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Good Evening, Mexico City one of the world’s largest, is tonight devastated after a massive earthquake which has claimed at least 3000 lives The entire city centre crumbled after the quake registering 7.9 on the richter scale. Hit during the city’s early morning rush hour. Almost a third of Mexico City may be destroyed or seriously damaged This was the most violent earthquake in the History of Mexico I moved to mexico city about two months ago and I was fascinated by this building next to my house. This is one of the best neighborhoods in the entire city, and this one of the busiest streets. How could a building so beautiful, be completely empty? It didn’t make sense to me so I started asking questions and i found out it was called Insurgentes 300 and in the deadly 1985 earthquake, the foundation was broken and the government condemned it. For 30 years, the worst people of mexico city lived there. Gangbangers, Drug Lords, Killers, All occupied this building. Just four years ago, the government kicked everybody out again for the second time and a brave group of people moved in again started renovating it floor by floor. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s condemned, so they’re in a war with the government’s be able to do that. We’ve asked them if they could give us a tour, and they said yes. this is the story of Insurgentes 300, and I’m excited to go inside. Welcome to the first floor, so from what we’ve heard they’ve only renovated the first few floors. The elevator working to the 8th floor, and really, they were saying after the 8th floor there’s not very many people…. except for Rambo who lives on the 15th by himself like a badass! This elevator is bolted, this elevator is bolted too. This one’s the works fine. So we’re on for three, and it is the nicest floor we’ve seen so far. Very clean, lots of plants and polish, but apparently after floor 3 it just starts to degrade slowly, slowly, slowly, this is floor 4, and already can start to see some more chips on the floor, chips in the walls… it’s crazy this place used to be the most beautiful housing, offices, apartments for only politicians and doctors in Mexico City. In Latin America was a remarkable building and now it’s just this giant stone tower half abandoned. – Alot of these doors are welded shut man.
– I’ve never seen anything like that. You’re not getting in there. It’s like the ultimate security. So this is number 10 and the elevator does not go past nine. This is the first floor where there is no elevator, and like we learned yesterday, and it makes sense, is that if there’s no elevator to your floor…. walking up all those flights of stairs is a long walk. So there’s not very many people living this far up. There’s still six more floors, seven more floors, on top of this. – Hay uno apartamento abierto
– There’s an abandoned apartment we can get in. Wow Floor 11! – Hay gente aqui en pisa 11?
– Una Familia
– There’s one family on floor 11. Look at the view up here though. oh my god. So! This is our man Rambo, awesome dude. He’s giving us a little tour today. He owns this floor, this is his floor. I think it’s pretty damn cool. – Esto Piso 15 y 16, son los mas abandonados del edificio. – So, he’s saying floors 15 and 16 are the most abandoned of the building. – Este local se quemo hace mas que 30 años – He’s saying it’s been like this for 30 years – Tiene Perrito?
– Si
– Es tu perro? Aww he’s got a pet dog! Man i would live here so hard! It’s like the most bitchin department I’ve ever seen in my life. You’ve got an awesome house. Una casa muy padre. this is incredible Rambo! Te Gusta Hilary Duff? Haha he says yes, he loves Hillary Duff Man, No one’s gonna use that book ever again. This carpet looks like seaweed from the ocean. You see rooms like this all the time in abandoned places. How did the rooms get like this? Do people come and try to ransack it? Open the walls looking for money or something? Look at this bag of old school computer chips This is the 16th floor and rambo was saying that there’s one person who lives here. – La arcitecta y su esposo.
– There’s an architect, a female arcitect and her husband who live on this floor by themselves and apparently she’s hard to find because she’s very busy with work so…. she must be quite successful? I’m assuming? But a female architect and her husband live on… live solo on the 16th floor So after was abandoned, after the earthquake, people who move in here were seedy, rough, gang bangers, drug lords because it was this amazing building downtown Mexico City. Perfect location and it was free housing. The government said it was unsound, they didn’t care, they moved in and started some really shitty stuff in here. Dealing drugs, sexual violence, and especially on floors 15 and 16 where we are now. Rambo said some really bad things happened up here. So Rambo was calling these pigeon houses. Some of the apartments are just layered with pigeon shit and filled with pigeons. Floor 17! Dude, this is supercool. One of the best views in Mexico City Look at this empty elevator shaft. This elevator shaft drops 17 floors. I didn’t even hear that hit the bottom. – Es la Ciudad de Mexico.
– Si, all of Mexico City. Damn that view is so crazy – La Torre Latinoamericana – The Latinoamerican tower, where the Zócolo, or main square is. You can see the mountains all around Mexico City. I was following Rambo, and he was like “Let’s go to the Roof” and climbs this super thin sketchy ladder. Rambo! There he is. Alright… who’s first? Grab my grab my camera! Dude this is the sketchiest ladder I’ve climbed in my entire life. That’s the most Awkward way to get up. It’s like you’re being born out of a Gorilla. So! We’re on top of the world right now, literally. There’s no guardrails If you walk to the super sketchy edge, you can see Mexico City below. This is Calle Insurgentes Which is a very very busy street. Which is the street that the building’s named off of. This is 300 Insurgentes. but it’s so wild that we’re up here. We’re in the middle of the city, and there is this incredibly huge beautiful building that is basically abandoned. Especially up at the top. People see it every day, they walk by it, drive by it every day. They sell candies, you buy tacos next to it, and it’s basically empty. When we first walked in we had to get through some people and talk to one of the owners of this place. I say owners, but really what they’re trying to do is… There in this war, this battle between the government and and themselves, trying to refurbished this place, to renovate this place and make it livable again. The government says we want to condemn it. The group says it’s a beautiful spot downtown, we don’t want to shut it down. Why waste a good thing? They’re a bit passionate about us showing it in a good light. They say “Hey, let’s be real. Listen it’s rough around the edges, and has some bad stuff happen, but it’s actually an awesome spot for people. Some people can only afford a place like this. So they let us up to make couple videos. We’re super stoked and rambo was a God! he’s a Legend! Gracias Amigo. This is my buddy Exploring with Cody, and exploring with Josh. We’re exploring some cool stuff in Mexico City this week. There’s our videos of this place but it’s also a few more places to so check them all out and subscribe. See ya Guys! I’ve gotta say the motto.
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  • Thank you for making this video. I was born in Mexico City, lived in Del Valle and I remember seeing that building when going places with my parents in the weekends, just like you I thought it was a beautiful building and never really knew what had happened. I moved in '97 more or less and I've been investigating the places I remember and I found stuff out about this building. It's so sad that the foundations are so damaged, the rest of the building looks good, though… I'm an engineer so I dunno if it can be done but can't the foundations be repaired? It would be awful for the building to get demolished, tbh, and with the housing problem in the city it would make an AWESOME place to live. I'm planning on moving back and looking for an apartment. If that place was liveable I'd move right in, I really would. The view is GREAT, that neighbourhood is one of the best of the best in the city and it's really near everything interesting, culturally and socially, in the city.
    Again, thank you for making this video. ^_^ You're amazing!!

