Exploring an Abandoned Theme Park: Six Flags New Orleans 🎡 Part 1

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Exploring an Abandoned Theme Park: Six Flags New Orleans 🎡 Part 1

Therefore, the middle integer is 1/3 of the largest integer, and 2/3 of the smallest integer. Yeah, summer is here. (Vengaboys: We like to party queues) And it’s time for fun! Right now save up to $15 on tickets
to Six Flags New Orleans with coupons from participating Wendy’s restaurants. Six Fla – BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP BOOOOOOOOOOOO The storm is now a CAT 5, a category five, as appreciated with
sustained winds of a hundred and fifty miles an hour, with wind gusts of one hundred
and ninety miles miles per hour. The storm surge, most likely, will topple our levy system. And our satellite picture showing you a category five hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, as high up on the Saffir-Simpson scale (SSHS) as one can
get. Top winds now, in that eye wall, 160 miles per hour. This storm is so powerful, and growing more powerful every day, that I’m not sure we have seen anything like it. The National Weather
Service is saying its the worst possible storm that they can imagine. New Orleans is
starting to go downhill real fast. Up through the manhole covers; I can see the water just bubbling up through the manhole covers. Now there’s so much water that it cant handle it here! Six Flags New Orleans, may you rest in peace. Okay, go! There’s swamp water right there… I do not want to find out whats in that water. I can’t believe were actually here! Welcome to Six Flags! Holy cow, this path is overgrown. So the whole area is really flooded… We’re gonna have to walk through this water if we want to keep going. Can we go up there? Let’s go that way, get on the wooden coaster. Let’s do it! Here we go… So right now we are at the station
for the wooden coaster, and we’re gonna climb up it soon. Yeah this feels sturdy… Watch out, there’s a gap! Oh, it’s all swamp below us… I’m honestly really surprised how solid this
feels, not even shaking a little bit! So this is as high as we go, because there’s no railing over there. Let’s try and get down. More flooding to contend with! It’s just swamp everywhere, so glad we went out and bought boots for this. Oh this is like, deep! So we’ve come to a spot where water is really deep, Like ankle deep. We’re gonna have to just go for it. Not that bad yet, it gets deeper up here though. That’s an alligator trail. It looks like where he would have come through. My boots flooded but only a little bit. We should be safe from gators up here. So many freaky ass noises going on here. Gift shop! It looks pretty clapped! Look you can see where the water went up to, where the wall is left. I don’t know for sure. That looks like it, probably. That was cut wasn’t it. But it could be the panels of drywall just ripped off in the panels. I think this was because the water, look at the beams just fucked! Yea, the water rushing in. Oh this was the dark
ride, the cars are here! That’s cool. Attendant let me out, I dont think this ride is moving! Yeah there’s a technical
difficulty! This ride is now experiencing technical difficulties. Please remain seated, a ride attendant will be with you shortly. Thats what the track would have looked like before it was ripped out. Look at this! Sorry temporarily out of service… I’d say! Oh look there’s audio equipment. Look at all the water damage on here. Damn! Alright… let’s head out. So yeah this was the queue for the station, the queue was right there. Alright somebody had to have spray painted these as a joke [creaking noise] That was a creepy sound… Stop!! What is that? Straight ahead Far away? Is it far away? The blinking light? It could be a cell tower far away. That’s what I’m thinking. Yeah, that has to be far away. You’re close… Close to what? I cant believe there’s actually still lightbulbs intact here! I know! It’s crazy! Oh look at the fans! They look a little… weathered… (No DUH!) There’s a view of the lake! So yeah we’re just walking around taking pictures now not doing a lot of filming, because we can’t use lights on this side of the park, because we will be seen from the highway. and we cant use lights on the other side of the park, the front side, because there might be a security car parked
there with his lights off, that we don’t see. Very art deco. This was the bumper car place. There’s still some cars left in there. They’re like all in here. This is a good view of that coaster! That’s the queue! You wanna go down the queue to the boomerang coaster? Maybe when it’s lighter out. Oh here’s the Spongebob thing! Someone drew like evil eyes on him. We’re going out on the creaky boardwalk. Oh this is the wild mouse coaster! There’s still cars! Will it turn? Even a simple roller coaster like this require all these cables. I mean whatever these are… relays? That’s the brain of a roller coaster, although I’m sure
a more modern one it’s much more just a computer or software, an iPhone could probably run it. I wanna get to that staircase. Remember; its muddy. A square railing on a spiral
staircase, yeah it’s weird. That car just chillin right there! “Superheroes” it says. That would have been a stage for a show. [Did they demolish it?] Looks like it. So yeah we’re at this ride right here. Oh it’s like a juke box. How neat is that? Bryan got stuck in the thorns again. (OW) You’re free! Ok I’m going through the thorns again to get another tour of another ride. Woah! the floors all missing. Wow, this thing is bouncing a lot under my feet. Looks like we’ve got a top spin over here. Oh that would’ve been easier for me! Actually, you should go the other way
there’s no thorns the other way. Oh this is where we were before! There’s that place in the daylight! Okay it’s so much less creepy, now that we can see! Lets get a closer look at the ferris wheel. No cutting!!! Let’s try and go in. Alright Bryan. start the ride! Yeah it’s rusted shut! Okay actually do it, this is kind of cool. We can actually ride the abandoned rides! They’re all moving? Holy shit alright stop! Bryan let me off the ride!!! There is no leaving this ride! I want to get off Mr. Bones wild ride! Let’s go check out the lake in the middle of the park Where are you alligators? We know you’re out there! Bryan keeps saying how lucky we are that there is no security, and I keep telling him he’s gonna jinx it. Let’s go to the pirate ship! I thought it was a pirate ship in the darkness, but it clearly is not! Really cool, the ride just hung out over the water. Would you like to take a seat? [water dripping] Holy crap! walking on this is making a bunch of water pour out! The water is all over it I’m guessing, and just falling out! Got a nice control panel right here! GO! This is really creepy! A bunch of either burnt or water damaged stuffed animals. They’re all Looney Tunes characters!! They look just moldy! Holy shit this sunset keeps getting prettier and prettier! Or, sunrise I mean… That is beautiful! Coming up in part 2 the proper people stick around! past day break when a security patrol could be around any corner! and we walk across this plank! Will he fall in??? We check out some more buildings! We do some weird stuff on the rides 😉 We slide down some slides! And we look at this motion simulator ride! and we get some better shots, because it’s not dark out anymore. Make sure you subscribe! So you dont miss it! It’s gonna be a good one! Oooohweee! [Subtitles by James Profit]


