Exploring an Abandoned Neighborhood 🏚

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Exploring an Abandoned Neighborhood 🏚

(groan) What a road trip! Time to go back to home, sweet home. Hey, wait a minute… Something look wrong with the house to you? -Only thing I see wrong is your acting. (laughing) -I hope that makes it on video! (eerie music in the background) It’s a lot of houses! That’s so weird.. -This looks like a war zone! Oh yeah. Today we’re exploring the abandoned Green Leaf Neighborhood near Dawsonville, Georgia. Work stopped in the sub division over a decade ago after it became the center of a mortgage fraud scheme. Development was doomed from the start, as none of the necessary infrastructure for a neighborhood was present in the area. (exhales) Oh, this looks very unfinished up here. Unless that’s just an attic area. Yeah, just the attic you think? I don’t know. – You think there’s some asbestos?
– Ooh… no railing. – No, these houses are too new for asbestos.
– Yeah. Chinese drywall? Ooh, right here, it’s like the walk of doom… of… I dunno It’s dangerous. Stand in my shot a second, I’ll take your picture. Wait – do you know if these houses were lived in? There’s, like, toys and stuff out here for kids. There’s like test material here already completed. – Yeah, I feel this is not dumping, this is like
– Oh my god No, I bet they came and dumped their old school shit With their name on it though? Why would they leave their name on stuff they dump? Look at this. Oh, it’s all different names! “Elizabeth (mute)” A teacher came and dumped their shit. There’s a garden hose coming from the roof. Ok, so it looks like they don’t all have the exact same floor plan. Oh, wow. They had a basement too, then. This was gonna be like a back porch area. They never built it. There’s a little valley down there. So this is three stories right here, of house. – Is it?
– Yeah There is insulation just piled everywhere. Up here. Whoa! What was this? Why is it wide open in here? Holy shit, just look at all the houses! They’re all abandoned. (gloomy suspenseful music) “Nice” This one has a basement also. Ooooh… this porch… does not look steady. Alright, I’m just gonna head to the back yard. What’s the porch doing down there? Ok we need to go on the roof here. “Who took my knives” Well it wasn’t me, but… Whoa, this is pretty steep, I don’t know if we can get up there. Don’t slip. Yeah, I’m not. This is really steep. How’s it up there? (laugh) (suspenseful music) We don’t need to go in every single one, do we? We’ll just, like, peek in. Right here, we’ll go in this one. Well it’s not… oh it is two story. It’s not like as tall as the others though. Oh, look at that. Black mold. Yeah there’s mold in here. It’s cause the roof started leaking. Once the roof starts leaking, then it’s done. Whoa! That is a tall ceiling. 12 foot? Wait, there’s some math in here. “Penis plus vagina equals happy.” – It’s a child.
– Oh. (laughs) (water flowing) Ah shit, there’s a ladder down there. – Is there really?
– Yeah. – We going?
– No! That’s where the river’s flowing though. Ok, these people are living, like, on top of the river, basically.. – It’s not a river, it’s a creek.
– Creek, my bad. There’s the valley. This tree had fallen down onto the roof. This reminds me of Alexandria – in The Walking Dead.
– Yeah. – The zombies already took over.
– Yeah. – What’s that thing?
– Alexandria after it fell. – That’s a manhole.
– That’s, like, above-ground manhole? Yeah, just in case more land fill comes and fills it in This was a fence. I guess they’re a bit more serious about keeping people out of this one for some reason. – Maybe this was their, umm…
– Zombie house? … their, uh, model home. No, cause there’s nothing done inside of it. It says “Keep Out.” Look, they have little planks. You can climb up there. It’s for Santa to get to the chimney. Yeah, this one’s not finished at all either. Hey there’s a hoosier. Track day, bro. I kinda wanna take that hoosier racing tire. Look at that, look at all the clay down there. And now we’re in the cul de sac. There’s the one yellow house in this whole place. We should get a nice view of the cul de sac from up here. First floor we started on was the basement. “Run. Go to the woods.” – It said don’t go into the woods?
– It said go to the woods. It says… oh, “run.” Oh wow, this little attic hole. Yeah, walk on those boards. No thank you. You can tell people have already hit this place. For copper. People always ask what scrappers are and we say they’re the people that come in, and they rip all the piping out of the building. It’s worth money for scrap. Whoa, even the floor. People even took the manhole covers. There’s a computer down there. This one is one of the least fucked up… I don’t know, one of the first ones we did was pretty intact. Watch out. (plastic flapping in wind) See that flapping in there? – The door is nailed…
– Yeah, they used doors to board the window Saw the Fire Marshall just drove by? And we wave and say hi. Didn’t seem to wanna ask questions. That’s how none of these are probably burned down. As of April 2016, all structures and development have been demolished. It is unknown what future use the land may have.


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