Exploring an Abandoned Power Plant with Crazy Control Room

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Exploring an Abandoned Power Plant with Crazy Control Room

Today we’re exploring an abandoned coal-fired power plant. It was decomissioned several years ago as part of a clean energy initiative. We are in. Listen to that wind, man. This is nuts. This place is packed with machines. Woah. Come here! Holy shit. This place is cavernous. Whatever is vibrating in the wind sounds pretty crazy. It’s probably up there somewhere. There are some big red doors up there. Wow, this stuff looks pretty old. This would be like a delay switch. This would spin and trigger switches in order. That’s really cool. Here’s another one of those. I think there’s controls up here from what I saw. Not so much controls but, power meters. Bryan looks very focused. Uh oh. Uh oh. What? Keep this door closed. Let’s get out of here. I wanna go up the staircase that’s uh- goes over the big hole. Check this out, surge tank. This place is scary with the noises and everything. Alright, here’s where I want to go. Up here. Wow, look at those scale things down there. We have to find the source of that noise- it might just be the roof. Whatever it is I think we’re close to it. It’s something up top here. Oh this is a stretcher. That’s just gonna go across to the same thing on the other side. I know, but it looks cool. Woah. Oh my god. This place is nuts. The size of this room. We need to get in this room too. That’s down on the first floor though. I’ll let you take a look in there Bryan. Wow. That’s a big room. That’s a big room. This was the fan floor. Locker room. There’s a lot of stuff left here. Look how clean that towel is. That’s crazy. Danger – Bob is in the power plant. What? Haha. Danger! Here’s an office. A friendly toaster. There’s a safe back here. It still works. More offices. Yeah. There’s a lot of documents in here. Like, the room is literally filled. Holy crap, this room too. We can go in here. There’s blueprints. I’m not being very graceful right now. The documents we found in these rooms included blueprints, instruction manuals, schedules, and all sorts of record-keeping. Many of the documents included sensitive information such as the name of the facility or personal information of employees so we won’t be showing them on camera. Maintenance manager. This is cool. There is so much stuff in here. More offices. Plant manager. Lots more blueprints, too. This whole place is filled with diagrams. This is cordoned off right here for asbestos. I mean I’m not positive about that but that’s what that looks like to me. This one’s open. But like, busted open. That just leads into the main power plant though. Right? Oh that’s dripping with something. Let’s go in here. Hasard! Caution! Oh yea this is the room. The room. This is quite the room. Hopefully they completed asbestos abatement. It looks like they did finish. Except maybe not down there. There’s asbestos suits right there. Well, don’t kick up anything. Oh, it’s bigger. This is nutty. Looks like a lot would’ve been here, but it was ripped out. But I’m assuming it would have been more of this. Clothes. I don’t know what to make of that. This time they got the E right but not the rest of the word. I mean not the E, they got the Z right, the E wrong. That’s a wrench. Size comparison. It’s amazing that these are even still left here though. Those are for big bolts. These rooms are so cavernous. There’s a turbine though. Or what’s left of one. God damn it’s so dark now. That’s okay because I have the ThruNite Is this a ThruNite video? TN30 It is now. Haha. Damn, that’s pretty bright. Look at all that up there though. It’s just so many layers of crap. You don’t even see the end of it you just see eventually so many layers that you can’t see the back wall. You want to try and find that control room before it gets dark because that’s something we might want light for also. Ooh come in here. But look at this staircase. Wait wait, come in here. Okay fine, we’ll check out the staircase later. This is cool. Do not operate. Lock out tags. All fuses. Electrical testing room. I guess they’d like make test circuits and stuff in here? These look like modules even. What did this module do? Like they can just deploy them somewhere. I’m willing to bet this goes up to the control room. Probably. This is not the control room yet but we’re getting close. Yea see these are what the modules would go into. So were those like settings modules maybe? Well… And they were making different ones and swapping them in and out? I don’t know. Oh shit, look. Oh, oscilloscopes. And look what font it’s in, Futura. That’s like the quintessential… I don’t even know. Wow I like that one with the green. Alright it’s time. Ass dick. Holy crap. Look at the hazmat suit or whatever. It’s chillin’ on a chair. That’s the door we were looking in from before. Did you see how it’s like a tunnel? You can go through here. Holy crap we need to walk through this tunnel. This tunnel is gonna like transform me into some sort of uh… crazy cyborg? So around the back of the control room all the dials. Which are blanked out with out of service stickers which is a little weird. I guess they’re all out of service. The ink’s bleeding pretty bad but that right there in the middle is an actual graph line. What is this, a clock? Yup, an old clock. We just noticed that it’s getting darker out and the lights turned on outside by that substation. But it’s everything on the far side, nothing close to the building. All the wires were disconnected to the building. You know what I find interesting? Do you see the railroad tracks right there? Inside the substation. Oh yea. That used to be for the coal to get here I bet. Yea and they just built the substation over it. This is all covered because it has asbestos in it. But we’re gonna take a peek inside to see what it is. I just don’t want to have too much light because the huge ass windows. What is that? Offices? Please be unlocked. Nope. It looks pretty interesting in there. And we are in our second control room. Here we go, some servers still in the rack. Not really a crowded rack, a lot of blanks but the Ethernet’s still wired. You think this is bright? Turbo mode! Holy crap. That’s bright. And dark. It says 23. 23? That’s not that bad yet. We should still head out. The low is 9.