  • I remember that day it was so scary and intense. we ended up leaving I was pregnant with my son came back a few months after every one was aloud to come back and had him 3 days after he was born 9/11/05.

  • this reminds of Detroit become Human when your walking and trying to find shelter and its an abandoned theme park

  • Six Flags abandoned the water park in Hollywood FL during hurricane Andrew in 1992. They cashed out and collected on the insurance.

  • Damn that six flags commercial! Brings back memories!! Spent many summer days and nights at six flags astroworld in Houston as a kid! Which is now a parking lot I think.. sucks seeing these awesome places disappearing.. :/

  • Help save her from demolition and rebuild her back into Jazzland

    Im starting a petition to save and restore her

  • I spent many a day here with my children. It is so sad seeing this. In my mind I can picture these places shiny and new looking. I wonder why they never tore this down. Seems like it would be a liability keeping the abandoned place. It look eerie when you pass it and see the abandoned roller coasters still standing there. I would never have the guts to go in there especially at night.

  • I'm just glad I live in a part of Florida where we are far enough inland to be immune to anything more than minor damage and localized flooding.

  • At the beginning I thought it was good then it turned out to be like the rest of the crappy urban explorer videos made by kids. It's best just to not talk

  • I used to bring my children there 💔 I live about 2 miles from there and it's a reminder of the normal life I used to live. Lost so much and still never fully recovered (mentally/financially)

  • Wow this is crazy 😟
    NF just shot his video for “Leave Me Alone” there at the park. No wonder it looked familiar

  • I was 6 or 7 years old(second grade) when Katrina happened. I don’t live in the south, I live in Michigan, but the damage when Katrina hit was awful

  • I'm surprised seeing as they make that in a few days with the food prices (obviously sarcasm more like a year) but still 😂😥 and if it's abandoned, what is security guarding? Our park has been flooded before too but it came back, of course it was no hurricane like this.

  • Love the opening of this video, it meant me feel something, was that real footage , commercial then the emergency? my sister had 9 feet of water in her house, she lived in the gentilly district, not like the ninth ward, but still pretty bad.

