Exploring Abandoned Underwater Safe Trapped In A Waterpark! (TREASURE FOUND!)

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Exploring Abandoned Underwater Safe Trapped In A Waterpark! (TREASURE FOUND!)

– Alright, Ollie, should
we find some treasure in the water park? – Yeah, let’s find some
treasure in the water park. (dramatic music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys. What’s up guys, and welcome
to the Daily Bumps vlog, where we vlog life’s ups and downs. What’s going on today Ollie? – We’re going to Palm Springs. – That’s right, we are
going on an adventure today. The boys are all ready, we’re about to hop in the car, and go on a little adventure. Hang out at a water park. – Yeah. – [Bryan] There might be some water parks, there might be some friends, and there might be some
mysteries involved too, you, Ollie you know
what’s in Palm Springs? – What? – [Bryan] Treasure. – Treasure? – Smash that thumbs up button if you guys think we
should look for treasure while we’re in Palm Springs. I think that would be so fun huh. I’ve heard Palm Springs
has so much treasure hidden throughout the whole city. So we’ll have to go and see
if we can find any, okay? Yeah, the boys both had to wear a necklace from my closet too, so
Ollie’s wearing this one. And Finnie is wearing this one. They’re keys, this one says dream. And this one says infinity. – Infinity. – [Bryan] Which means, forever. – Forever. – Alright boys, we gotta hop in the car and have some fun, okay. And if you guys at home
watching wanna join the family, be sure to click that subscribe button and be sure to click the bell next to it, and select all updates, if
you wanna see our videos in your feeds, let’s do this. – Let’s do this. – Let’s this. – [Bryan] Bye Luna, bye Luna. Alright guys we’re getting out of here. We’re gonna head to Palm Springs, and we’re gonna look for treasure. And if you guys haven’t seen, we’ve actually found
treasure on our channel a couple of times, haven’t we? Remember that valentines
day treasure box we found? – Click the icon to go watch it. – That’s right, I’ll have it linked up in the icard above,
so you guys can check out the other mystery treasure hunt we did. Alright, let’s go Finn. (upbeat music) – We made it to the hotel. – [Bryan] Yes, we made it. Are you boys so excited? Yes we made it to the hotel. I think we’re gonna head down
to the pool in a little bit, but you guys were thinking
about playing some hide and go seek? You wanna play hide and go seek Finn? – Yeah. – I love watching them
play hide and go seek. – I hide, you guys count. – [Bryan] Okay, you go hide. Turn around, close your
eyes on the couch and count. One, two, three, four, five. – Here we go. – Let’s go find Ollie, Finn. Where do you think he is? Do you hear that? (screaming) (laughing) – [Bryan] You found him? Ollie, you wanna show them our room, you wanna give them a little tour? Alright, show em. – Look at our room. This is the front door,
that’s our bathroom. – [Bryan] Ooh, show us
the bathroom, is it nice? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Here, let’s turn on a light. – You can get in the
bathtub and wash yourself. – [Bryan] Oh, is that what that’s for? – Yeah. – [Bryan] I’ve been using
it to wash all my clothes. What else is there? – There’s a toilet. – [Bryan] There’s a toilet. – Some toilet paper. – [Bryan] Oh, Ollie. – And this is the shower. – [Bryan] That’s the shower. – You get inside and you wash yourself. – [Bryan] Oh, is that what you do? – You do. – [Bryan] I’ve been washing
my dishes in my shower. This is so funny, I’m
just letting him run this, little hotel tour. You trapped your brother in there Ollie. Alright, come on, let’s
show them the other side. – This is a bed. – [Bryan] Yes, so this is the bedroom. And what’s over here, Ollie, show them what’s in this room. – There some snacks,
and a whole living room. – [Bryan] Yeah, but priority, hey, priority you guys, snacks. – This is the living
room, this is the couch. – [Bryan] Yeah, so this is
gonna turn out to be your bed. – The coffee table. – [Bryan] We have a coffee table, what else do we have? – And we have the TV. – [Bryan] Yep, TV. – and then inside the TV