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  • Lead and arsenic paint, asbestos, mold,…You're taking unnecessary risks. At the very least, wear surgical masks. You don't get an extra life every time you complete a mission. 😉

  • I wonder how the police haven’t arrested you guys after posting these videos and why don’t they look at these videos.

  • I wish so bad that someone would make a game that accurately simulates a power plant like this in its entirety. You could play as employees in different positions, and then experience how horribly everything would fail since you wouldn't have any idea how to do anything correctly. 😛

  • Might be a hydroelectric power plant considering there was a surge tank usually are in hydroelectric plants. And it’s based on the river

  • again I call bullshit that's not a just a coal power plant there's a lot more going on there than that it looks like some kind of secret research facility and they're grinding shit up there.

  • Wow @ 13:13 those appear to be full copper (or are they brass?) contacts? Damn those cabinets must weight a lot and that equipment is seriously old. I though equipment is old already at quite early when old cam switch gear was shown, but didn't realize they're that old equipment until saw those cabinets.

  • Being maintenance mechanic in modern industry plant. There's something oddly charming in old equipment. I mean gauges are absolutely HUGE by today's standards. Also all devices are so big and clunky looking. I mean just at the beginning that "music box" style rotating cam system to actuate few devices is hilarious and today fits neatly and easily in palm of your hand, old taking about 1-2square meters of space. Also I personally have to say that work in controls have been enormous job for electricians. No CAN-bus style components etc. All devices connected with multiple wirings etc. It's not long ago when one of my colleague found very, very old temperature gauge about diameter of 40 cm's and asked where to toss it away, I immediately told him that I want to keep it as there's not anymore things like that and won't be 😀

  • Not much graffiti, or destruction at this place. This building will probably last a while compared to some places you guys go to. I hate to see how bad people can trash these old buildings. Before you know it, most of them will be gone.

  • I believe the employees were locked out. There was personal items left behind. They left work at the end of their shift and when they came back the doors were locked.

  • I just want to say thank you. You gentlemen are doing a huge service for society. You are providing access for people like me to be able to see what's inside these abandoned buildings.Keep up the good work.

  • 10:55 thats a baqh of rags… i buy them for work doing plumbing… you can tll by how compact they are inside

  • I'm curious if that place does asbestos in it I would imagine it would have been removed in the 70s but I sure as hell wouldn't take any chances

  • Take this Power Plant and turn it into a school for Electrical Engineering and Electrical Theory and Technology. And make it a boarding school. This way, they could have an electrifying experience with their learning.

