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guys you ready to do this Logan I’m
ready all right here goes nothing hey what’s going on guys father Jake
your property with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we
are doing something a little creepy alright we’re doing something I actually
did not think we were gonna do anyway Jake Jake before it is whatever you’re
gonna say you have in your hand look I got so much fan man oh my god the fan
mailbox in the wall that is a lot of fan mail guys this is crazy
we’re gonna have to get to all this but uh yeah okay we’re definitely gonna have
to go through that oh we should definitely put some of this downstairs
in our fan appreciation wall with all your cool artwork that would be sweet I
just got a letter from Alex thank you guys so much again you’re gonna get to
all these letters dude this was Nirvana and four night count on this really
crazy basements really want to open it it’s from its from Lyla dear Papa Jake I
love your videos you are really cool and funny your box forts are awesome and you
should do more for night in real life this is from Lyla thank you so much this
is lots of guys we have to go through all of this and I wish we had time to go
through all this but in a future video if you guys want us to do some fan mail
put a comment down below put a hashtag fan mail and we’ll include some more of
that inner video so you know we can read from you guys and show off your awesome
artwork or just really cool letters because we really appreciate all the
support you guys give us but guys this is not a time for sweet this is a time
for scary all right while it was outside this morning I found something that I
never knew existed in this house if you guys don’t know we moved into this house
about six months ago and you know I thought we knew most of the house in
fact we’ve been all around the house except for some like creepy places that
you know you don’t want to go in because they’re creepy but when I was outside
today setting up the pool I found something
Jake what did you find all right so while I was outside this morning guys I
noticed there was an old kind of like hatch looking thing and I found out that
there was a secret door underneath the staircase and I opened it up and it
looks like there’s a hole leading to something underneath our house like a
secret bunker or room or something I haven’t gotten in there yet because one
I’m extremely scared to go in there alone and two
I didn’t have a flashlight so I was thinking what if we turn the camera on
and go inside and figure out what is under our house but all right you guys
have to see this Logan to come this way guys I know just as much as you right
now about what Jake’s gonna show me but uh sounds kind of creepy this door here
right and I power washed over the walk so you can actually use it I thought
this was just kind of like sealed up and there was nothing under here but then
when I opened it up just looks like some kind of shed look I don’t know what
would be under the house I mean it could be like a bunker maybe like a fallout
shelter or something all right I think we need to gear up with flashlights grab
our recording equipment and go through that door and figure out what’s
underneath here because this is really cool but also really freaky we have a
light here flashlight and a well headlamp I know it doesn’t seem like
much but honestly we’re out of a lot of batteries and this is all I could find I
don’t think we need to bring anything else in terms of like equipment or
suiting up let’s just hope this place isn’t haunted
but guys before we go down there I do want to let you know that this video is
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in do this Logan ready alright here goes nothing watch out there’s a lot of weird
stuff in here so watch your step and stay close to me Jake hurry up there’s
lots of spiderweb sea it might not be much better in here dude
Oh God whoa is that cardboard Logan this was a cardboard there’s something down
here there’s like a room I don’t know if I want to go first man I’m really scared
well I’m not going first okay okay I can do this
guys this is really weird check this out there was like a cardboard bunker down
here this looks like some sort of manmade bunker under the house
look we’re literally under the house right now guys all right let me grab the
camera I’m gonna go in I’m a little scared I can’t see what’s down there
dude whoa dude okay here I go this is really tight you want to do
watch out there’s a bunch of vines in here oh we got cobwebs down we do this
place is really freaky no there’s spies everywhere in cobwebs do we know who
lived here before us it’s like mathematical equations guys if
you know what these are let us know guys this is freaking me out all right so we
have some sort of box shelter underneath our house like who could have built this
city it could be like a fallout shelter or something it looks like this paths
completely blocked off by cobwebs let’s try heading down this way watch
your step this place could be falling apart on us dude how big is this place
yo it keeps going oh it’s really cool down here she’s not to get really cold
in this room it is really cold freezing in this room what is this
guys do you know what this base could be I’m sure any think it’s like an
underground fallout shelter forever lived here before but looking at all
