Exploring Brunei’s Abandoned Condominium

Updated : Oct 25, 2019 in Articles

Exploring Brunei’s Abandoned Condominium

Hello guys! Good morning everybody! Welcome back to my another new video! So, today we’ll be going to have an adventure ..into an abandoned building (in this event, condominium) somewhere in villagers area So, as you can see that we have just arrived at our destination so, uh.. I’m here in my car.. In front of me.. ..that’s the abandoned building that I’ve been putting this in my wish list. So, according to history that [correct me if i’m wrong] this building has been abandoned like, about 10 years ago this is because that.. I don’t know whether it is a ‘he’ or ‘she’ It is practically a 6-year old died in the swimming pool. And as you can see that, I’ve been doing a research about the abandoned building. (Turns out media press nor social media does not provide information about it.) So, here we are guys! We are already in an abandoned area somewhere.. Looks creepy though! I entered through the hole over there so it’s really hard for me to enter because there are cars passing by.. I don’t know what is this place called for.. ..and I can tell that this is the toilet. I think this [was] the office. ..so that’s the toilet for men. [labeled but vanishing] Let’s have a quick look. So, this place was called as squash. …or tennis? [first time experiencing this kind of practice court] so, this is where they practiced along by themselves or any of their friends. I think this [was] the office. Oh, look at that! “No Entry”, “Dead End” Looks like someone kicked this door. This is so cool! What the heck, someone played football here. They kicked the ball on the wall. Seriously guys, I really want to enter in one of these buildings. I’m kinda scared to enter because today, I’m alone. so, we’ll find the best way to enter this one. Peace be upon You. So, here we are guys! This is one of the residence. Newspaper! I wonder which year this was.. 2012. So, this place literally has been abandoned for.. like.. *7 years ago. So, this is the main entrance for every residence. Cool staircase though! So, I bet that people that lived here.. ..were so lucky to have this kind of staircase. Before we climb up through this staircase.. ..we’ll be looking at the ground floor first. Another newspaper! I wonder which year this was.. June 4th, 2012. [Coincidentally the same date I’m filming this exploration video haha] I wonder if you can see that. There we go! This is the toilet. That’s the ceiling. And this is the kitchen. ‘ELBA’ Washing machines. There were literally 3 washing machines. Literally guys, there’s one room right over here.. That door, in that room, there’s literally a big hornet’s nest. I couldn’t do that because I’m afraid they are still in there [nest]. so, next one is let’s go climbing up the stairs. So everyone, I found a notebook. ..that is dated March 12th, 2001. So, I think he literally was writing about funeral things and such. Maybe he was one of pious person. Who knows? Let’s go for another room. I think this [was] the kitchen. Toilet. Look guys, they already cut the electricity. I wonder what’s in here.. Mosquitoes.. Nothing else. Toilets.. bath tubs.. so, that’s the *residence I just entered. so, next we’ll be looking at the top floor. I wonder if that’s the veranda for every residence. I don’t know. Let’s check it out! Even they left their car rims right here. what’s that? Megane. Literally, there were dogs-prints right here. And this is it guys. This is how every residence that lived on the top floor looks like. Even they left Yaasiin here. Keys [unlabeled]. Smoke.. Cigar.. Food stuff.. [saw beehives and startles] I recommend you guys NOT to enter this place. There are beehives right over there. I think we should go. So, literally guys.. there’s a hornet’s nest right here so.. I encourage you guys [door closes itself] NOT to enter this place… Yup, let’s go. This residence had children.. ..because they put this kind of safety… …safety for children not to fall off from this staircase. This place was so super cool that.. people that lived here were so lucky ..because they had swimming pools. great views. So, that’s pretty much it from today guys! I hope you guys enjoy & thank you very much for watching this video. And I know this is just a short adventure but.. this is literally my first time adventuring into an abandoned building. ..in Brunei. So, I hope you guys enjoy, have a nice day & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin. Oh, and also don’t forget to subscribe, leave likes & comments and share this video among to your friends. If you do that, I really appreciate to have you guys for watching this video. and bye-bye!


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