Exploring Abandoned RockStars Mansion 2018 Ian Gillan

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Exploring Abandoned RockStars Mansion 2018 Ian Gillan

you’ve mentioned when I say messy if
this place is massive but we haven’t seen on this channel in six months there
you stays it’s bad I’ll just take you outside there’s actually some right got a double ones with a decent coat oh my god yes I’m just gonna be like oh my god so
just check out where we are there all right we just come up here look at this
fireplace and it’s absolutely awesome Lucy just come up those stairs where
Nathan is now so I couldn’t show you these stairs and then I disappear for
Nathan’s make sure you can do this bitch all right on darken shit I’ll talk to
you I stay awake so I’m gonna shoot off into this room I show you guys what’s in
here so just check out this room here guys chandeliers hanging and then back I mean
yes to this room look the ceiling how well how amazing does that look nice
proper decent old school stuff there and then come closer just look at the
intricate detail on this fireplace heads all hand-carved in that’s amazing
and then even just a little scrollwork and stuff we come back out into the reception or
whatever area this is and then come around for this a major doorway I mean
just look how nice this doorway looks that’s amazing the woodwork in this
place screams so that’s all brass alumni glass family and I had have been to put
some ornaments or something in there and just how amazing does that look when you
just know it’s free room here okay I believe that is the reception oh yeah that’s
right across the front where everyone’s gonna be walk today
oh so this is behind the reception desk where they were to check-in I thought
I’ve been done by one of the workers I couldn’t go that door for some reason it
won’t open it’s kind of temple and see yeah we can
worship today call you can worship that goddamn old in here honey Wow Oh mate that’s what I’m making this
rooms cold as anything look soil I just hate how oh yeah buddy like we’ve done
taking pictures of this lovely room we’re now gonna go an event around the
rest of the place but I’ll leave you with one last look at that they’re just
absolutely lovely at this please may cover now
yes yeah housekeeping because I think it very much needs doing to be honest okay
in the boarding off Jonah sixteen different ways out of this places with
you one looks of it that’s just a forest gate that’s all borning off there when
this is the end of it this Belgravia Chelsea upstairs most everyone in about
this is a hobbit this is dead oh this is Mayfair oh wow just check this out just imagine
waking up in the morning guys and coming out and seeing their lovely little pond
and you’d have been staying here probably to play girl where gold from
booty pieces she’s just imagine that for a view that’s amazing we’re an ascot that’s bad smashing windows just a golf
course be careful with my torch that this is just not acceptable if you
come to a location and you physically cannot gain please don’t feel the need
to smash the windows so you can let yourself in it’s just not what do you
see if we just again hi I’ll be very careful because we’re
just seeing security inside so going out before we got caught and just to show
you this is the swimming pool this outside and it’s actually shaped like a
guitar because the mayor a band member actually had this design so that it was
the shape of the guitar okay so what we’re gonna do is Randy there so it’s a
good buy for me it’s a good boy Fantasia his link will be in the description
below check out check him out and send this I love catch you in the next video


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