  • Good job, great video. Thank you for comming to Mexico City (Our CDMX) and climb to abandonated building on Insurgentes 300; this site has enigma in the city. Mexican modernity died to 1985 earthquake. Thanks friends.

  • hey if you need someone in mexico city to explore hit me up. we can try to get into the abandoned opera house

  • I just re-watched this upload…and noticed a fairly modern security surveillance camera above the #10 on floor 10….hmm…I wonder what they are concealing that they need a security camera.

  • If the foundation was that badly damaged, then why wouldn't the government just knock it down? The earthquakes in Mexico are no joke. If the foundation was not repaired, that building will probably just collapse with the next quake. Interesting tour of the place!

  • Cuando tengas la oportunidad deberías de visitar la Normal de Perote, Veracruz es una edificio abandonado desde la década de los 60's te pongo el nombre de un vídeo en Youtube "APARICIONES EN LA NORMAL DE PEROTE" algunos dicen que hay fantasmas pero otros afirman que solo está abandonado y descuidado. También está cerca el Cofre de Perote con algunas vistas interesantes. En Xalapa la capital del Estado de Veracruz hay algunos túneles. Antes de llegar a Perote se encuentra la Laguna de Alchichica.

  • God I love gringos that love Mexico instead of being the blind, brown people hating assholes. Keep it up, your work is that of a professional!

  • The earth quake is nothing but a reflection of the satinismn that's thousands of years old you can tell by mexicos low vibrational level poverty violence drugs trafficking murders tourtière mexicos been known for they can squeal all eternity bout how they believe in Jesus it's a cover up obviously proofs in the pudding the lights coming for those who are bad and satanic and that's 89 percent of dumb third world countries Mexico as well wake up folks wake up unenlightened or there will be harsh consequences. I know truth hurts hu? Lol

  • You are totally my favorite gringo (after my husband). For years I wondered why this building with such prominent location in Mexico City was never remodeled and sold. Thanks man.