is a little frigerator. – [Bryan] Oh really, and what’s
in the little frigerator? – There’s some drinks. – [Bryan] Oh, okay, okay. And then let’s go out
here, what’s out here? – This is the door, and then this is the outside. – [Bryan] This is nice, huh? But I think Ollie has really been wanting to do some treasure hunting, haven’t you? – Yeah. – And I heard that the
pool here is amazing, it’s one of the coolest
water parks that they have in this area. And I think it’d be a perfect place for a treasure hunt, what do you think? Alright Ollie, should we find some treasure in the water park? – Yeah, let’s find some
treasure in the water park. – [Bryan] Alright let’s do this. – Let go. – [Bryan] What are you doing? He’s grabbing some gummy bears, yes, they had to have this
little jar of gummy bears. But to be honest, I just really had a hankering for some gummy bears too. Okay Finn, you want one? – I’m gonna eat you. – [Bryan] (laughs) – Oh, oh. – They’re so happy, I love it you guys. – We made it to the water park. – We made it to the water park, and look who’s here, it’s mama. – I’m here. – [Bryan] Yeah. Are you so excited? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Look at Finn’s new goggles, they have like a snake on them. – I got the dinosaur ones. – [Bryan] We’re definitely
going to use these when we go treasure hunting
in the water park, okay? (upbeat music) This is such a cool little water park it has water slides and it has a sand box. And it has a lazy river, I think the boys are going to have a lot of fun. (upbeat music) This is so cool that
there’s sand here, huh? Wherever there’s sand,
there’s gotta be treasure. – Oh yeah, gotta be. Oh, those birds. – [Bryan] Look at all
these birds over here. (upbeat music) Alright, Finn you wanna know
how to build a sandcastle? – Yeah. – [Bryan] First you need
your sandcastle mold. You get a little bit of water in it, ’cause you’re gonna need a
little bit, there you go. Oh, perfect. Oh and you got some water too, here. Thank you, pour that in there. So that’s step one, you
get a little bit of water, then you need a bunch of
sand, obviously, right? So you gotta put the water in the sand, and that makes it all moldable. Alright, Finny and then
you take your mold, and you gotta scoop it up
with all this wet sand water. Sometimes you just gotta
get your hands dirty. And then, you topple it
over, are you ready Finn? Finn, do the honors, I’ll help you. Voila, isn’t that beautiful? Oh, hey Ollie, you know
what could be here? – What? – [Bryan] Treasure, should
we dig for treasure boys? Here, let’s dig for treasure right here. See if we can find some treasure in here. Dig right there, deep, deep, deep, see it? Keep digging, keep digging. What did you find? A stick? (upbeat music) Whoa, you’re spinning. These boys are floating the river, or at least trying to. So we are basically exploring the river, it wraps around this mountain. Gonna see if we can find anything up here. – We found the splash park. – [Bryan] Yeah, let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) Whoa, Ollie’s got a giant squirt gun. He got me you guys. Ollie look at these, they’re like jelly fish. (upbeat music) Alright headed back in the river. Do some exploring, come on, let’s explore this river Ollie. Alright, Ollie, what’s the best way to explore a river? – Under water. – Under water. (dramatic music) – Swim under water. – Yeah. – I mean sit under water. – Oh sit under water? Yeah, let’s sit. (dramatic music) Whoa, look what I just found, Ollie. Sand castle building equipment. We found some sort of treasure. – Yeah, I’m gonna put it under. (dramatic music) – Let’s swim under these tubes, okay. And go. (dramatic music) we’re headed out Ollie. (dramatic music) (upbeat music) Whoa. I lost my hat, (laughs) I lost my hat. Okay, Ollie’s gonna go down the slide, and look for some treasure right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Okay, let’s go
see if there’s any treasure on this side. – I’m gonna go in the cave one. – [Bryan] Really? Okay. – Bye bye, Ollie. – Gonna go down, do you
like the slide guys? (upbeat music) look it’s the treasure one. – [Bryan] That’s right,
