Exploring Abandon Building (Held At Gun Point)

Updated : Nov 09, 2019 in Articles

Exploring Abandon Building (Held At Gun Point)

Bro imma ask you one more time why is there lights A’int nothing in the back nothing here hold the camera since you don’t have any weapon you know what move move I’ll go in Bro someone does Meth in here guys guys guys can you see that can you
see that If this video if this video gets 20 likes we’re uploading a part 2 were going to go
in that place explore everything we can until we get caught that’s about it I mean Alright we’re going in that place again but this time I will keep this on my back so
in case something happens say we’re running I just put my hand in
here pull the hammer be aware of dogs well there are no
dogs yeah we just heard the dog noise yeah it’s not gonna stop us so guys we
were right there yesterday and like we were right there yesterday
and now it’s locked like just just look at it yeah so what’s up guys we over here with our friends we got the previous legends RainyXQ shout out nice shout out we’re gonna go back
to the place it’s been a long time yeah and to the people who kept saying post post post thank you so guys now we’re going to scout we went around the back Bro somebody been here Y’all know that right yeah I can tell Ohh this leads straight to the place the Rv like right next somewhere like around there
there’s another car and there’s a more all right so we were right there
and now we made our way around here so we spot 2 cars over here and if we go furthermore we can spot more cars there is so much cars so that’s at least all these cars right here two of our friends are in there looking at the cars and stuff and we’re gonna go from here try to find a way around this is the one thing we
don’t like or like we learn from movies sorry I’m sorry Quentday here’s another Shoutout to you I don’t know if you guys can see it
you guys might hear it I right there I guess it’s kind of safe because like it’s like we watching their back it’s coming back guys it’s been like
actually like literally two minutes or like five minutes and it’s already
coming back for us or I don’t know if it’s for us like and we’re still hiding from Imma call Quentday we heard a car he said they’re inside the building we’re actually behind this thing we actually made it in yeah pretty hectic troubles and
apparently after the place burnt down the the Guy didn’t leave and he actually
owns the place so when he heard all the noise in the back he misunderstood it was
like someone’s on a break in which we clearly thought it was abandon


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