  • At 00:30 we see two distinct sets of stacks.
    The nearest stacks are older probably built in the '60s while the ones in the background are newer I'd say the '70's. At 1:10 he passes a feed-water pump on the right. The front wall of a boiler should be approximately above. At 1:53 this is a force draft fan that would feed air into the coal burners about a story above the floor/bottom slope of the boiler, which were probably Babcox &Wilcox cyclone burners. Crazy things will burn anything, shredded tires etc. Judging by those fans, this plant at one time with four boilers produced up to 400mw/hr. or the equivalent of about 57, 7 mw/hr Chinese wind turbines running continuously, which they never do.🤦‍♂️

    Though many older pre-1960 coal fires will feature very ornate turbine decks, control rooms, you guys need to film more of the actual boilers.

  • 13:44 those are protective relays that are designed to protect equipment incase of a fault. Looks like timers and over current relays.

  • Love to re purpose those dark wood doors with the textured glass and that nice big wood moulding. The prize would be that huge double clock timer way up on the wall. The coolest spot in there was the Borg Tunnel.

  • Hey guys, greatings from Slovakia. I am mechanical engineer, so I found this place you visited very interesting. All kind of machinery is still there.

  • Great video guys, I wonder why that place shut down, is there a timeline on how long a power plant is good for, from aging? I get the impression, when it was shut down, that they thought it might go back online at a later date, since all the blue prints and records were left behind, along with the employees records. It will cost millions just to tear it down, good thing is its waterfront property. I read comments but didn't see where this plant was located?

  • HRSG Plant, Pretty amazing. I bet that place was loud and hot when it was operational. I’m Steam licensed Plant Engineer at a Local Los Angeles Hospital but this Plant is pretty huge compared to we’re I work. Some of that equipment is truly awesome.

  • What City or State was this located at…I love to see old Plants, their equipment is truly remarkable considering the year it was built.

  • Asbestos abatement is not finished until all plastic barriers have been removed and properly disposed of. You two really need to be more careful.
    Also, you should familiarize yourself with OSHA guidelines for “confined space”

    Love your videos, but cringe at some of the risks you take.

  • The offices are so surreal. It's like the workers just left on a Friday and didn't come back. Also "ASS – DICK" lol.

  • An interesting mix of pre-war (WWII) controls and instruments, and late 50's-early 60's controls and instruments. When was this plant originally built? And when was it decommissioned?

  • I did work next to one of these coal fired power plants in Iowa. We had a fertilizer terminal next door, we were doing a big turn around on some equipment (All new MCC and motor house). They had piles of coal outside and the dust was awful. It gets into everything. It took a year to get it all out of my pickup.

  • This is a testament to mankind's mechanical ability and The monuments that we are capable of building. To see it in it's decline is just as beautiful to me.

    Hey real talk that shot behind the mcc's was absolutely incredible. I got the best screen shots from that.

  • No one except workers can see a working power plant control room. Since 9/11 they have sealed tight and for good reason. We don't need bad folks seeing how to shut down parts of the nation's grid.

  • The surge tank is where they kept all that green soda 😉 The "Yeah Toast" toaster. Typical suit sittin' down on the job. Beautiful moon reflection shots.

  • shame you guys got there after they knocked down all the cool little outbuildings next to the water, they had cranes and everything for coal from boats

  • Bryan, buddy, you look to me like you don’t really enjoy this man. I saw in a video like you didn’t want to be in the building.

  • That looks like the place where the three bad ghosts from Casper killed that dude playing with fire in that movie White Noise.

  • Those beautiful window views at 17:53 and 20:04…it's interesting to think that's exactly what the night crew at the plant would've seen every clear night when they came to work .

  • this was a great video, I like watching your videos but you need to do research on the equipment be for you go calling them by the wrong names nor saying the wrong function of equipment. those "Modules" in the control room are actually relays. That "Tunnel" is just an access point to work on the wiring for the controls. finally that rail road track isn't for bringing coal to the plant, although they do bring coal in by rail, that is for bringing large equipment in that is too big to bring in by truck.

  • what would to take it get the name of this place. I an making a sci fi and would like to get permission to film there. I will not mention the Proper People.

  • Wht a intersting abandon power plant..i am glad that there still hve mny thing left to see even is abandon for long time..i hope nobody come vandalism this entire place..cz is nice plce to explore n i really wana watch know n hear if u bring a guy tht know little bit more about all this stuff is must be super interesting..anyway nice video peace

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