we’re looking for treasure in these caves, these underwater slide caves. – Bye. – Bye. – I’m looking, I don’t see anything yet. Wait I see something. (screams) – I didn’t see any treasure
on the water slide, we should check the big pool. – [Missy] Okay. – [Bryan] Alright, Finn is checking out this little cave pool to see if there’s any treasure in here. Is there any treasure in here Finn? – No. – [Bryan] No? Yeah, you’re just spinning
around in circles. Here look, go look underwater, see if you can see. (upbeat music) See anything, you did? – We found this treasure, come on. (screaming) – [Bryan] They found the treasure, I think they found the treasure. (screaming) – No there’s no treasure here. – [Bryan] No treasure here
at the splash park either. – Get you so. – [Bryan] Oh wait there’s more. No, no treasure there either. Alright, Ollie and I are
here near the big pool now. I actually was told by one
of the hotel people here, that there has been treasure
found in this swimming pool, before, like real pirate treasure. What other kind of treasure do you think there is? – Gold coins, and a treasure box. – Treasure box, what about necklaces? Might be some gold necklaces. I think it’s worth checking out, so we’re gonna swim down and see if we can find anything, kay? (upbeat music) Ollie, I’m not seeing any
treasure chests, are you? – No I’m not. – What should we do? – We should check the
other side of the pool. – Yeah, let’s check the
other side of the pool, see if we can find any treasure
chests over there, okay? (upbeat music) What did you just find? – Treasure. – [Bryan] Oh my gosh, we
actually found treasure. Whoa, look there’s gold
coins and silver coins. – Cool. (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Alright let’s
count our loot Ollie, how much do we have? – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. – [Bryan] Eight, we got eight gold coins? – Yeah. – Let’s see how much more we can get okay? Kay, come on. (upbeat music) Go put them in the pile okay, go swim back and put them in the pile. (upbeat music) How many more do we have? – We have one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 14, 19, 16, 22. – [Bryan] Okay, let’s go
get the rest of them okay. (upbeat music) Alright, we just pulled our treasure chest out of the pool, that is so cool, let’s put
all these coins in here. I think there might be a
couple left in the water, we’ll have to go get them, okay. (upbeat music) We got a bunch of coins. – There’s one more. – [Bryan] There’s one more? (upbeat music) – I got it. – [Bryan] Good job, dude. We’ve got the last gold coin. Let’s go put it in our treasure box, okay? That is so cool, so let’s go ahead and put it in our box. There’s a crack right on top of the box, so we can put the coins right in there, that’s perfect, huh. – Yeah. – What a neat box too, huh. It’s got chains on it and stuff, that’s so cool. We gotta show Mommy, and Finn this, huh? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Missy] Finn, did you see
what Ollie found in the pool? How cool is this, so Ollie
you found this today? – Yeah. – [Missy] And what is inside of it? – Treasure. – [Missy] What, that’s like
actual treasure in there. – If you close this up, you can do it with. – [Missy] Oh, like Piggy bank style. Yep, I cannot believe
that you found this today, isn’t that so neat? – Yeah. – We had such a fun day swimming
in the pool, all day long didn’t we? – Yeah. – [Missy] We swam all day, and these boys are so zonked. I know I am exhausted, it was so much fun getting to play with all our friends and have a blast. Plus we always have so much fun having so much adventures together. Goodnight, Ollie, are you going to bed? – Yeah. – [Missy] DAddy’s in
there waiting for you, Finn’s got his water, good night Finn. – No. – [Missy] No. Did you see that sass you guys, oh my gosh, I am so tired today. We had such a fun day. Give this video a huge thumbs up for this cool treasure box that we found, this was so much fun. And I definitely wanna
go find more treasure with the boys. Let us know down in the comments, if you want us to go
on more treasure hunts. And we’ll see you guys in our next video. Bye. (upbeat music)


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