these cobwebs I mean this has been here for years maybe a hundred years if
anything look around this if you can find any clues as to who lived here or
maybe what this place is for Oh what is that
dude what is that so spider egg never seen a spider egg that big what is this
well I’m pulling it out oh I don’t want to touch it Oh was the sort of egg dude
how think spiders get this big do they know that’s like a really big it’s a
massive egg I don’t want to open that all inspires to go everywhere okay you
know what we’re over here for now let’s do some silly chemistry stuff over here
wait gee what was that what was it what’d you see I was like silver and it
looked kind of like a snake what’s a snake in here wait Logan yeah where’d
the egg go the eggs not there anymore dude was that his snake that was
touching that didn’t look like a snake that looks like something I’ve never
seen before what is this place what kind of
creatures are down here there’s chemistry solutions on the wall most of
the equipment has been removed or there’s something left just this okay
vial of something something green hold on looking give water yeah I actually do
I brought it when you’re gearing up we’re trying to see if I can figure out
what it is see how we reacts with water I might be able to figure out what this
place is this is really weird this is a weird substance I’ve ever seen
before my try shaking it it looks like it’s emitting light like it’s
glow-in-the-dark or something right it’s not radioactive look and turn off all
your lights to see if it glows yeah it’s glow-in-the-dark dude what is this
laboratory weird insect bugs we’ve never seen before and all of this beneath our
house we gotta get to the bottom this we gotta figure out who owned this place
and what any of this is I don’t even want to touch that all right let’s keep
moving there’s gotta be there’s another room
here Jake I feel like I have the cobwebs all
over my face me too this might be part of the chemistry
station maybe they’re using substances from this oh gee why don’t we just pay
with the hand careful looking we don’t know what’s in there very delicately
okay try and break it open let’s see if we can figure out what’s inside it’s not
doing much Lucas stone do you see that yeah it’s inside this sort of fossil or
something looks like a fossil guys right you check this out whoever whoever
owned this place must have been mining it to use in that laboratory I don’t
know if we should keep mining dude this stuff might be deadly if we can get some
more information on it maybe we can come back and do some more mining but as of
right now I think we leave it as is guys if you have any idea what these could be
let us know in the comments if you guys know what that glow-in-the-dark liquid
could be what these rocks could be or what that snake Logan saw might be but I
think we should move on but I don’t want to eat too much longer down here Logan
the hell is head this way Logan look it’s more of that gray stuff
Oh seeping from the ceiling Jake that’s
exactly what the snake loved Ike oh I don’t want to touch it alright just
avoid it guys you have to let us know in the comments if you know what that could
be looks like the last room we haven’t
checked out is this one here with the cobwebs I really don’t want to go
through this cobweb wall but it’s a bit of a tight squeeze in here guys ok here
goes nothing oh no you get it off low you get it off get it off it’s all over
me oh oh I don’t like that G what is this place
is how this room really opens up in here this place is massive – police markings
look at that one over there I think this could be some sort of alien research
facility do you Jake yeah yeah I don’t like this place good night from the wall
that’s normal hey Logan yeah what’s that Lucy Skloot
on this wall maybe there’s a way we can get into it maybe this safe has some
kind of clue as to what this place is here help me get off the wall
Zoe we’re getting into here without a combination there’s something around
here another code how do we get into it it doesn’t even make sense all right
let’s put it with the safe maybe we can figure out a way to get into these maybe
there’s another clue in here there’s a door here Logan another door there could
be something in the room next year no no no no no it’s a bolt lock you can’t get
in without opening the bolt I think it’s not coming off maybe there’s a way to
open it maybe a trick well then we try it again Jake maybe
it’s some kind of puzzle puzzle to unlock a door it’s not coming off I
think I know what we need to do all right if any of you guys know when
you’re how to activate a bolt lock and get this door open
I’ll leave it down below in the comments if you guys let us know how to do that
we’ll come back down here and go through this door but I think right now we
better get out of here dude I’m already starting to feel freaked out I don’t
know what any of this stuff is we’ll take the safe with us
and get back to the house guys let us know in the comments if you can figure
out anything in here what it is or what this could be under our house guys don’t
forget to hit that like button hit the subscribe button let us know down below
in the comments and well honestly I think I’m gonna need a little bit of
motivation to go through that door let’s try crush forty thousand likes and we’ll
get through there but we’re gonna head back upstairs we’ll see you guys next
time you


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