
we need a turn here I think that’s where the Sharerghini is
yeah it’s end road ended the road you’re right at the end of the road Sharers
got to be close huh you should be here camera recording on I
don’t see anything you see anything I don’t even see the Sharerghini I’ll see
the sharerghini either but oh whoa what is eyes it’s like a big faith like
a teddy bear sick maybe a teddy bear spy camera like an this is apartment
Oh oh boy okay you ready let’s suit up let’s get our spy gear on shows we got
to find out if this is the right place all our spy gear back to dishes checking
out we brought all of our spy gear this is gonna be so good
we’ve also got a lot of fan mail in there but I’ve got my spy glass is gone
they got a suit up goodbye awesome spy test
we’re going in we’re going into battle let’s suit up again you ready for this
grace I’m ready I want to get the shared Amy back that’s one your hat okay got it on
crease your sunglasses can’t let him see one where I’m looking
and of course can’t forget my cape oh yeah let’s get this Sharerghini Grace
can’t forget the walkie-talkie to walkie-talkie just need to relieve each
other I’m going on channel three this time okay three three I’m on three Tess
Tess Tess grace giving grace command whoa that didn’t work Oh looks like
there’s like some interference quick switches channel 4 so it’s a channel 4
I’m at 4 I still think there’s an interference um maybe he’s trying to
hack these walkie-talkie Grace don’t put my listening device on
try and see if you can hear him hold on let’s duck behind here let’s get it
clear here sigh see let me zoom in on the binoculars real quick I don’t see
anything it’s all clear so far ok turning on my
listening device let’s see here comment down below if you know what they’re
saying ok grace I think we got to go inside
okay good luck stay low say let’s do the doctor go in that door
up there okay you ready roger that I’m ready hey here we go
before let’s go wait there’s someone at the door
seriously yes stay down sit down sit down sit down I’m going to peek ready
sharers look shoot I don’t want them to see me okay look right there well what
what is that let me take a look you’re right there’s something up there
what is that traceroute front it’s two one more listen let’s see what’s going
on here please gotta listen to this window right
here it’s ready what do you hear
sounds like a tape like static hum a tape or something like a recording
device or something yeah sure what I hear jingling noise
someone just shut the door good doors open you go person picket week you think yeah
I think it was like a package delivery package delivery that happened the last
time table that’s happened twice at our house we’ve gotten strange packages
right when we were about to discover something you think the game master
knows that we’re here he might and I think he’s doing this delivery as a
distraction okay so I think we got to get inside before the game master
catches up to us grace let’s go three two one go Google’s sure we are so close
to the door right now but there’s a blue light blue light oh whoa is something on
it it’s so weird there’s a coat on it but I can’t see what it says it’s open its open its squeaky there’s that person that we’re talking
about baby person oh my gosh
what oh that scared me
there’s a lot stuff weird things going on here what is all
this stuff I don’t know has he used that thing as a trick before well Grayson
look at all this stuff the control boards and control panels and stuff oh
this was before the game master makes his like weird voice noise some weird
device track that’s a great hockey later oh but this stuff is kind of weird isn’t
it yeah this is like who’s like a
microphone here to make a weird noises maybe it’s like Hello Kitty Master are
you there does that mean we don’t really know what
his voice sounds like must be all fake it must be all made-up on this huge
control board what is this thing how does it even work what it’s just like a
box no look again it has these tabs you pull and look secret super USB wait
isn’t that just a pen no no it looks like an a regular pen you see the tip
and everything but this secret little USB whoa yeah check this out it looks
like a regular like gift card or something but yeah on the back of this
look whoa tracking device oh that’s crazy
whoa it’s so good to follow the blue lights in order to get somewhere this is
crazy no way grace just red lights in this
room whoa what is going on
what is that noise what is this oh my goodness what is this thing kind of
looks like a spider what is this is like the biggest thing
I’ve ever seen there’s a camera camera do you think
he’s watching this I don’t know wherever that camera lead to Oh wherever
he watches the camera anywhere where there’s cameras this is weird
did you hear that that thumb sounds like it just they’re coming from upstairs
above us whoa yes there’s an upstairs what do you see something on the door
says in session please do not disturb well I wonder what’s behind that door
just window right here well do you see buddy you see something
it was either your reflection or someone Hey no I think we’re good there’s no one
in this room whoa whoa there’s a lot of instruments in there what is that yeah what is this thing that’s how but you
like controls the world I think this is weird
whoa sure that noise yeah I think it’s coming from that room
come on in here sure I said we should open this
door smash the like button okay listen device so let’s see what they’re talking
about whoa you hear that yeah that’s a lot of
noise it sounds like noise it sounds like a computer though you think so yeah
I think we got to go in what if he’s in there in session please do not disturb
we’re gonna disturb okay you ready grace I guess so it’s Janice
three two one whoa this is crazy what is this place
it’s like look at all that what is that oh there’s so much stuff here whoa wait
Steve, look what what are all these things
Tom Tom one two three four a room oh these might be all the projects or go
hacker names yeah like maybe there’s like p01 p02 maybe that’s what this
stands for something okay sure come on down all these codes
so we can keep track of this whoa okay this is like a massive powerful computer
or something great look look look look what watching our house on the couch in
this punch buggy oh that’s the front of the house that’s a house that’s a pond
there’s cameras all over our house we’re being hacked I knew someone was watching
us grace this is crazy what is going on this is like his control panel must be
the game masters in control or something look there’s even a camera whoa okay
wait do you think he knows we’re in here right now no should we get out of here
look another USB Drive look at this whoa this is definitely
game that’s just control center look at this place this is crazy
yeah this is crazy we’re supposed to do don’t
roll these cameras up at our house thank you thank you let me see if I can like
pack him or something I’m not any good at this kind of stuff grace I don’t know
what there’s way too many screen below sleeping Sharers see you’ve got my
controller you want to share it get it back you must first make it a share the
love song / – wait the game master want us to make another share the love song
that actually be kind of cool yeah sure some action like fun if you think he
wants us to make another music video where
I can so ok so we need to get out of here we need to make a song I want the
share back with you tomorrow we’re just like until then you know what to do
stay awesome and share it a lot of peace hello!


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