  • In 2007 I worked in Mexico City and I used to work on the third floor of that building. I remember that at the time the burned floor was occupied with a lot of homeless. Also, there used to be a lot of Cubans there for some weird reason.

  • Yep I’ve been there and over 25 years ago it had a bunch of shops and things now it’s abandoned. I guess the earthquake left many areas in a sad mood sadly this earthquake just a week ago left this building even more abandoned I think they should just demolish it and take advantage of that space by making something to revive the area.

  • Hey man loving your channel, just discovered it. My wife have been thinking of visiting Mexico city for a while and it may be time to make that happen!

  • The most fucked up things are the kids toys beside the mattress. I really don't want to think why they are there.

  • This was absolutely crazy ! I always had the curiosity to know how the building was from the inside, after so many years of passing by that place.
    As far as I know it was even used for movies from the 60s where high society parties took place. And apparently many of those apartements that are locked it's because in some cases there's stuff in there, my mom knows this old lady who about 30 years ago was married to a plastic surgeon and had his office in that building but after '85 earthquake he didn't even bother to go back for his machines, furniture and all that, he just locked the door waiting for the goverment to gave him permission to go back but that never happened and he lost interest but all his stuff is still in there.

  • En ese edificio mataron a un Juez que interferia en la privatizacion del Transporte Publico (Ruta 100) del Distrito Federal.

  • I passed by so many times and I wasn't aware of all its history! Insurgentes is one of the longest avenues worldwide and it has so much to discover.

  • Hahaha i do construction here in Reno Nevada, and when u got on the roof…. I was like… WTF, this is the defention of a crazy gringo!!!
    Good job bro keep up the good work, God bless you all and stay safe out there!!!

  • Siempre me han gustado los edificios y lugares abandonados. Este en especial llama mi atención, pero cuando quise subir, el vigilante no me dejó. ¿Cómo lo lograste? haha. Me gustaría acompañarte alguna vez. Te ganaste una suscriptora.

  • Que experiencia tan interesante. Este video es un documento seguramente único de la inmensa desgracia que sucediera en esa fecha, DEMOLIENDO 773 EDIFICIOS DE MULTINIVEL Y MATANDO CERCA DE 15,000 PERSONAS, DEJANDO SOLO UN BASURERO en la hermosa FISONOMÍA de la Ciudad de México. Tu hazaña es remarcable y honesta en su propósito de mostrar un acontecimiento tan terrible, como lo hiciste con Parangaricutiro y la explosión del Paricutín. Me gusta que hagas este tipo de videos en sitios inaccesibles al público común, me refiero a lo único de esta oportunidad y expresión. Honestamente, si puedes aceptar un consejo, date cuenta de que durante el tiempo de duración del video, tu camara esta en tu mano y naturalmente el sujeto mas cercano eres tu. Esto ocasiona que más de el 65% del tiempo sea la imagen de tu cara y tus gestos lo que se puede ver, cuando que lo importante no es el fotografo o el heroe de esa aventura, sino el sujeto a reportar. Tu podrias hacer todo el relato sin necesidad de aparecer, porque todos sabemos quien hizo ese trabajo, pero se queda en la basura, la infinidad de imagenes dramáticas e interesantes que no estas mostrando, solo por mostrarte tu mismo. Desde el punto de vista del periodismo, ese es un defecto enorme y una falta de comprension de la importancia de tu producto terminado. Todos comprendemos que este es solo un deporte para ti, pero para el público, es información pura, que no se ve por tu falta de humildad y tu necesidad de mostrarte enmedio de la escana del teatro. Este tipo de presentaciones, ya te identifica con el artista de lo misterioso, dramático, raro e inesperado. tu prestigio ya esta ganado y solo falta que pienses mas en lo que tu público merece recibir, por el tiempo que le dedicamos a tu trabajo, que con un SCRIP prediseñado, podria ser mucho mas didactico y apasionante. Te toca estudiar mas el objetivo de tu esfuerzo, aunque le debas dedicar mas tiempo a la planeación. El exceso de Informalidad le quita seriedad al tema que estas presentando. A quien le importa que solo tengas dos ayudantes. Lo que nos interesaria es que invirtieras un poco mas de esfuerzo eliminando las escenas basura para hacer un documento, que MERECE TODA CLASE DE FELICITACIONES POR TU INTENCION de publicar imagenes y sucesos historicos basicamente ineditos, mas que mirar tu sonrisa como esencia principal de tu esfuerzo. Me equivoco…? Un abrazo, me parece muy interesante la esencia de tu trabajo, mientras no sea solo diversión. Esperamos la próxima. Ahi me contestarás con hechos y no solo palabras. Lo sepas o no, ESTAS SENTADO SOBRE UNA MINA DE ORO, porque el público necesita esa clase de elementos que involucran la desgracia, con la intriga y además la sorpresa y el entretenimiento, acerca de hechos históricos reales. Si te interesa, podriamos cambiar comentarios, para el beneficio de tu hobby o negocio e información para todos.