  • I went there so many times as a kid.. Watching all these videos now is making me feel so nostalgic and it's also heartbreaking. I'd have loved to have season passes as an adult and go any time I wanted. It's so crazy how so much of the park is still there and has been there for so many years now!

  • I'm from LA but never made it to this park, I was only 5 when Katrina came through. Always wanted to go there now and see what it's like

  • Imagine investing all that money in an amusement park only to lose absolutely everything.Guess they didn't have the money to restore it.It takes a lot to get back up after a heavy loss like that!

  • Seeing the hurricane Katrina beginning really brings tears cause I been to New Orleans recently and still there is destruction and my sister was in Hammond then I knew people who suffered From it and been on I 10 it's so surreal and sad that people lost their lives there homes and there way of life Remember those people

  • Why the fuck did you show the former mayor Ray Nagin in the emergency broadcast system?

    Do you guys do your fuckin homework on any of your videos?

    You didn't even know you were in Jimmy Hoffa's high school in the Detroit video.

    Former mayor Ray Nagin is far more famous than for being the mayor of New Orleans!

    How about his unapologetic famous racist anti-white public statement "We will make this city chocolate again!" or that he was convicted on having stolen millions of relief money after he publicity cried about "not getting enough money to help the black people".

    That's who you choose to be featured in your fuckin video? A convict anti-white racist thief? Do your homework better.

  • It’s fascinating how the economy works and the immense impact of human decisions. Building such a major park with all its investments and then having to leave it behind without the reuse of very expensive parts. Declaring it bankrupt and leaving all assets to rot. I know how and why it happens, but it’s keeps me fascinated.

  • You guys need to start using red filtered flashlights. Red light travels the least amount of distance and you'll be far less likely to get caught due to someone seeing your flashlights

  • the thumbnail just screams "fifty thousand people used to live here, and now it's a ghost town." If you get that you're the best 🤠

  • why doesent six flags rebuild it they have the money im sure i think maybe it wasent profitable as much as a california location im sure if it was california they would of rebuilt it

  • Gators don't just stay in the water they have four legs they go on land also🐊
    And all you have to do is look at the wood beams and you can tell how high the water level was

  • Six flags got batman and few other thier lease done with a they were Gone like dust in the wind well if you don't fix none of theRides and you just turn it into like a haunted house type theme thing it's a chance that might work and not cost too much to clean up and make certain things work for the horror effect

  • Looking for gators watch for bubbles. I'm surprised you guys made it around so easily this is a rough city mess around and find a body yeah.

  • Its sad how the park that was a park who people liked to go and have fun, now its a park in the water and lonely in the dark

  • That is why Nature will always dominate… No matter what kind and amount of damage it does… You can't bring nature into court lol

  • Y’all are some brave individuals. I lived in New Orleans for seven years and when I first moved there, I needed to stop for gas omw to Chalmette and took the exit that eventually leads to jazzland. Ain’t no gas stations anywhere back there lol, just swamp and woods. In the daytime it’s unnerving, at night I would have been in tears. They call that Katrina-land (not just the park, most of New Orleans East and that whole area) back there because it’s so desolate and nothing’s really been fixed up since the storm.

  • *=* Yeah, I know, it's annoying of the wounderful RollerCoaster are abandoned, my nostalgic game RollerCoaster Tycoon.

  • Was waiting in the comment section for someone to make a stranger things comment on at the 10:03 mark lol. but creepy .would be scared to look through but must be fun

  • I got to finally see New Orleans this summer, on bourbon street and the French quarter. If I had known this existed I would have for sure found a way to explore it. There’s something about places like these that make it absolutely awesome. I could do this all day urban exploring could be my whole life honestly. sadly, in Kentucky, there’s not too much around to explore that I haven’t already. And also I really liked the intro to your video, very creative and really added to the rhetoric. Props to you guys.

  • 12:00 actually those are all the relays and contactors, likely still used on new equipment today, although many now have VFD's and soft start motor starters.

  • I live in Nola and this place is literally just never touched anymore because of the hurricane. It’s honestly pretty sad.

  • "I can't believe we're actually here." How many a happy family, or excited youth, has said the exact same thing when the park was open? Rattling perspective.

  • I stopped watching after you fags started complaining about the water puddles even angle deep " oh my " YOu guys need to shave that peach fuzz off and start wearing dresses you act like little school girls.

  • Isn't this also based on a rainbow six siege map the thumbnail looks like it just asking please don't start a shiz show with replies

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