Exploring an Abandoned Textile Mill

Updated : Oct 25, 2019 in Articles

Exploring an Abandoned Textile Mill

Right now are exploring an abandoned
textile mill that was built in the early 1900’s it is dark in here There’s was pretty good chance right to a
homeless person here it’s like wide open in the middle of a
not very nice area hopefully they’ll be a bit friendlier than the guy at the hotel that just started shouting at us look at that ceiling man. That pealing paint Oh fluorescent bulbs all over the floor See these two lights right here I’m trying to find out where it’s coming from Maybe it’s reflecting off something Maybe up there Warning carbon monoxide may be present. Not anymore but at one point it was. Looks like someone rammed a car into this those little springs are all that’s stoping you It’s wooden. A wooden floor. oh the whole things wooden Does this move? oh it rolls still God damn man. MIchael!! Okay chill This is the first wicker chair just chillin! This is just garbage people have dumped in here Looks like that goes righ out to the street Look it says IBM. Important Bowel Movement??? Yes Important Bowel Movement They’re probably punch cards That’s how you do it Careful on these steps guys they’re pretty soggy Stand near the edge Oh there’s a basement Looks cool out here like a zombie apocalypse or something Lets walk across that up there Boots with the algae. Or moss, mould whatever So like is that how you take a picture tactically Yeah it’s actually very annoying Watch your step there Bryan There’s a lot to this place Look at that fan or turbine or something Wow that’s insane Ok hold up. Should i get your face in it? no To infinity This is a really pretty stairwell Oh nope. This is chemicals and the floor is really soft Look at all the vials or barrels What did you just call them? Vials. They’re barrels. Those are some big ass vials Another wooden elevator car, this
one’s high up though Should we go dow this hallway? obviously if someone was here to put the laser scanning stickers hear then the floor cant be that bad you know i think there’s concrete under this wood floor because we were on the lower
floor when I looked up I saw concrete ceiling yeah see. or not hats not concrete its wood but see there’s like another layer below this this isnt like the only layer Bird feather. Hello! Does this not go anywhere I dont know. Let’s go that way Check out that chalk board Oh yeah let’s write on it Ohhh It’s just a pigeon. Just a pigeon Come on let’s right our name, I hope there’s chalk [bird making noise] I’m sorry sweetheart there’s one nasty-ass little piece of
chalk left, i’m not about to write with that “Urban exploration is fun” I agree with that statement alright let’s get out of here, we’re freaking that pigeon out way too much Look at this You wanna do 360? No I wanna figure out what’s over on that side They wanted to isolate it for some reason But it doesnt look like they got anything done. It looks just the same Yeah I dont think they actually did anything [Whistle] That’s a good echo I think these are showers Look even in here they have these 3D mapping stuff everywhere. Is that a full roll? that’s a full roll can you get it out by like pushing down on it? I think the thing is broken This staircase is like a lot more narrow than the other ones. Wow You guys are gonna like this room. Are these tracks? look up! Uh oh roof acess We were down there before Are these locker just out here? This one goes over yeah How is the view? Pretty nice! Look at those buildings over there. That was probably the first hallway we went through right there Florida Adventure Group Florida Adventure Group. The Proper People. E24 Explore Hahah Is it really that bad? yes it’s that bad. I got these jeans when I was a freshman in high school. I live in Florida we don’t own jeans Oh here’s the elevator Let’s just take that down instead. Oh my gosh Well it feels sturdy. wow It’s gotta be so rickety by now Careful There used to be a bridge here connecting them. After exploring for an hour we noticed a bunch of vagrants were gathering around the building. We decided it was time to head out [Captions by James Profit]


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