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okay Logan there’s someone in that
building right there do you see that we gotta go
it’s chasing us – yes okay look is that you hike fight getting a plane boat and
finally it took me a month that I’m finally here you didn’t what’s called do
that I’m really sorry man I’ve just been relaxing outside the weather’s been so
nice I honestly didn’t realize you were gone I’ve just kind of been on vacation
what a few of the sheriff’s who are you not up-to-date on all this stuff oh well
I have been watching a couple of the shares videos so I do kind of know
what’s going on okay well I’m sorry but but jakey you got a package package from
who I don’t get packages what is it there’s a note in here dear Papa Jake
congratulations on escaping the prison find out the truth behind all of this
and see truly who is trying to stop you in the Sharra’s you must go to the
location on the map I provided there all your answers will be fulfilled it’s a
map it’s not too far from here it’s an old
abandoned military zone no one goes in here and that’s the place
we’re supposed to go looks like it looks like whoever helped me escape from the
prison wants us to go here and this is what will get all the answers as to
who’s trying to solve us Jake are you sure this isn’t a trap cuz it kind of
sounds like a trap it could be but if you watch my prison escapes you would
know that someone was trying to help me there was someone on our side I gotta
figure out who he is and if going here means that we’re gonna have to go
look I’ve just importance here as to where we have to meet up all right grab
our gear we’re gonna head here tonight oh man looks like my vacations over oh
you were never on vacation okay you were not on vacation I was in a prison you
were here we have a job to do now get your gear all right we’re stopping
whoever this is and we’re putting an end to him all right
I’m looking at the map here looks like the location of the tip is two miles up
ahead that’s what we’re supposed to find out who exactly is behind all of this I
don’t know why they wanted to come all the way to these woods but we got to
keep moving it’s getting late I don’t wanna get caught in here let’s keep
going do you have any idea where we are Logan honestly Jake I have no idea
it looks pretty abandoned we’re getting deeper and deeper into
these woods so just beat up ahead what are we
looking for I don’t know some sort of clue so they’ll tell us where we are
somebody give us some answers cheek what just happened have you run out of gas no no no no come on she’s not starting
are we just gonna have to go on foot no where are we
I guess I’ll bring the mat that’s it let’s see where we are last year having
two miles south no clue where we are Sun sets in the west so we’re gonna keep
heading south grab the gear we’re gonna have to travel light on foot
this place is give me the creeps dude I don’t know where we are wolves are
looking pretty scary the place looks abandoned – all right
guys we’re gonna stay together Suns going down it’s gonna be cold soon the
dark and I only packed a little bit of food have one MRE looking weird something he’s one seed
business when there’s structures up ahead
looks like there’s buildings up there let’s keep moving I don’t know we don’t
know who could be behind this for all we know this could be a trap like a
helicopter up ahead a broken-down helicopter it’s like ooh or something
all over it what do you think it is Wow please give me the creeps
let’s see you’re here anyone Jake you hear that someone’s running over there
this is someone just a little woods fuck gotta go we gotta go some of the Woodsen was following us
someone here they were not alone it’s to be a trap
cheek what’s going on why would someone be following us I don’t know I don’t
know maybe this was all a trap we got to figure out where we are you gotta figure
out a way out of these woods her car’s broken down we’re gonna have to get on
foot we can’t go back the way we came up there there’s the structure follow me
buildings just up ahead one maybe we’ll find some shelter there what I think we
should run okay let’s go let’s go dude this is freaking me out what’s
going on Logan is he chasing us Jake I don’t know this place looks like an abandoned town
of some sort whatever is going on someone led us into these woods they’re
trying to hunt us down or something they’re following us just watching us
everywhere we look you could be let’s try and find some information here maybe
there’s something you explain where we are
I don’t think let’s get out of here street sign or something Jake I’m not
seeing any street signs of a head the one he’s willing to lock me up what do
you want what are you doing home for life trap liberating you out into the
woods to my abandoned laboratory there’s no working SIG’s a wreck back doors
jammed okay there’s nothing in here for us we
got to get out of here he captures us again in both of us who knows if we’ll
ever get free Logan Logan Logan there’s someone in that building right there do
you see that I’m seeing it Jake we got to go he’s chasing us – Shay – yes it’s
him come on come on creamy hydrating yeah I ran in here let’s get out yeah must be using this place as his
main base of operations pressurized gas this doesn’t look good it looks like
some kind of lab like look at Sami laughs of some sort I like to look at
this looking I just want to go home me too you got to figure out a way to
get out of here wait Logan radio you know I might be lose contact someone
hello hello does anyone hear me you wouldn’t hear me yes yes this is
Papa Jake and my friend Logan we don’t know where we are we need help there’s
someone chasing us there’s someone after us one of your great coordinates over
grid coordinates uh Jake check them out right
Oh see okay this is pretty old master should be on here yeah right here
Greek coordinates are g9 by a 17 what do you mean the dead zone no no King can
you get us out of here please we need to get out of here someone’s
chasing us they’re setting an evac squads coordinates g20 g20 by 817 okay
all right we’re on our way there for sending an extraction team but they’re
only giving us 15 minutes to get out of here we gotta go Logan we got to get out
of here what direction are we going so we should be heading south so just be
up here all right good lookout though you gotta get out of here dude this
place is freaking out dude think we just follow this way he’ll link up with the
military one way do not enter yeah I don’t think we’re supposed to go this
way and she gets over here moving what she’s be over here
oh we gotta go we gotta go we gotta get out of here where is he where is he dude
I hear chuck and your truck is in there right there we’re gonna go we gotta go I’m gonna get it that was really close well we made it
out of this place whose evil place I never want to come back here again Logan
Ravens dead zone is and whoever this man is let’s head home we’ll figure it out
when we get there now we’re safe boss do you read me come
in don’t suspect a thing I have them both trapped escape all
right guys well that pretty much wraps up this video for today if you guys want
us to continue this amazing series and keep going smack that like button down
below let’s try and crush 25,000 likes I also want to let you guys know big shout
out and big thanks to Wasaga Beach paintball for hooking us up with their
field and allowing us to go there it is an amazing field and I wanted to say
thanks to those guys and guys you might be familiar with this place because this
is actually where we filmed our pub G video which just went up this week if
you guys haven’t checked out our pub G mobile in real life video you need to go
check that out it’s live on the channel but this is where we used it and there’s
so much cool stuff so if you live near with Sega and you want to check it out
definitely use the link in the description down below but thank you
guys so very much this has been Papa Jake and I’ll see all of you guys next
time for another awesome video


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