  • One of the best Urbex videos ever. The building is beautiful, the view is beyond comparison, the history is literally compelling, and this made me Sub to look at more of your videos..one question, at any point In the tour, did you have concerns about the stability of the foundation?

  • Hi Mike, Great video – just wanted to let you know that this building is a location in "Chapo – el escape del siglo," on Netflix. Maybe you found it for the filmmakers!


  • I'm really liking these documentaries. I'm Mexican and I never even imagined such places as this building and the Quetzalcoatl park existed. Keep the videos coming!

  • I love this video i live un México city there are a Lot of ababdoned condos or cinemas or teather like teatro blanquita but that is closed no one can get in.
    PD:in the floor 9 a man was killed, people Stiller live there but only in 10 condos.
    I speak English well? Cause i have eleven years

  • I wonder why if this Insurgentes 300 building was badly damaged since 1985 earthquake, it has not fallen down with latest earthquakes, which have been really powerful….

  • Wow! Goin' up with ya, through this YouTube video seemed easy, but once ya got to the roof, and the part where you put your foot on the edge,…..my stomach turned into butterflies and I had to look away, am I afraid of heights, I remember the frozen stone waterfall in Oaxaca and I enjoyed looking outward onto the horizon but here,….hmm…maybe you spooked me Mike when you dropped that pebble and didn't hear it land on solid ground! lol….you're one IRIE dude Mike! 🙂

  • Hey man, cool video. I love supposed crappy places being talked about and painted in a positive light. Very awesome, just be safe, brother.

  • You had me hooked when I did some research on the 1985 earthquake and how much it cost the local community. Keep it up. Curiosity is the key to all learning.

  • I am born in MÉXICO City. I knows all this Big City, but wasn't I had never knowdledge about this abandoned biggest build. :'(
    Excusame maybe you'd like to Say to 'Rambo' Congrats for his courage to live there so Upfloor! Aah! And say him, carry to This sweet doggy to the PARK! Too! Congrats to All! Good Video! Thank you!

  • Really love your style and philosophy on life Mike I too am thinking small my retirement home is going to be a tiny house on wheels

  • Huh, I figured the ceilings would have been taller, I live in a 5 story building in Roma with like 3m tall ceilings, going to most other places I always feel a bit claustrophobic.

  • I went past there the other day and I was just wondering how a building so big in such an expensive part of the city could be abandoned. Now I know why and its even better that I got to see a little of how it looks from the inside. Great video!

  • I´ve been living in Mexico City for the longest time and always wanted to go in there!! Congrats on doing this…people overlook these things…a few details about the building: nobody knows who designed it! That´s pretty crazy. Documents are always present in these kinds of things and in this case there is absolutely no mention…that makes it kind of fishy too..could have been constructed under shady terms which is why the government may want to keep it to itself. It opened in 1958 and was considered the most outstanding building at the time. It was also called the "Canada Building" because it had a huge neon sign with that word representing a famous shoe company. A mexican plastic artist took the letters down for an installation he did at a museum and used the letters.. The building consists of 420 apartments or offices. It had a mall at the ground level and the roof provided landing for helicopters. These were condos for the wealthy. A politician was murdered there without ever having solved the mystery of who killed him. Anyway…this place has been an attraction for those of us who like enigmas…enjoy Mexico City!

  • Siempre quise vivir en ese edifici, paso camminando por ahi todo el tiempo y ahora veo que esta abandonado woooooow, ire asapppp

  • Hey dude, my name is Grant and my wife's name is Talia. We moved to Mexico City from San Antonio, TX in January of 2019, & in our spare time we go exploring. We went to the pyramids recently, we Fucking love exploring abandoned buildings, ruins, & whatever we can find. Anyway, my wife is a local, & an English Professor. You guys look like you have a blast exploring, and we wanted to know if maybe you want some company on one of your expeditions. Let me know! Anyway, keep up the awesome videos, they're great and inspirational.

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